MY INVENTORY!! Part 2: Storage Expansion


It’s finally time for a follow-up post to my original inventory woes. Seems we will indeed be getting a storage expansion and what’s more it’s for free! However, there are some conditions that do apply to this which I’m going to go over in this post.

These changes are set to arrive some time in January.

Character Storage

This is the major new addition and is completely free. Each character you have will have its own personal inventory storage. This will contain items only for that character and items in it cannot be transferred to other characters. Each character will be able to hold 300 items each, which can be expanded permanently with Arks Cash. The time of the mule is coming, given you could now roll an alt for an additional 350 storage slots.

If your character transfers ship, their personal storage will be transferred with them. Given how seemingly unstable transferring is at the moment (causing such severe issues that they had to change how the EQ system worked to a degree just to prevent them) I can’t help but worry that the addition of this character-bound storage may introduce even more hilarious serious issues whenever people decide to jump ships.

Storage Changes

On a more minor note, Premium storage space will be expanded by 100 slots, bringing it up to 400. Basic and OTP storages are not being expanded.


Extra rental storage will also not be being expanded, but it will have additional restrictions place upon it. You will no longer be able to send items to or sell items from any of your Extra Storage boxes. You will have to go to a storage terminal in order to interact with it. The “display all storages” tab also won’t show any items in the Extra Storage boxes. These changes will not apply to your other storages.

Sega admits that this is a downgrade but has deemed it necessary to do in order to implement the other changes for whatever reason. Given how flimsily put together their database seems to be, I wouldn’t be surprised that their hands really are tied on this issue. Sega being Sega.

So ultimately this is what your new warehouse is going to look like:

  • Basic Storage 200 slots
  • Character Storage 300 slots (permanently expandable via AC)
  • Premium Storage 400 slots
  • Extra Storage 1 500 slots
  • Extra Storage 2 500 slots
  • Extra Storage 3 500 slots
  • Extra Storage 4 500 slots
  • Extra Storage 5 500 slots
  • OTP Storage 200 slots

Hey it’s additional storage space, I’ll take it! While the changes to Extra Storage seem bizarre and un-necessary, it honestly won’t affect the vast majority of the player-base anyway as most people never rent the additional storage. This is more of an issue for Sega themselves, as it makes the extra storages seem less worthwhile.

While this does go some way to alleviate storage issues caused by all the currencies that they keep insisting on adding, I still feel an actual currency storage would have been a preferred change. As it is, this doesn’t prevent them from adding ever more currencies to eventually screw us down the line again anyway.

Also my storage issues are partly caused by how annoying it can be to sort through which items are worth selling on the player shops and which can just be NPC’d. Some UI improvements could go a long way to helping deal with inventory management, as to an extent additional storage space just adds additional work on the player’s part.

These details may be subject to change. Please let me know if anything in this post is inaccurate.

Upcoming Outfits

hurrraaaaySo it seems like PSO2 is set to gain quite a few additional outfits for players to dress up their waifus in, take shots of and then apply ridiculous photo-shop filters to. This post will cover all of the outfits that have been officially announced in one form or another.

Shining Girls Festa Scratch.

These were announced with the update page but worth mentioning given I haven’t done so yet.

Sakuya ModeN Repca, Panis Repca, Urayukihime Repca, Phantom Queen Repca

The bias towards female characters is staggering here.. Sakuya ModeN Repca appeared in Phantasy Star Universe as well. I didn’t care for it much then and I still don’t care for it much. Panis Repca feels weirdly out of place in PSO2 for me. It’s like an outfit from Aion: The Tower of Eternity’s gone and wandered in (the wing probably doesn’t help). Not really a fan of Urayukihime Repca. Phantom Queen Repca isn’t bad, I’m curious to see how it looks with under-armor on though.

That was a little on the negative side, I do have something positive to say for them and actually a number of the collaborative outfits coming up. The designs are nice and simple. Simple isn’t bad, in fact simple can be very good. There’s a somewhat appropriate phrase I can quote, it goes “less is more”. I was never a fan of over complicated designs for characters or clothing and PSO2’s native outfits have largely been too complicated in their designs for my tastes.

