Preparing for the lv80 Cap


So we’ve had some clarifications as to how the level cap requirements work. Thankfully, it’s not quite as bad as everyone thought but not everyone is ready for the new level cap all the same. Hopefully this post will help people be better prepared for when the update hits on March 22nd.


  • You’ll need to have the classes you want at lv75. Seems obvious but you can’t complete the other conditions easily without it and as it is there are a few class combos that get by just fine if their subclass is under 75, so many may have just no bothered to finish them.
  • You’ll need to have completed all of your target classes SP COs.
    • This means getting 21 class cubes which you earn by “levelling up” after hitting lv75.
    • This unlocks a title so you’ll only have to do this once per class per account!
  • You’ll need to have a +35 13* of one of your classes main weapons
    • Qualifying weapons (One per class):
    • Hunter: Sword, Partizan, Wired Lance
    • Fighter: Knuckle, Twin Dagger, Double Saber
    • Ranger: Rifle, Launcher
    • Gunner: Rifle, Twin Machinegun
    • Force: Talis, Rod
    • Techer: Talis, Wand
    • Braver: Katana, Bullet Bow
    • Bouncer: Dual Blades, Jet Boots
    • As you can see, GuRa and FoTe players have it a little easier than everyone else.
    • If you’re a Summoner, you’ll need a 13* pet at lv120.
    • This unlocks a separate title per class.
  • Turn both of these titles in per class and you unlock the right to level up to 80.

So yeah it’s a little bit less mean than the 4th Broadcast indicated. It’s not much different to someone with one character but this makes life considerably easier for those wishing to keep all their alts up to date.

So generally, you can split the requirement up into two main parts: Experience and 13* NT weapons or a 13* Egg. Those are going to be the main targets of any class you wish to bring to the new cap.  As such the guide is really going to just address techniques to approach either of these goals and the pros and cons to em.

Update: OK with the live broadcast tidbits released last night it seems things might change down the line, particularly with regard to the weapon condition. They may be making +35ing a weapon easier and reviving the Revolucio Files for a year to make it easier to get weapons in the first place.


To complete all of your SP orders takes a considerable amount of experience points. If you’re starting from scratch, you’re looking at 41,307,000 EXP per class in order to complete them all. Considering its 39,357,500 EXP to go from 1-75 in the first place you can see this is a considerable amount to get. There are a few ways to make this more manageable though.

What You Should Not Do

Grab an Emperor Axeon or Edel Io with EXP Boost III and go leech in an emergency quest. It’s a dick move that might get you banned for one thing and it’s honestly not the most efficient way to get EXP in general.

VHAQ Urban Exit Burst

This is the most effective way to get EXP in the game but I don’t like it for various reasons.

Essentially, you have your intended class you wish to level as your main and you sub-class Force. Then you simply trigger a PSE burst near an exit and just spam your techs while firing off your Photon Blast as soon as you can (preferably the one that restores PP). If done right, you can have a ridiculously long PSE burst which can net you potentially millions of EXP. There’s a number of caveats however:

  • You’ll need to have 3 other people with you, otherwise not enough enemies will spawn to make the PSE burst itself any good. It scales with the number of people you have in the party and AI Partner Characters won’t count towards it.
  • You’ll need spare Advance Capsule – As in order to raise the quest’s risk to 50. Max risk boosts the number of enemies that have, well, boosts which dramatically increases the EXP per kill. Only one person in the group needs to do this, mind
  • It’s possible the PSE can trigger in an inconvenient spot on the map. If this happens you might not trigger a Cross Burst or get a One More, leading to a fair amount of time wasted.

So yeah, because you need to find 3 other people to group up with you this method isn’t for the unsociable. In general, I don’t like playing to other people’s schedules so that plus the RNG factor of when a PSE burst can happen and just how boring it is to stand in one spot spamming techs turns me off from this method. It is unarguably the best way to get EXP (outside of Bonus Quests) in the game though so if you can pull it off go for it.


This takes advantage of the high rate of enemies in Advance Quests, the rate of boosted enemies at high risk and the boosted EXP rates the quest offers.

In terms of EXP, I actually feel like VHAQs are slightly better than SHAQs. It’s less EXP per kill, but you’re killing things much faster in VHAQs and its considerably cheaper to run. However, SHAQs do have marginally better drops and because items can drop with Ultimate Buster you can get higher affix slot counts on dropped weapons.

