Burning Rangers!


For the final 2 weeks of the event we gained an emergency quest (Arks Ship Fire Swirl) and a “2nd” Bingo Card. One that actually isn’t all that difficult to fill out, I’ll give a general guide shortly to the things you’ll need to do in order to complete it.


It’s helped move us along by a fairly neat amount! Blasting straight through the EXP +100% panel and closing in fast on the Puyo Mag Device.  In less than 3 days, roughly 800,000 points were gained. Of course, everyone only got the one card so I expect that to slow down considerably over the next few days. Will enough points be earned to gain a slight bonus to Dudu related activities?

The New Bingo Card

I could write up each node in a chart, but I think it’d honestly be more useful to just have a list of things that will guarantee completion of the card. Most of it you have some control over, so that’s good. I’ll address the things you can do any time first.

  • Defeat a Krahda [C-5]
  • Defeat a Dargash [D-5]
  • Defeat a Cyclonehda [A-3]
  • Defeat a Predikahda [E-3]
  • Defeat a Breeahda [B-5]
  • Defeat a Gwanahda [B-2]
  • Defeat a Dark Ragne [D-2]

These nodes can all be filled out by simply doing a run of Marathon Training: Naberius II. In the first block, take the south path to fight Gwanahda. Beyond that you can complete it anyway you like, as you’re guaranteed to face all of the above monsters in it.

  • Defeat a Micda [D-5]

This one can be completed in a number of places, but the most guaranteed way is to defeat the first spawn in Marathon Training: Amduscia. Once you’ve defeated the Dagacha and Kartargots, simply take the left path and a Micda should spawn.

  • Defeat  a Kuklonahda [B-1]

There is unfortunately no guaranteed spawn of this monster. Your best bet is to do the first Ruins Arks Quest, “Ruins Infestation Survey” (遺跡侵食度調査). Kuklonahdas can spawn there as part of fairly common Emergency Trials.

  • Defeat a Wolgahda [D-4]
  • Defeat a Zeshrayda [B-4]

Both of these can be completed by simply running the quests each of them is the end boss of. “Wolgahda Extermination” (ウォルガーダ殲滅) for one and the Ruins Free Field “Ruins Exploration” (遺跡探索) for Zeshrayda.

  • Complete Jan’s Client Order “Attribute Grind your Favorite Items!” (愛用品の属性強化を!) [E-2]
  • Complete Jan’s Client Order “Add Abilities to your Favorite Items!” (愛用品に特殊能力を!) [A-4]

These are very easy to fill out. You’ll first need to complete a different Client Order if you haven’t already, namely “Grind Your Favorite Items!” (愛用品の徹底強化を!). Grind any item once to complete it. Then for “Attribute Grind your Favorite Items!” simply go to the weapon shop and buy 2 items there which have an element. Then synthesize them and you’re done. For the final order go to the units or weapons shop, buy two of any item that has an ability on it. Then synthesize them (result doesn’t matter, nor does the item need to succeed).

If you don’t know how to grind or synthesize items, Ricardo has a good guide on it over at Bumped.

  • Complete Revelle’s Client Order: “Black Slaugher II” (ブラック・スローター・Ⅱ) [D-1]
    • Defeat 12 Kartargots.
  • Complete Revelle’s Client Order: “Black Slaughter IV” (ブラック・スローター・Ⅳ) [C-4]
    • Defeat 40 Dagans, 20 Krahdas and 15 El Ahdas.  Enemies must be Lv.16 or higher
  • Complete Revelle’s Client Order: “Mild Mild Murder II” (マイルドマイルド・マーダー・Ⅱ)[B-3]
    • Defeat 20 Krahdas, 15 Dagans and 8 Kartargots.  Enemies must be Lv.34 or higher
  • Complete Revelle’s Client Order: “Mild Mild Murder III” (マイルドマイルド・マーダー・Ⅲ)[D-3]
    • Defeat 20 El Dagans. Enemies must be Lv.34 or higher

Revelle’s orders will either be easy to do or a real problem, depending on how much she likes your character. She’s rather notorious for being difficult a character to raise your friendship level with and you’ll need it at a certain level in order to her to even give you these Client Orders in the first place. If they’re not available for you yet, the best advice I can give (assuming you’ve unlocked all the Free Field quests and have Hard Mode unlocked) is to just make sure you complete as many of her Client Orders as you can per day.

