Atrocious Ocean – Limited Quest Notes

hiyaOr whatever you want to call the quest, I’m referring to the current event’s limited-quest that takes place in the Coast field on Vopar. Much the same as the previous event, Border Breaking Chaos, it features a number of out-of-place creatures and comes with a boss not easily encountered otherwise. Last time, this boss was Persona. This time, it’s Chrome Dragon and its rare variant Haze Draal.

The quest has been out a week now, so I don’t really need to go into much detail about it. Not much to say anyway, its your typical Multi-Party Area approach of wandering around with up to 11 other people until you’re done. I kind of like the quest all the same though, as the boss encounters the quest throws at you can be difficult enough to make you kind of want a large number of players about. Sure, if the party is decently geared up the bosses still won’t last all that long but it makes a change to feel like it’s appropriate to have that many players about, unlike the typical multi-party fair where you really don’t need more than 2 players at most but the game is expecting the encounters to stand up to 12 somehow.

Applicable Client Orders

Naturally, there’s the current event’s round of Client Orders from Xie, I don’t need to mention them. However you may or may not be aware that there are other Client Orders you can take on while doing the quest for some additional exp. Note this will only list EXP rewards, not any Meseta or item rewards.

Information on Xie’s Client Orders, the PS:Vita exclusive Toro and Kuro Client Orders and other information relevant to the ARKS Unity Festval can be found on Bumped here.

Note that anything requiring Lv60+ enemies can only be completed on the Super Hard version of the quest.

Daily Cooldown:


hans_bannerCommon: These are fairly reliable I’ve found. The monsters involved seem to have a good chance of spawning during the quest.

  • 徘徊する海王種 / Prowling Oceanids
    Defeat 60 x lv50+ Oceanids in the Coast field.
    12,500 Exp
  • 海岸の新たな試練 / New Coastal Trial
    Defeat 70 x lv61+ Oceanids in the Coast field.
    29,500 Exp
  • 甲殻を持つ三つ首 / Three-Headed Shells
    Defeat 3 x Lv60+ Vid Gilos.
    13,500 Exp
  • 砂塵を巻く鋼の狩人 / Steel Hunters
    Defeat 5 x Lv50+ Dingales.
    12,000 Exp
  • 闊歩する人形機甲 / Swaggering Puppets
    Defeat 5 x Lv21+ Gilnas.
    8000 Exp
  • 人形の繰り手 / Wind-up Puppets
    Defeat 3 x Lv21+ Gilnas Cores.
    6000 Exp
  • 強鋏の海獣 / Marine Pincers
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Biol Meduna.
    14,500 Exp
  • 漆黒の鋏獣 / Jet Black Scissors
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Gwanahda.
    30,000 Exp.
  • 牙をむく原生 / Snarling Natives
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Rockbear.
    30,000 Exp.
  • 暴威をまとう海の王 / Tyrants of the Sea
    Defeat 2 x Lv50+ Org Blan.
    13,000 Exp
  • 飛来せし鉄の巨影 / Flying Metal Shadows
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Varder Soma.
    13,500 Exp
  • 変幻自在の巨大機甲 / Phantasmagoric Titans
    Defeat 2x Lv21+ Tranmizers.
    10,000 Exp

Uncommon: These Client Orders, in my experience, involve less commonly encountered monsters during the quest so are less reliable to complete.

  • そびえ立つ黒き巨体 /  A Towering Dark Figure
    Defeat 10 x Lv47+ Kuklonahda
    9500 Exp
  • 火弾を放つ黒甲 / Black Shells and Fire
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Zeshrayda.
    13,500 Exp
  • 氷息を吐く雌雄爪獣 / Ice-Breathing Pair
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Snow Banther and Snow Banshee.
    36,000 Exp.
  • 破壊をもたらす黒曜 / The Bearer of Destruction
    Defeat 2 x Lv50+ Wolgahda.
    11,000 Exp
  • 森林を駆る雌雄爪獣 / Forest Claws
    Defeat 1x Fang Banther and Fang Banshee.
    16,000 Exp

Note: Hans’ other kill orders that require monsters of a given type are all bound to their respective fields, so they won’t count here.



  • ブラッディ・スカフォード・Ⅴ / Bloody Scaffolds V
    Defeat 5 x Lv50+ Predicahda.
    8000 Exp.
  • マイルドマイルド・マーダー・Ⅲ/ Mild, Mild Murder III
    Defeat 2 x Lv34+ El Dagan.
    7000 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅰ / Eraser Report I
    Defeat 20 x Lv50+ Strahda.
    7300 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅱ/ Eraser Report II
    Defeat 20 x Lv50+ Tyraluda.
    8000 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅲ/ Eraser Report III
    Defeat 5 x Lv50+ Blundarl.
    8500 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅳ/ Eraser Report IV
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Luda Sorceror.
    9,000 Exp.
  • ファナティック・キリング・Ⅰ/ Fanatic Killing I
    Defeat 15 x Lv60+ Dolluahda.
    9,000 Exp.
  • ファナティック・キリング・Ⅱ/ Fanatic Killing II
    Defeat 10 x Lv60+ Solda Kapita, 10 x Lv60+ Gul Solda and 10 x Lv60+ Due Solda.
    9,500 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅴ/ Eraser Report V
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Bleu Ringahda.
    12,500 Exp.
  • エクスタミネート・ジャーニー・Ⅱ/ Extermination Journey II
    Defeat 3 x Lv60+ El Ahda and 1 x Lv60+ Gwanahda
    8,000 Exp.
  • ファナティック・キリング・Ⅲ/ Fanatic Killing III
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Decol Malluda.
    12,000 Exp