If you’re going to run SHAQs though, I recommend pushing to +12 risk because the drop rate of capsules is considerably higher and it also puts you in range to potentially get some decent drops. It’ll also potentially be useful for Collection Files that require lv71+ enemies that are otherwise difficult to find in the general game.

The downside to running SHAQs is you will need to run them fairly regularly in order to not have fewer caps than you started with. Ideally you want to make a profit so I advise clearing out the entire map which is kind of time consuming.

If you’re running VHAQs I actually suggest not clearing the entire map unless you really need caps. For one thing VHAQs only cost 1 cap per attempt, so you really don’t need to clear the map to make the quest pay for itself anyway. For another, getting rare boosted bosses is a ridiculous chunk of EXP (figures like 350,000 exp per kill aren’t unheard of). As a result, I argue it may be worth just killing mobs that happen to get in your way and just getting to the boss to increase the number of shots per hour you get at a rare boss.

One upside to this approach is you can get shots at Arks Clones appearing as well as Apprentice. These both can give very useful Affixes, though for clones it’s better if you have more people with you. You may also get shots at Tagami which can net a huge burst of EXP but it’s extremely rare.


Run the daily featured quests. This will keep your daily boost up which is a 50% tri-boost plus it will give you shots at getting bonus keys. Bonus quests, particularly Gold-Key Tokyo can give insane amounts of EXP if you use enough boosters on them.

This is the most casual approach to levelling up and considering we have until March 22nd until it’s available even those with limited amounts of time to play should be able to use this method to be more than ready when the day comes. You won’t get a key every day, in fact you may go multiple days with no keys at all. However it’ll be more than worth it when you do get one because a Gold Key could net you up to two class cubes in one go.

Catch Emergency Quests

Naturally this has the disadvantage of having your playtime held hostage by the EQ schedule. I don’t recommend this as your main way of gaining EXP but it can be a nice way to supplement it.

Not all Emergency Quests pay out a good amount of EXP, but the following are of note:

  • Chaotic Tranquility – Nothing but boosted enemies. Very nice EXP.
  • Mothership – Again, nothing but boosted enemies. Includes Goldrahdas and shots at a boosted Nove Ringadahl, Dark Agrani and Rigshrayda. Generally a high EXP quest.
  • Mining Base Defense 3 – Probably the best emergency quest for EXP. Focus on killing enemies as quickly as possible. Succeeding at the quest isn’t actually required.
  • Dark Falz Elder – The Arms phase pays out a huge amount of EXP, though it can get repetitive fairly quick.
  • Dark Falz Loser – I’ve heard that Apos Dorios pays a decent amount of EXP on Extra Hard. Not played the quest in years so I can’t confirm.
  • Raidboss EQs – If the group is fast the boss can pay a pretty nice chunk of EXP. Not as much EXP/min as some of the other EQs here but its not a bad little chunk plus you get shots at some very nice items in some of them.

Bribing Franka

Franka has a large selection of Client Orders which all require items that can be bought off the player market. If you turn them in all at once it totals up to something in the region of 1M exp. They’re on a weekly cooldown, so its not an awful way to get some EXP however some of Franka’s Client Order items might be quite expensive.

Treasure Shop

Keep an eye on the Treasure Shop. Occasionally it sells bonus keys (silver Tokyo is 1.6M and gold Tokyo is 5M). It’s expensive, but if you have the Meseta to spare it may be worth considering dumping some in exchange for that sweet Bonus Quest EXP.

Weapons and Pet

This one is a bit trickier, because the ways you can obtain these items changes much more frequently than ways to gain good amounts of EXP. These will kind of be more general suggestions for now.

Collection Files

These are likely going to be the most effective way you can meet the +35 requirement, though it does depend on what the file is dependent on.

If it’s tied to an Emergency Quest you’re going to have to be able to catch as many instances of that quest as you can. In otder to +35 a 13* star weapon you will need to complete a file 6 times, which can be a tall order given that the files are usually on a limited timeframe.

You may have to use Stargems to reset your completed sheets in order to speed things up, otherwise you’ll end up having to wait 2 days which can be precious opportunities lost if any EQs happen in that time.

There’s also the downside that not all Collection files cover all weapon types. As it happens, we currently have one that does and another coming up.