KRAUTZFinally, Crouch Replica. Or Kraz, as the official localization would have it, I’m not really qualified to judge the validity of translations all that well.  I can’t hate this outfit, no matter how hard I try. Somewhat related to this, there is a distinct lack of beards in PSO2. Episode 2 should fix this. Not saying it will, I’m saying it ought to because beards.

The Shining Girls Festa Scratch will be arriving tomorrow.

Sega Game Crossovers

Some cross-overs with other Sega games were announced recently on “Game Maniacs”. Posting them below.

Akira – Virtua Fighter

Did you mistake this for Ryu from Street Fighter? Go to the corner. Go on, get the corner and think about what you just did.

Sylveria – Valkyria Chronicles

I’ve never played this series before but it appears it will be this outfit. Pretty nice looking, I think. I know there’s a fair demand for other Valkyria Chronicles outfits (particularly those that showed up in Phantasy Star Universe before), I guess it’s not impossible that they’ll be added.

Arle – Puyo Puyo

Another was revealed in the Sega Collab Teaser here, from “7th Dragon 2020 II”. As this is a screenshot from a recording of a livestream, the image is low quality.

Student Style - 7th Dragon 2020 II
Student Style – 7th Dragon 2020 II

Arks Festa Outfits

Somewhat regular looking but there are two outfits presumably celebrating PSO2’s first year anniversary.

i_like_shortstheyre_comfy_and_easy_to_wearAs far as I’m aware there’s no information on when these or the collaboration outfits will become available.

Border Break Collaboration

Just the one outfit with this one and of course it’s a female one.

Fiona Costume

That’s all. I figured at least the mech-suits would have become costumes given they turned up in Phantasy Star Universe before but nope.

There are some additional costumes, but they just seem to be re-skins of the festa outfits with a er, somewhat bovine theme.


Seems we’re getting this content on the 12th of June. Images taken from this video.

Episode 2 Teaser Outfits

There was a teaser for Episode 2 released a while back which scrolled some concept art by the screen. I took the liberty of cutting them together into an image which I’ll post below:

The top-left in the above gallery has actually been announced just as I was making this post, more on that in a little bit. The rest however are nowhere to be seen as of yet. I know I criticize their imbalanced design approach to male and female clothing on occasion (how sexualized the outfits are for females and the lack of outfits for males) but I mean, come on. Look at them, just look at them. Ah well, at least the choice has gotten better. Last up is this pair: dewmans_maybeNow what could these be? Dewman default oufits, perhaps? My gut tells me they’re at least related to Dewmans in some form, particularly with the pale skin and white-ish hair they seem to have. The teaser blurs out the heads of each of these, which if they’re keeping Dewmans a secret would make sense. In Phantasy Star the head is typically where the racially defining characteristics of a race resides.

Illusory Onslaught Part 2 Outfits

I may talk about the rest of the content in this trailer in a separate post, but for now I’m only concerned with the outfits. I’ve cut out screenshots from a recording from the recent Niconico livestream, so forgive me for the poor quality of the images.

illusoryonslaught_pt2It seems the wedding outfits will be back, this time in new colours. The Happy Wedding Scratch was the very first batch of Arks Scratch themes, although it hasn’t yet been a year since they were released. Other than that a pair of outfits resembling Catholic priests and nuns with the priest having been revealed in the Episode 2 teaser mentioned earlier in this post. I figured it would have turned up in the story before it ended up being released but, here it is. Finally what I assume will be named Ursula Replica, adding to the growing selection of outfits ported from Phantasy Star Portable 2.

The selection of outfits in this game certainly is growing at a speedy rate. Faster than the rest of the game’s content. unfortunately.

[Sources and Thanks:, PSO2up, EspioKaos]

Solemn Sentinel and Other Future Content

flycrySo yeah, we got a date for the new field. The 8th freely accessible field will be arriving on the 10th of April. This post will go over some of the content announced for this date as well as looking further ahead at future content. It will also act as a place to share my thoughts on some of the things announced between my last post and the present.

Solemn Sentinel Update

As has been the case throughout PSO2’s life a trailer for the new content was released as well as a new update page. Embedding the trailer below.

