Story Summary

This page will act as a summary of the story events in PSO2’s current and past time-lines.

So far this only covers up to the start of Episode 1.

Era of IDK

Year 0

The first successful utilisation of Photon energy occurs. With it comes the beginning of space travel, ushering in a new Era.

Year 20

The Arks create a mother ship.

Year 50

The Arks fleet grows in size to 24 ships. Coined “The Oracl” this fleet of ships embark to investigate new star systems

Year 200

The Oracl fleet has investigated several galaxies by this point, gaining information as they go.

Year 500 

An Arks ship studying a black hole ends up being pulled into it. The black hole disappears afterwards.

Era of Light

Year 700

Dark Falz’ existence is confirmed.

Era of New Light

Year 198, 40 years ago,

Dark Falz Elder was defeated and sealed. Following this victory, the first Claris, first Kasura and Regius are recognized as “The Three Heroes”. At the same time the Hexarchy is formed, a group which will lead the Arks.

The initial members of the Hexarchy were:

1. Regius
2. Maria
3/ First Kasura
4. Atosso
5. First Claris Cleis
6. Volfu

Year 207

The first Claris dies

Year 226

The second Claris is named.

Year 227

Volfu and Atossa, two members of the Hexarchy, die. It’s also around this time that Zeno’s mentor disappears.

Year 228, 10 years ago,

The second Claris sacrificed herself in order to defeat Apprentice.

Alfin’s sister also disappears.

Year 229

Lilipa and Amduscia became infested with Darkers.

Year 230

The second Kasura is appointed.

Year 234

The third Claris is appointed.

Year 235

Huey becomes a member of the Hexarchy. And all is right with the world.

Year 238, Present.

The player character is now a rookie member of the Arks. Darkers show up on Naberius.

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