Collection files are by far the easiest way for Summoners to get a 13* pet. If you’re a summoner, this is pretty much your only way. Don’t care about which pet happens to be available at the time, just get it.

Astra Files

Astras are a pretty good one for now as there’s plenty of time before they expire and it doesn’t take many Escafalz Mother kills to clear a file. You’re still going to have to plan your schedule around the Emergency Quest schedule though which just isn’t practical for everyone to do.

Ray Files

Ray files will be back next week. Like Astra, it covers every weapon type but unlike Astra you will be able to make progress on these in your own time. You’ll be able to buy Quest Triggers for the Emergency Quest these are tied to for 50 2017 Gold Badges each which you can earn in a mere 5 runs of the current Limited Quest. This Limited Quest will be gone next week, however the quest taking its place might pay a similar or better amount. It has to pay some at least because the Web Event’s progression is based on Badges earned.

Bare in mind however that parts of Ray files will require you to run other quests to get kills of specific high-level Darker bosses and enemies. This might involve running SHAQs or doing runs of either of the Heaven and Hells. The sheets are also likely to be around for a limited time, possibly only a month which means you’ll have very little time to clear all 6 files that you’d need. You may need to use Star Gems to help.

Revolucio Files

Late March will see the return of the Revolucio Collection Files. Unlike the other two mentioned here, these files are not bound to any Emergency Quest and can be progressed at your own pace. They’ll allegedly be available for an entire year, which gives you plenty of time to obtain the weapons you need in order to satisfy both the level up requirement and the future Expert Block requirement.

They’ll also apparently be making them less demanding to grind out, which is potentially a good thing because the original files required enemies that were pretty difficult to find in the general game. Things like lv71+ Goronzoran, which only shows up occasionally in Sanctum’s SHAQ or certain Emergency Quests (Who knows though, maybe one day we’ll see Extra Hard added to all Free Fields and Arks Quests…). The amount of time it took to progress certain files was also pretty harsh, with boss kills netting maybe 1 or 2% towards completion.

NPC Client Order Weapons

Fairly easy weapons to get when they’re available.

One downside is they  tend to only offer two weapon types at a time. This only covers a very small portion of classes as you can imagine.

Another downside is the client orders are on a 1-week cooldown and are typically only available for a month. The good news is if you have alts this is less of an issue, as the weapon hand-out cooldown is only 2 days. So as long as you complete it on alts and turn in one of your alt’s quests every 2 days you should easily get the 6 weapons required to +35 a weapon. If you don’t have any alts then this option is impossible for you.

2016 Badge Weapons

The old 2016 badge weapons are 13* NT weapons, so if you have enough 2016 Badges laying around (about 1200 gold at least) you can pick up enough weapons to make a +35 that way.

The very obvious flaw in this approach is that 2016 Badges aren’t available anymore, so this isn’t an option for new players or anyone with less than 1200 gold badges.

2017 Badge Weapons

Xie’s current selection of weapons are 13* NTs as well though! If other methods are impractical to you then saving up enough weapon badges might be the best option you have. You’ll need 1200 badges total in order to get 1 +35 weapon.

The big advantage to this approach is these weapons are permanently available. As you’ll be able to earn 2017 Badges all year this method doesn’t suffer from the limited time-spans that the EQ limited Collection Files or NPC Client Order weapons suffer from. So you really can progress these entirely at your own pace. If you’re a casual player this may be the best way to meet this condition by far.

The downside of course is this consumes 2017 badges, which might be better spent on other things.


So for gaining EXP, consider any of the following methods:

  • Get a team of 4 people together and see if you can get VHAQ Urban exit bursts Boring but very effective if you can pull it off.
  • By yourself or with other people farm EXP in VHAQs or SHAQs. Lucrative EXP but need to play often to not lose Advance Capsules.
  • Run Featured Quests and hope you get keys. Fairly RNG but Bonus Quests have the highest payout of EXP of any quest.
  • Keep an eye out for particular Emergency Quests. Some pay good amounts of EXP
  • Consider dropping Meseta on Franka Client Order items for a decent chunk of EXP per week.
  • Consider watching the Treasure Shop and dropping Meseta for Tokyo keys.

These methods ought to help with actually getting to lv80 as well.

To meet the +35 weapon condition or the lv120 13* pet condition consider the following approaches:

For Eggs:

  • Do whatever Collection File happens to be up at the time. You only need one 13* Egg.