Dragon Altar’s map is a lot less organic than the other Amduscia areas, which makes sense given that it’s manufactured by the natives. While this concept makes it close to something like Lilipa’s Underground Complex in structure it seems to be fairly different.

altarmapUnlike the Complex, Dragon Altar’s layout is separated into rooms. Unlike any field so far, these rooms can be separated by doors. This makes me think of it as more like any of PSO’s areas, as it isn’t an open field like PSO2’s other areas. At the very least it looks like there’s enough that’s different about the field that will make it stand out from the others.

In terms of level range, the field seems to cover levels 50-55, which means that this field will be one drop tier below Advance Quests. I wonder if Lilipa3 will cover levels 55-60?

Presumably the existence of this field means we’ll be getting a “Marathon Training: Amduscia II” mission added at some point.

Like DRAGONLAND, the enemies in this field all appear to be weak to dark element attacks.

New Enemies


dragonhammerSo yeah, as I guessed this is indeed “dragonhammer”. Pendolans swing their hefty tail about to attack.


flydeegPreviously known as “DragonFlyRaptor”, affectionately known as “FLY DEEG” to about 3 people. Unlike “Deeg”, however, the name for this critter really is Deeg, not Digg. If you’re confused, “Deeg” is the official translation of Digg as seen in footage of the localized client shown last year.

Deegalas appear to be the adds present in the field boss’s arena.

Sol Dilandarl

dragonchariot_01One of the “dragonchariots”, in this case the ranged type. Interestingly, Dinians are riding them. This was first seen in footage revealed a while back, which turned out to be part of the new benchmark which I’ll mention later in this post. Wonder if they die together or if they can be separated?


dragonfatThe mini-boss of the new field. Fair to say that PSO2 really has had nothing like it. In fact I don’t think Phantasy Star in general has had anything like this.

I’m sure the main attraction to the boss (unless fat lizards are your thing) is the ability it has to summon Vol Dragon. Well, the internal name for this “Vol Dragon” is DragonSummonerIllusion as was mentioned in a previous post. It won’t be a fully powered Vol Dragon, that’d just be mean. Remember, this is a mini-boss, which means in a party of two or more you’re going to be fighting two of these fat bastards at once. Add in summon-able Vol Dragons and it’d just be a mess. To lend credence to this, it appears that the summoned dragon can’t actually be targeted.

Dragon Ex

dragonexThe name of the field’s boss was revealed some time ago. I wasn’t able to comment then but I can share my thoughts on it now, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

Dragon Ex is a dumb name. Moving on..

The fight itself looks like it’ll be similar to fighting Quartz, only Ex is much more sluggish and naturally more focused on melee-ing its foes. Unlike other dragons, Dragon Ex doesn’t appear to be able to fly.

Hatsune Miku costume, hairstyle, Mag and posters in PSO2

mikumikumikumikuNo one cares.

Skill Tree Changes

Been wanting to talk about this for a while. With a new level cap of 60 (which you won’t need a Client Order to unlock, thankfully) comes a new set of skills. There will also be tweaks to a couple of major skills in the Hunter tree. To Sega’s credit, all players will receive an item that can reset all their skill trees. Really glad they’re doing something like that, it’s a decent thing of them to do.

So what are the new skills like? I’ll be re-posting Bumped’s interpretation of them here as well as thoughts/speculation.

  • Fury Combo Up (Hunter)

“During Fury Stance, by performing a series of Just Attacks, you’ll do bonus damage”

Not a bad sounding skill, it’s rewarding the player for decent timing after all. Wonder how the damage will scale? It also seems like faster weapons would benefit more from this than slower ones, in particular I’m thinking Knuckles will benefit from it well. Especially as their Gear ability increases their attack speed..

  • Killing Bonus (Ranger)

“PP Restores when enemies die close to the player.”

Depending on the kind of PP restoration it gives, it might make builds less focused on PP more viable. I’d imagine due to the nature of the weapon, Launcher would benefit the most from this skill. Naturally, it’d be utterly useless against bosses.

  • Photon Flare Afterburst (Force)

“T-ATK increases for a certain amount of time after the end of the Photon Flare skill.”

