Client Orders That Are Bullshit

Every game has flaws and here I’m going to talk about one that PSO2 has. A pretty big one in my opinion. Now most Client Orders are fine, a lot can just be completed as you’re doing other things and you don’t really need to do most of them anyway. Many of them are also dailies, so it’s a helping hand when you’re levelling up. As the title of this post suggests though they’re not all peachy.

Depending on how far into the game you are you may be familiar with Kofi’s orders. They’re kind of important. They unlock further content for you in the form of new areas, free field unlocks, even level cap raising. The general pattern is in order to unlock Free Fields and new areas you need to complete previous areas with an S-rank and within a time limit. It clashes with the game, but it’s not bullshit.

Before I tell you what is, I think you need to know why I think those particular types of Client Orders clash with the game. PSO2 is a game with two main ways to play it. This is embodied almost perfectly in Free Field areas, which you can complete at your leisure. You can run around the map for as long as you please (monsters will respawn), or you can just ignore everything and find the boss warp as quick as you can. The randomness is obviously biased a little against those who wish to rush, but it’s not so random that you won’t get a feel for where boss teleporters will appear. Both of these approaches are perfectly fine on their own, but they’re directly opposed to each other. So when Client Orders expect you to S-rank and complete a mission within a time limit it clashes and quite badly depending on the mission. Getting an S-rank requires you to kill a certain number of enemies, which is taking away from the time goal. Going for the time goal is taking away from the number of enemies you kill. Either goal is detrimental to the other.

While it does clash and is annoying, you can get a feel for it after a while. The general approach that’s worked for me is to ignore all monsters that take a while to kill and only go for small fry (it only cares about killcount, not what was killed).

Now, what’s bullshit are the Client Orders that expect you to do two particular Desert missions. They both end on Code:Collect events, they both require you to S-rank and complete within a time limit. The problem is the Code:Collect events seem to decide to spawn whenever the hell they feel like it. You can end up doing multiple laps of the final block, desperately trying to get them to spawn before the time runs out. It doesn’t help that after they spawn, the actual things you need to collect are themselves randomly spawned around the map. It’s so random-number dependant it’s complete bullshit how they then expect you to complete it within a set time, as well as having killed enough enemies to get S-rank in the process which are two goals that already clash with each other.

Now they’re not hard, that’s not what I’m complaining about here. What I’m complaining about is how little control a player actually has about the completion of these missions.

When you’re depending on pure luck for something that is essential for unlocking new content, that’s bullshit.