For weapons:

  • Do Collection Files if you think you can satisfy their conditions, ie: if you can make every Emergency Quest it needs. Consider using Stargems to reset files to speed things up.
  • Collect 2017 Weapons Badges for Emergency Quest triggers for the upcoming Ray collection files.
  • Consider clearing NPC Client Orders that give out 13* weapons. This method is only practical for people with alts. Remember that the Client Orders are on a weekly cooldown but the weapons themselves can only be given out to an account every two days.
  • Consider 2016 Badge weapons if you have enough 2016 Badges left (at least 1200)
  • Consider 2017 Badge weapons as they’ll be available permanently and you can make progress towards them at any time.

These are all the techniques I can think of for now. Let me know if there’s any I’ve forgotten about or if there’s anything wrong with the techniques I’ve laid out. I hope this at least helps some people out there because I know these conditions have taken people by surprise.

Vopar Time Attack


It sure has been a while since we got a new Time Attack quest. With the changes to Time Attack Client Orders ensuring that new ones won’t go and destroy the economy, I hope that there’ll be more down the line. That said, how is it?

All these Hydras are giving me Guild Wars flashbacks...
All these Hydras are giving me Guild Wars flashbacks…

Area one is a straight-up kill-fest. There’s a slight mechanic with having to go around the outer islands to clear out smaller waves of mobs in a couple of laps, ending on 2 mini-boss encounters and then a boss. Beyond that is just a room with more buttons than I think I’ve ever seen in a Phantasy Star game, with various buttons either gating spawns or gated by spawns. It’s a relatively chunky quest in terms of mob density but geographically I think it’s by far the smallest Time Attack yet. In terms of how long it takes to complete? It’s a little early to judge, as we’ve had months and for some years to practice them. Give it some time for people to get used to the run.

It’s a quest that’s more in the vein of Naberius 2 and Sanctum, as opposed to the more puzzle-like nature of Naberius 1 and Lilipa. The quest will appeal to players who want a more traditional-style dungeon run. It’s not bad, I just kind of wish we could see a return to the more puzzle-like style of Time Attacks for at least a couple of any future ones. As far as I can tell, there are no short-cuts but it’s early days, they may just not have been found yet. There is a chain killing shortcut at the start, akin to one present in Naberius 2, however.

Enemy Counts

Time Attack Quests are good for certain Client Orders, as they offer fixed spawns of enemies that may be annoying to find in the wild. This information may be helpful if any suitable Daily Orders or Team Orders come up.

Vid Gilos 

  • Amount: 4
  • Where and when: In the very first room! Spawns after the Aculpus are defeated.

Decol Malluda

  • Amount: 1
  • Where and when: After clearing the outer islands to a certain point, one will spawn on an outer island.


  • Amount: 1
  • Where and when: After clearing the outer islands to a certain point, one will spawn on an outer island.


  • Amount: 1
  • Where and when: After defeating both Decol Malluda and Wolgahda, one of these will spawn in the first room.
The orientation you encounter the switches in, Closest summons mobs. Left and right each summon an Org Blan. Furthest summons Biol Meduna.
The orientation you encounter the switches in, Closest summons mobs. Left and right each summon an Org Blan. Furthest summons Biol Meduna.

Org Blan

  • Amount: 2
  • Where and when: They’re each tied to their own giant button at the end of the quest.

Biol Meduna

  • Amount: 1
  • Where and when: Spawns after pressing one of the giant buttons at the end of the quest.

Others, but not including all types of monsters.

  • Gul Solda: 7 total. 2 in area one, 5 in area two.
  • Deue Solda: 7 total. 2 in area one, 5 in area two.
  • Blundarl: 3 total. 1 in area one, 2 in area two.
  • Strahda: 6 total. 4 in area one, 2 in area two.
  • Tyraluda: 2 in area two.
  • Doluahda: 5 in area two.
  • Dicahda: 4 in area one.
  • Predicahda: 1 in area one.
  • Coast Oceanids: 36. All Oceanids in area one count.
  • Seabed Oceanids: 36. All Oceanids in area two count.
Applicable Client Orders

Here I’ll list which Client Orders can be completed in a single run, as well as anything else of note. I’ll only list Client Orders which are available at all times.