I don’t really get this skill, it increases T-atk after a skill that increases T-atk has expired? I assume that it loses the HP penalty that Photon Flare incurs? There’s another issue with this skill that I’ll bring up later.

  • PP Slayer (Fighter)

“When PP is less than 50%, S-ATK and R-ATK increases.”

Not much to say about this skill. It just lets you do more damage from Photon Art spam. Kind of boring.

  • Perfect Keeper (Gunner)

“When HP is 100%, your damage towards enemies increases.”

Likewise, Gunner almost never gets hit anyway. I have a bit less of a problem with this one however given that it’s rewarding you for playing the class well I guess.

  • Rare Mastery Techer (Techer)

“T-ATK increases when equipping 10 star or higher weapons.”

This is stupid. I have bad news for Techers as well, because according to datamining efforts ALL classes have a skill like this. Why is it even needed? When you’re using 10* or higher weapons you’re already doing more damage than you would with most things below it. Yeah there are exceptions if you manage to get 50% element with certain 7-9* weapons, but the point remains. While it isn’t rewarding pure luck with the presence of the exchange weapons, it’s still effectively rewarding luck to a degree.

Skill Changes

A few Hunter skills will be altered on the 10th of April. Warcry’s target priority will be improved it seems but the bigger thing on people’s minds are the changes to Guard Stance and especially Fury Stance, as both of these skills will be changed to percentage increases.

Whether the change to Fury Stance is a good thing or not depends on what they mean by a percentage increase, because if it’s a percentage increase to damage dealt then this could potentially be a nerf depending on your current character’s stats. Before going into the mathematics, the basic premise is larger numbers benefit more from % increases to damage whereas lower numbers benefit more from plain stat increases. More to the point, the closer your attack stat is to the enemy’s defense stat the more important a stat boost is. To have some numbers to back this up; given 100 S-atk vs 100 S-def the resulting damage is 1. If S-atk is 250 and the enemy’s S-def is still 100 (say you used Fury Stance as it was) your damage is now 30. If Fury changed to % increase on damage you’d still be doing 1 damage.

If however this is a percentage increase to your stats, then it’d be functioning just as it is now. More importantly it would be functioning correctly for the game’s lifespan, which it wouldn’t have without such a change. 150-250 S-atk is a significant boost to attack at lv50, but the higher our characters go the less useful that becomes. The other question of course is would Fury Stance include S-atk up skills or just your base racial stats?

This leaves me wondering about skills like Photon Flare and Photon Flare Afterburst, which is the Force equivalent of Fury Stance in effect. Will that switch to a percentage increase in stats or will it keep the problem that Fury Stance had?

New Character Creation Benchmark

dorficonThis was a surprise! The character creation benchmark got an update, changing the stage from the Forest and Urban areas to Amduscia areas including the upcoming Dragon Altar field. That’s about it, it’s the same otherwise.
You can get the new benchmark from here (about 654MB).

phallicWhile on the surface there isn’t anything new aside the field, there are some interesting things under the surface which will be talked about in the next section.

Towards the Future

There is yet more content on the horizon, both officially announced and extracted from the data in the client. In this case the client is largely the new benchmark.


Seems there’s a new variant of the bird themed enemies named “BirdCentaur”. My slight speculation of the “Bird Warriors” being somewhat Tengu-like may be a wee bit off, particularly with the addition of another bird named “bird_double_head”. Another new enemy is “MarineOarFish”, which may well be the enemy that “GoTo_0690_WaterBoss” concerns itself with. An oarfish is an actual thing, you can see one here at Wikipedia. That might feel a little familiar to a Phantasy Star Online fan, eh? Of course there’s no guarantee that it will function the same as De Rol Le did, as PSO2’s bosses are quite a bit different to bosses in past games.

Going by the area code (06xx) as well as the name of the enemy, the MarineOarFish is likely the boss of the un-announced “Coast” area. I wonder if the bird enemies also inhabit this field?

Area 2000 is a Tower. Before I would have said something like “a tower on lilipa” but that’s the wrong planet identifier for one thing (lilipa is 04xx for reference) plus Falz Arms and Falz Elder seem to be set to make appearances there. Interesting. Area 2000 used to be “DifficultQuest” before, so the chances are good that this field belongs to a new quest type scheduled to arrive later.

