Towards The Future

Bonkohara has posted on both the official Facebook and on Twitter with regards the end of the alpha tests.

One thing is that the NDA has been loosened up now, which means that talking about the alpha anywhere is fine. Pictures and videos are still prohibited (and yes this would mean I’d have to take the pictures I’ve found down if Sega asked me to). She also said that the tests were completed with no major flaws. Another thing she hinted at was the possibility that they’ll create an official PSO2 blog. Will it be the end of the facebook page!? Probably not, no.

In one of Bonkohara’s tweets, she also asked people to uninstall the alpha client. I’m guessing from this that the alpha will not patch into the beta, instead it will be an entirely different client. As of yet, there is no set date for the beta test to begin.

In other news, posted an interview between director Satoshi Sakai and Famitsu, with regard ideas for features. I won’t repost this in its entirely, I’ll just repost bits I want to share thoughts on as usual.

Your character’s name has no effect on playing, so it’s not entirely the same as section ID. But they may do something similar to it. They haven’t decided on if it should be related to drops, but something similar to fortune telling could be a possibility.

SectionIDs, as they were in PSO, were a terrible idea. For those who don’t know, the game would pass the letters of your name through some equation that would determine your sectionID. Your sectionID would then determine what items monsters would drop. This ended up with some players who simply could not get class-appropriate gear (and worse, PINKAL) and some who could potentially get gear that was high in demand, that only they could get due to their ID. It made drop tables needlessly complicated, even if on paper it does seem like an idea that would encourage trade.  I can’t really comment on what they mean by it affecting fortune telling, but I do hope they don’t consider punishing players for choosing the wrong letters in their names again.

Having a situation like you stop ______ today because there’s no Super Holy Light is something they don’t want it to become.

Yes I have to agree with this. Holy Light, or simply “luck” as it was known to PSU players, was a mechanism that essentially rewarded you for happening to log in on the right day. Every race/gender combo has a luck value which is somewhat randomly assigned. This luck value could affect other RNG things, like weapon grinding, drop rates, perhaps other things I forget. The inherent flaw is you feel like there’s no point playing on days where your character’s gender/race has a luck value of 0 that day, so it’s good to see the developers seem to feel the same way.

Alpha Test Dates – There May Even Be a __________!

Yes as the title suggests some dates and times have been announced for the alpha tests, posted on the PSO2 Facebook page.

■ First test
August 18 (Thu), 16:00 to 23:00
August 19 (Fri), 18:00 to 23:00
■ Second Test
August 23 (Tuesday) 16:00 to 23:00
■ Third Test
August 26 (Fri) 16:00 – 27 (Sat) 23:00

Bonkohara notes that these dates may change, presumably this depends on the outcome of these tests.

You can find a translation of the alpha test schedule here. Of note is that initial tests will only concern the forest and lobby, with the 3rd test scheduled to add the “Volcano Cave” area seen in screenshots. They will be adding more players at each stage of the test, so good luck to all those who applied!