  • 暴威をまとう海の王 / Tyrants of the Sea: Defeat 2 Lv50+ Org Blan. Reset: 22 hours. EXP: 13,000
  • 甲殻を持つ三つ首 / Three-Headed Shells: Defeat  3 lv60+ Vid Gilos. Reset: 22 hours. EXP: 13,500
  • 強鋏の海獣 / Marine Pincers: Defeat a Lv60+ Biol Meduna. Client: Hans. Reset: 22 hours. EXP: 14,500
  • 火弾を放つ黒甲 / Black Shells and Fire: Defeat a Lv60+ Zeshrayda. Reset: 22 hours. EXP: 14,000


  • ブラッディ・スカフォード・Ⅲ / Bloody Scaffolds III. Defeat 1 lv47+ Wolgahda and 1 Zeshrayda. Reset: 22 hours. Exp: 20,000
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅳ/ Eraser Report IV: Defeat 1 lv50+ Luda Sorceror. Reset: 22 hours. Exp: 9,000
  • ファナティック・キリング・Ⅲ/ Fanatic Killing III: Defeat 1 Lv60+ Decol Malluda. Reset: 22 hours. Exp: 12,000


  • ヴィド・ギロスの部位破壊を! / Destroy the Vid Gilos parts!: Defeat a lv50+ Vid Gilos after breaking the middle head. Reset: 22 hours. EXP: 11,000
  • グル・ソルダの弱点は!? / Gul Solda’s Weakness!?: Defeat a lv60+ Gul Solda via its weakpoint. Reset: 22 hours. EXP: 11,000
  • デコル・マリューダの弱点は!? / Decol Malluda’s Weakness!?: Defeat a Decol Malluda via its weakpoint on its head. Reset: 22 hours. EXP: 13,000
  • ビオル・メデューナの部位破壊を!/ Destroy the Biol Meduna’s parts!: Defeat a Lv60+ Biol Meduna after breaking the tail. Reset: 22 hours. EXP: 13,000

Sadly I feel the various Darkers throughout the run aren’t numerous enough to support Ravelle’s Client Orders. All three of Hans’ area-based Oceanid Client Orders can be over half-done, so you may want to consider taking them and then finish them off elsewhere.

Of course there’s a TACO for it. Like the others, it’s on a 166 hour reset timer (so weekly). Unlike the others, there’s only one and it counts for any difficulty of the quest. It awards 160,000 Meseta and 10,000 exp, so not bad. If you play your cards right and complete all the above orders in one run you’ll net yourself 144,000 EXP before the TACO.


As her orders require items from enemies that may or may not drop, these are more suggestions. I feel like there’s not much point counting area two’s monsters given that I don’t think its especially practical to fight your way to the 2nd area if youre going to farm for things for Franka.

  • ヴィド・ギロスの肉の調達 / Supplying Vid Gilos Meat: Get 5 items from Lv60+ Vid Gilos. Reset: 166 hours, EXP: 12,500
  • セヴァニアンの肉の調達 / Supplying Sevanian Meat: Get 15 items from lv60+ Sevanians, Reset: 166 hours. EXP: 11,500
  • タグ・セヴァニアンの肉の調達 / Supplying Tag Sevanian Meat: Get 10 items from Lv60+ Tag Sevanians. Reset: 166 hours. EXP: 11,500
  • タグ・アクルプスの肉の調達 / Supplying Tag Aculpus Meat: Get 10 items from Lv60+ Tag Aculpus. Reset: 166 hours. EXP: 11,500
  • 活発なアクルプスの肉の調達 / Supplying Healthy Aculpus Meat: Get 25 items from Lv60+ Aculpus. Reset: 166 hours. EXP: 11,000
  • アクルプスの背びれの調達 / Supplying Aculpus Dorsal Fins: Get 5 items from lv50+ Aculpus. Reset: 166 hours. EXP: 8,200.
  • セグレズンのもも肉の調達 / Supplying Seglez’n Thigh Meat: Get 10 items from lv50+ Seglez’n. Reset: 166 hours., EXP: 7,000

That’s all I can pick out for now. If there are any Client Orders that I’ve forgotten about, particularly any that can be one in one run of it (preferably lv40+ enemies) let me know.

Reining in Everybody’s Sugar Daddy


They said they were gonna do it for a while and now Sega has set a date for it. From the 27th of August, all Time Attack Client Orders will have a 166 hour cooldown applied to them, effectively turning them into weekly quests. But fear not, because the amount paid per quest will be increased.