  • 強力な侵食核!?/ Powerful Corruption!?
    Defeat 1 x boosted Lv60+ enemy (any) in the Coast field.
    14,000 Exp

Uncommon: Blumegalla is kind of uncommon in this quest I’ve found. So you’re gonna end up having to encounter a boosted variant of an uncommon creature in order to complete the following order.

  • 海岸のブーストエネミー・Ⅰ/ Coast Boosted Enemy I
    Defeat 1 x boosted Lv50+ Blumegalla in the Coast field.
    5,000 Exp



  • ヴァーダーソーマの部位破壊を!/ Varder Soma Parts Destruction!
    Defeat 1 x Lv51+ Varder Soma after destroying tne main cannon.
    9,000 Exp
  • ブリュー・リンガーダの弱点は!?/ Breu Ringahda’s Weakness!?
    Defeat 1 x Lv51+ Bleu Ringahda via its core.
    18,000 Exp.
  • ヴィド・ギロスの部位破壊を!/ Destroy the Vid Gilos Parts!
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Vid Gilos after destroying its middle head.
    11,000 Exp.
  • ビオル・メデューナの部位破壊を!/ Destroy the Biol Meduna Parts!
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Biol Meduna after breaking its tail.
    13,000 Exp.
  • ソルダ・カピタの弱点は!?/ Solda Kapita’s Weakness!?
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Solda Kapita via its core.
    11,000 Exp.
  • グル・ソルダの弱点は!?/ Gul Solda’s Weakness!?
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Gu Solda via its core.
    11,000 Exp.
  • デコル・マリューダの弱点は!? / Decol Malluda’s Weakness!?
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Decol Malluda via any of its red cores.
    13,000 Exp

Weekly Cooldown:



  • ラッピーなる希少種 / Rare Rappy Species
    Defeat 1 x Lv21+ Rappy.
    10,000 Exp.
  • 頑強なるミ・ミクダ / The Tenacious Mi Micda
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Mi Micda.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 砂に隠れし希少の機甲 / Rare Desert Mechs
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Dinga Polce.
    26,000 Exp
  • 岩石由来の希少種 / Rare Rock Species
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Rogbelt.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 黒砂の希少種 / Rare Black Sand Species
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Gwanahda Nero.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 特異なる変形機甲 / The Unique Transformer
    Defeat 1x Lv41+ Tranzexia.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 海岸を闊歩する希少種 / Rare Coastal Swagger
    Defeat 1x Lv50+ Org Keratos.
    20,000 Exp
  • 海底にうごめく希少種 / Rare Seabed Squirmers
    Defeat 1x Lv60+ Magisa Meduna.
    33,000 Exp
  • 海底に立錐する希少種/ Rare Seabed Drillers
    Defeat 1x Lv60+ Nove Malidarl.
    32,000 Exp
  • 希少なる巨大鉄騎 / Rare Metal Craft
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Embryo Varder.
    30,000 Exp.
  • 舞い踊る鮮血の希少種 / Rare Blood-Dancer
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Nove Ringadarl.
    36,000 Exp.

Uncommon: The following orders are concerned with rare variants of monsters whose common version doesn’t appear commonly in the quest.

  • 疾走する蒼き希少種 / Sprinting Mech
    Defeat 1x Lv41+ Signo Blue.
    20,000 Exp
  • 水面を彩る花の希少種 / Colorful Rare Flower
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Fjorgalla.
    20,000 Exp.
  • おおきなはなの希少種 / Rare Flower Species
    Defeat 1x Lv41+ Dal Malri.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 雪と舞う一対の希少種 / The Pair Dancing in the Snow
    Defeat 1x Lv41+ Batha Oran and Bantha Elena.
    20,000 Exp
  • 森を駆ける一対の希少種 / Pair Running Through the Forest
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Bantha Ong and Bantha Donna.
    20,000 Exp
  • 希少なる巨大ダーカー / Rare Gigantic Darker
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Dark Agrani.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 悪意の大型希少種 / Giant Evil Rare Creature
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Alonagahda.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 紅き甲羅に包まれし希少種 / Darkers on a Rare Shell
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Rigshrayda
    20,000 Exp.

Those I’ve not listed are either so unreliable to complete in the quest that I’ve chosen not to list them or perhaps I’ve just plain forgotten them. if you think it might be the latter, let me know. Hope this list is of some help.