There’s still nothing on Lilipa3, although a new emergency trial who’s only reference is ” scene_oc_dwarfhome_defense”. Could the new field be the homestead of the Lilipans? Related to the field, it appears that Cougar, the cross-over boss from Border Break, has a rare variant. I mention it in this paragraph as chances are it’s the boss of this field. If so, I think it’s a bit weird really. A cross-over boss just doesn’t seem fitting as an actual boss as opposed to a thing on the sidelines somewhere.

With the exception of the content associated with Lilipa3, this stuff should all be here before the Summer gets going. There is no sign of Dewmans just yet, but Beasts may have become a more likely addition than they were with the addition of “race_beast” to the client. Before, the only reference to Beasts was in a random list which suggested that it might have just been data that carried across from PSU. It does not guarantee that they’ll add Beasts as a playable race, but as I say it does increase the chances of it happening. I wonder if they’ll hand out free character slots when they add new races?

PSO2 Episode 2

Outside of the client, it seems Episode 2 has been announced. It was announced during the Sympathy Concert which celebrated 25 years of the Phantasy Star franchise. No images of what was shown has turned up, but it seems it may have been no more than a key-word style teaser much like the original announcement of PSO2. To quote Bumped:

  • Oracle’s Collapse
  • Arks Road/Lord?
  • Photoners
  • “Who is the real enemy?”
  • The Third Darkers
  • The Beginning and End of the Arks
  • New Race, New Planet, New Classes.
  • New Weapon Categories.
  • Coming this Summer!

So presumably the new weapon types (Compound Bow and Katana) will belong to the new classes. Given the disparity between the amount of data there is in the client for Beasts and Dewmans it seems certain that the new race will be Dewmans. The new planet will host the un-announced Coast area more than likely, given the order of the area codes so far.

By third type of Darkers they mean a type of Darker other than insect and fish. Could these be Bird Darkers or are the bird enemies the natives of whatever planet the coast field belongs to?

That’s really all I can tie into this announcement from the datamined stuff that I know about. Who knows when we’ll hear more about this, but it probably won’t be this side of the game’s first anniversary.

2012, PSO2 and You

lisa_npc_of_the_yearNah no one cares about you this time either, sorry.

2012 was the release year of PSO2, but it was also the year in which the testing phases began in earnest. This was the year that we got to experience the game for the first time. As such, many players have seen the game grow in a number of visible ways and fans close to the series have had the pleasure (as well as some discomfort) of seeing this game evolve. Some areas of the game grew faster than others and some parts disappointingly didn’t grow much at all.

This post, much like the equivalent for 2011 will take a look at this past year’s happenings with PSO2. Much like last year this post is also huge. As such, this time I’m actually going to use one of those “more” tags so you’re not scrolling forever to get past it on the main feed, so let’s just place that here.

Continue reading “2012, PSO2 and You”

Final Part of Soaring Crystal Dragon

As the mining suggested, a content update is set to arrive on the 29th of August. The update site was er, updated. With the update came a new trailer, which I’ll embed here.

Not sure what was going on with Echo’s outfit there…

Story Content

Two new chapters are on their way, the first taking you to the mines of Lilipa and the second taking you to the floating continents of Amduscia.

Fish-type Darkers on Lilipa, eh? I’m more concerned by the prospect of having to run around with Alfin, personally. The Lilipans, the ewok like things who you encountered in chapter 3, are set to return.

Bi-En, the talking Dinian from Chapter 4, is set to turn up again in Chapter 6. I wonder if there’ll be a pre-condition to make him show up? Spoilers: I wonder if it requires you to have gotten the good ending for chapter 4, where you prevent the death of the dragon Hi-Loga. It would seem odd if Bi-En helped you out after you killed one of his kind.

The other story related thing I’m wondering is if this is the chapter where we might encounter Kashina, the previously metioned hell dragon fron Dinian legend. It could well be a named Quartz Dragon, even though it’s certainly odd that a hell dragon would reside in the sky when the volcanic surface is hellish. It’s plausible that they might save that particular element of the story for a later date of course, maybe an un-announced third area of the planet?