To go along with this, Meseta payouts from some Daily Orders will be increased as well as the addition of some new Client Orders (unelated to Time Attacks). This is presumably to ensure that players can still earn roughly the same amount of Meseta that they were able to before.


Overall, I feel this is going to be a good change. Much of my gameplay of late had simply become “log in for TACOs, get XQ pass, log out”. If they can pull this off correctly by making more of the game more rewarding then the end result is I am encouraged to play more of the game. I feel like this will be a good thing for the most part, however there are ways this could all go wrong.

TACOs are a high payout for a small time investment, making them suitable for players with limited amounts of time to play. If the new way to earn Meseta is too time consuming then those players may be at a disadvantage. Heck, even those with all the time in the world may find the new means to earn their income too much effort depending on how it’s executed. Some of the Daily Quests take a very long time to complete, though you can at least spread those out over multiple days as keeping a Daily Order won’t cut into the number you\re allowed to take per day. Of course, the lengthier Daily Orders may not be among the ones having their Meseta payouts boosted.

Another potential downside is, while TACOs could be solo’d easily by players with mediocre gear and skill, a lot of players preferred to run them in groups to speed them up. As they are set to become weekly quests, I feel like there will be less opportunity for those who like to group up with random players. Fewer interactions between players is kind of a sad thing in a chiefly multi-player game  This doesn’t bother me personally because I can’t stand pick-up groups in this game anyway.

This may or may not make running TACOs on Hard and Normal more worthwhile, it depends on their payout and how much you can tolerate running the same quest that many times! While you could technically do that with TACOs as they are, I don’t think there are many people who could stomach running the same set of quests 3 times per day on each character. While they’re daily, I know I myself can only really stand to run a couple of the quests on a single difficulty on a single character each day at the most.

Of course, potentially moving the main source of Meseta away from daily Time Attack Quests also opens up room to add new quests. While I’m sure laziness was the main thing preventing us from getting more of these quests, the fact that the economy could have been negatively affected by adding them may not have helped.

In any case, I am happy that I will only really need to run Time Attacks once a week to keep on top of my Meseta.

Atrocious Ocean – Limited Quest Notes

hiyaOr whatever you want to call the quest, I’m referring to the current event’s limited-quest that takes place in the Coast field on Vopar. Much the same as the previous event, Border Breaking Chaos, it features a number of out-of-place creatures and comes with a boss not easily encountered otherwise. Last time, this boss was Persona. This time, it’s Chrome Dragon and its rare variant Haze Draal.

The quest has been out a week now, so I don’t really need to go into much detail about it. Not much to say anyway, its your typical Multi-Party Area approach of wandering around with up to 11 other people until you’re done. I kind of like the quest all the same though, as the boss encounters the quest throws at you can be difficult enough to make you kind of want a large number of players about. Sure, if the party is decently geared up the bosses still won’t last all that long but it makes a change to feel like it’s appropriate to have that many players about, unlike the typical multi-party fair where you really don’t need more than 2 players at most but the game is expecting the encounters to stand up to 12 somehow.

Applicable Client Orders

Naturally, there’s the current event’s round of Client Orders from Xie, I don’t need to mention them. However you may or may not be aware that there are other Client Orders you can take on while doing the quest for some additional exp. Note this will only list EXP rewards, not any Meseta or item rewards.

Information on Xie’s Client Orders, the PS:Vita exclusive Toro and Kuro Client Orders and other information relevant to the ARKS Unity Festval can be found on Bumped here.

Note that anything requiring Lv60+ enemies can only be completed on the Super Hard version of the quest.

Daily Cooldown:


hans_bannerCommon: These are fairly reliable I’ve found. The monsters involved seem to have a good chance of spawning during the quest.