As for the Client Orders themselves, they can all largely be completed by just running the Ruins Free Field quest although some enemies are less common. If you’re having trouble finding Kartargots, Marathon Training: Amduscia spawns 2 of them right at the start of the quest. Start it on Hard difficulty and just abandon once you’ve killed them. If you also need El Ahdas and El Dagans you may wish to press on through the quest. About halfway through the first block two Breeahdas will spawn. DON’T KILL THEM, let them spawn El Dagans and hopefully you’ll get enough of them to complete Mild Mild Murder III in one run.

  • Complete Xie’s Client Order: “Because of the Darkers” (元凶はダーカーにありっ!)[E-1]
  • Complete Xie’s Client Order: “Natives in the City!” (どうして!市街地に原生種の怪!) [A-1]

These two can be completed at any time by running the Border Breaking Chaos event quest. The first one can also be completed during the Arks Ship Fire Swirl Emergency Quest. Regarding which, the following things can ONLY be completed during the Emergency Quest:

  • Complete the “Burning Angels” Emergency Trial [E-4]
  • Complete the Emergency Quest “Arks Ship Fire Swirl” (アークスシップの災禍) on Hard or above[C-2]
  • Complete Xie’s Client Order: “Burning Hearts” (Burning Hearts)[A-5]

Completing the last item on the list there will unlock a new Client Order needed for a node, namely:

  • Complete Xie’s Client Order: “Border Breaker” (境界を破壊するもの)[E-5]

To complete this all you need to do is defeat Cougar three times on any difficulty.


  • Break a red container [A-2]

There is no guaranteed way to make a red container spawn as far as I know, so you’re depending on pure luck for this one.

If I’ve forgotten any nodes, please let me know. I hope this is at least helpful.

Arks Ship Fire Swirl

The new Emergency Quest sees players running through the City area of the Arks Ship rescuing civilians from fires. You’ll be issued with a Rescue Gun for this purpose, which comes pre-loaded with the “Burning Hearts” potential at level 1. This potential allows the weapon to deal more damage to fires than other weapons (by a significant margin). Like other weapons, you can grind it to +10 to further unlock the potential up to level 3.


You will want to use the Rescue Gun exclusively when fighting fires. A part of the fire may flare up at some point (as it is doing on the right in the above screenshot), shoot it to deal higher damage to the fire. When the fire is out, speak to the civilians in order to rescue them. I shouldn’t really need to say it but, remember, fire is hot! Don’t go touching the fire, it will hurt you.

If you’re a gunner you have the additional option of spamming Infinite Fire. All hits from the gun seem to do the same damage, so using rapid-hit Photon Arts is the best way for Gunners to fight the flames.

The Burning Angels E-trial is extremely common in the quest and can dish out a fairly amazing amount of EXP at that. The regular version will net you 6250 EXP and 4582 Meseta, whereas the red version of the e-trial will get you 13,750 EXP ad 10.174 Meseta. This means you can go into the quest right from Lv.40 and just complete the E-trials for some significant EXP. Just ignore the monsters and farm the trials.

Outside of the E-trial, the quest seems to have a decent chance of spawning rare versions of a number of enemies, including Mi Micda, Predikahda Nero, and Dargash Nero. It can also spawn the usual lineup of Darker bosses (Gwanahda, Wolgahda, Zeshrayda and Dark Ragne) but I’m not sure if they have boosted odds of spawning rare variants or not.