As I hinted in the last post, the main goal of both these chapters is to acquire the other two pieces of that mysterious weapon you found in the Iceberg field on Naberius. Zig, the old sword-smith who you gave the first piece to, can put the weapon back together for you. I don’t know if he’ll present you the completed weapon at the end, or if you can even use it yourself. As we know the weapon is a rod, only one class would really get to benefit from this..

Character Creation Contest

Who cares.

Well ok I do have something to talk about for this, as they decided to show off the other prizes the contest winners recieved. Of particular interest to myself is the 3d figure print.

This… looks delicate as fuck. I was honestly expecting this one to fall through, as I recall 3D figure printing being especially bad for thin characters. Or characters with small pointy parts. By those standards this character is a figure printer’s nightmare, but despite these alleged difficulties there it is. For a figure print, it actually doesn’t look that bad either. Well except for those dead, soul-less eyes. The colours are a little washed out too, but I’d leap at the chance at having a print of my character at this quality. I doubt my wallet would, of course.

The figure stands at 20cm, which is a fairly decent size too. Given that Sakai did say they were considering offering a character printing service once before, I wonder if this figure will act as a precursor. A taster for their playerbase, maybe use it to guage interest in such a thing? Who knows.

Shop Staff Carnival

Possibly the dullest sounding carnival ever..

The 29th will also see the Scratch get rotated to include the NPC shopkeeper outfits as well as other things. Reposting a bunch in a gallery below.

Images originally found on Yes you can even dress up like your AIBOU, Alfin. Honestly, the only things there that look alright to me are the shop NPC outfits. It’s also disappointing that female Cast parts continue to be so revealing. It’s bizarre how characters with no actual flesh show off so much of it across their entire selection of outfits so far. Alone this isn’t a problem, but it seems almost every part for female Casts is like this. Even the ability to mix and match parts doesn’t alleviate the issue, as all leg parts show off the upper thighs for now. Again, it’s not the showing off skin part I don’t like, what I’m criticizing here is the distinct lack of options that female Casts get here.

You may want to know that there is no purple version of the shopping suit for males. Sorry, you won’t be able to cosplay as Doodoo this time.

Towards the Future

Already talked about the upcoming content itself, so no need to repeat that. Sakai is however set to update his blog twice this week. Presumably one of the entries will be talking about the things contained in this post, but the other could well be talking about the upcoming content in September. I’m certainly eager to hear more about the new classes, a trailer would be fantastic but even just plain information would be good.

Open Beta Announcement… Announced

Sakai’s updated the official PSO2 blog today. The biggest news is he announced that we may hear something about the Open Beta at the end of May. Open Beta may not be all that far off after all if so. Maybe.

Also, due to the changes in Japanese law the complete-sheet gachas will be removed from PSO2. That’s the complete-sheet only, gachas (cash shop item lotteries) will still be in PSO2.

Character creation contest results – In case you care.

Also the winner of the character creation contest was announced. The only remotely interesting character design won, with the rest of them looking like something the random generator would spit out.

“mw”, the grand prize winner, taking over a third of the vote.

As the prize included an NPC of them appearing in-game, expect “mw” to turn up at some point. Though exactly what this homage to a famous Japanese transvestite will actually do in-game is anyone’s guess.

2nd Prize.

I’m somewhat amused by the 2nd place winner, given that the prize is a 3D print. A skinny loli with the FOnewearl hat, which itself has long thin bits on it? Yeah the 3D printer is gonna love that.

As for the rest, who cares. If you happen to, you can check the rest out here.

Concept Art

Been a while since we’ve had one of these. This time it’s of the outfit that Lisa wore. That Cast with the huge “I want to stab you while you sleep” eyes who’s in the banner of this post. Seen at least 2 gimmick twitter accounts of her floating about..

Wonder if they’ll add a female Cast set that doesn’t show skin on the upper thighs at some point…

[Sources: PSO-World, PSBlog]

Rumourmill: No Arks, You Are The Dewmans.

PSO2 news has sort of slowed down for now, so this is a minor post of information and other things I felt like sharing.

When’s That CBT Report?

According to this tweet on Sega’s official PSO2 twitter, the report is scheduled to appear mid-May. No specific date has been announced.

Has a US/foreign version been talked about? Even remotely hinted at?


There has still literally been nothing at all to suggest it’s happening from official channels. As fans, we’re left speculating based on datamined files in the client which show localization functionality at the very least. Sega of America still hasn’t really acknowledged that the game even exists yet, either.

With the official release time getting close now, the lack of any word at all is a little concerning for anyone hoping for a localized version. They could of course announce it afterwards, but the hope of a global release is all but gone.

What’s Sega up to?

Posted originally here by PSO-World user MrTurkleton. Seems all 10 servers are up, or at least the client interprets them as so. According to the original poster, attempting to connect would return an error message. No illicitly logging in for anyone with severe withdrawal symptoms, then.
It’s a little weird that the client can ping their servers still or that the test servers would be connected to the internet but there you go.

Base Racial Stats

A reader sent me an email asking how the racial stats are in PSO2’s CBT. In the thick of my study-time (almost over now!) I managed to miss it. Sorry there, internet guy.

So yeah, here are the racial base stat modifiers. Thanks to Agrajag of PSUmods for obtaining them.

Race/Gender HP S-ATK R-ATK T-ATK ABL S-Def R-Def T-DEF
Human male 105 104 103 100 105 105 100 100
Human female 104 100 103 104 106 100 100 105
Newman male 95 100 102 108 104 100 105 100
Newman female 94 100 102 110 104 100 100 105
Cast male 107 105 104 96 107 105 100 95
Cast female 106 104 105 96 107 100 105 95
Dewman male 95 106 104 103 106 97 97 97
Dewman female 94 106 104 103 106 98 98 98

Update 30/7/2013: Since Dewmans were actually released these base stats have changed.

Wait What, Dewmans?

Yes, Dewmans. The race of eyepatch wearing emo space pirates from PSP2:Infinity. The race has been mentioned in the client’s strings since the 2nd alpha tests, complete with base stats.
Does this mean PSO2 is getting Dewmans? Not necessarily, for all we know that could just be a placeholder. In any case they’re definitely not going to be available early on, as Sakai has stated that the game will be released with just 3 selectable races. He did also state that more could be added in the future and this find certainly supports that notion. It seems the client is at the very least capable of adding any number of races they feel like adding, it’s just that so far Dewmans are the only additional race hinted at.

Concept art of a male and female dewmans, as seen in PSP2:Infinity.

Even if they do add Dewmans, however, those racial stats may not reflect what they end up being when they’re officially released. There is also no guarentee on what PSO2’s Dewmans would even look like, but I think it’d be nice if they got a bit more creative than pale skin and eyepatches being their defining racial features.

So What About Beasts?

Yes, there has been mention of Beasts as well in the client, but this is less significant. The place in which Beasts were found lists the  order of the races as Human, Newman, Cast, Beast and Dewman. Everywhere else that mentions races goes Human, Newman ,Cast and Dewman. The theory is it’s simply a leftover file from a previous game.

Character Creator Glitches

Well out there in the hands of the public, someone was bound to find issues with the creation demo. One of the more famous ones (as well as one of the most viewed PSO2 videos to date) is this thing, uploaded by YouTube user turk645.

As hilarious as that is, it does pose a question. Would a character with bugged out boobs be accepted by the server? Will the open beta test will an assault of flapping mammaries everywhere? What other character creation limits can be broken through either glitches or memory editing? If the server just blindly accepts whatever character it’s given all sorts of monstrosities could be populating the future lobbies! I kind of can’t wait to find out.

Another somewhat related glitch is a nudity glitch that was discovered some time ago, at least for Casts. Well, as nude as you can get in PSO2 before you start tex-modding or something. Here’s a video uploaded by YouTube and PSO-World user Sizustar to prove that this glitch can carry over onto the live servers.

There is a separate glitch which allows non-Casts to get naked as well, but it’s less widespread than the naked Cast glitch. You can find more on this in the original thread here.

At the very least I hope that the server doesn’t accept as much information from the client as it used to when creating a new character. If it does, some actually harmful things could happen..