  • 徘徊する海王種 / Prowling Oceanids
    Defeat 60 x lv50+ Oceanids in the Coast field.
    12,500 Exp
  • 海岸の新たな試練 / New Coastal Trial
    Defeat 70 x lv61+ Oceanids in the Coast field.
    29,500 Exp
  • 甲殻を持つ三つ首 / Three-Headed Shells
    Defeat 3 x Lv60+ Vid Gilos.
    13,500 Exp
  • 砂塵を巻く鋼の狩人 / Steel Hunters
    Defeat 5 x Lv50+ Dingales.
    12,000 Exp
  • 闊歩する人形機甲 / Swaggering Puppets
    Defeat 5 x Lv21+ Gilnas.
    8000 Exp
  • 人形の繰り手 / Wind-up Puppets
    Defeat 3 x Lv21+ Gilnas Cores.
    6000 Exp
  • 強鋏の海獣 / Marine Pincers
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Biol Meduna.
    14,500 Exp
  • 漆黒の鋏獣 / Jet Black Scissors
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Gwanahda.
    30,000 Exp.
  • 牙をむく原生 / Snarling Natives
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Rockbear.
    30,000 Exp.
  • 暴威をまとう海の王 / Tyrants of the Sea
    Defeat 2 x Lv50+ Org Blan.
    13,000 Exp
  • 飛来せし鉄の巨影 / Flying Metal Shadows
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Varder Soma.
    13,500 Exp
  • 変幻自在の巨大機甲 / Phantasmagoric Titans
    Defeat 2x Lv21+ Tranmizers.
    10,000 Exp

Uncommon: These Client Orders, in my experience, involve less commonly encountered monsters during the quest so are less reliable to complete.

  • そびえ立つ黒き巨体 /  A Towering Dark Figure
    Defeat 10 x Lv47+ Kuklonahda
    9500 Exp
  • 火弾を放つ黒甲 / Black Shells and Fire
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Zeshrayda.
    13,500 Exp
  • 氷息を吐く雌雄爪獣 / Ice-Breathing Pair
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Snow Banther and Snow Banshee.
    36,000 Exp.
  • 破壊をもたらす黒曜 / The Bearer of Destruction
    Defeat 2 x Lv50+ Wolgahda.
    11,000 Exp
  • 森林を駆る雌雄爪獣 / Forest Claws
    Defeat 1x Fang Banther and Fang Banshee.
    16,000 Exp

Note: Hans’ other kill orders that require monsters of a given type are all bound to their respective fields, so they won’t count here.



  • ブラッディ・スカフォード・Ⅴ / Bloody Scaffolds V
    Defeat 5 x Lv50+ Predicahda.
    8000 Exp.
  • マイルドマイルド・マーダー・Ⅲ/ Mild, Mild Murder III
    Defeat 2 x Lv34+ El Dagan.
    7000 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅰ / Eraser Report I
    Defeat 20 x Lv50+ Strahda.
    7300 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅱ/ Eraser Report II
    Defeat 20 x Lv50+ Tyraluda.
    8000 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅲ/ Eraser Report III
    Defeat 5 x Lv50+ Blundarl.
    8500 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅳ/ Eraser Report IV
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Luda Sorceror.
    9,000 Exp.
  • ファナティック・キリング・Ⅰ/ Fanatic Killing I
    Defeat 15 x Lv60+ Dolluahda.
    9,000 Exp.
  • ファナティック・キリング・Ⅱ/ Fanatic Killing II
    Defeat 10 x Lv60+ Solda Kapita, 10 x Lv60+ Gul Solda and 10 x Lv60+ Due Solda.
    9,500 Exp.
  • イレイザー・レポート・Ⅴ/ Eraser Report V
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Bleu Ringahda.
    12,500 Exp.
  • エクスタミネート・ジャーニー・Ⅱ/ Extermination Journey II
    Defeat 3 x Lv60+ El Ahda and 1 x Lv60+ Gwanahda
    8,000 Exp.
  • ファナティック・キリング・Ⅲ/ Fanatic Killing III
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Decol Malluda.
    12,000 Exp



  • 強力な侵食核!?/ Powerful Corruption!?
    Defeat 1 x boosted Lv60+ enemy (any) in the Coast field.
    14,000 Exp

Uncommon: Blumegalla is kind of uncommon in this quest I’ve found. So you’re gonna end up having to encounter a boosted variant of an uncommon creature in order to complete the following order.

  • 海岸のブーストエネミー・Ⅰ/ Coast Boosted Enemy I
    Defeat 1 x boosted Lv50+ Blumegalla in the Coast field.
    5,000 Exp



  • ヴァーダーソーマの部位破壊を!/ Varder Soma Parts Destruction!
    Defeat 1 x Lv51+ Varder Soma after destroying tne main cannon.
    9,000 Exp
  • ブリュー・リンガーダの弱点は!?/ Breu Ringahda’s Weakness!?
    Defeat 1 x Lv51+ Bleu Ringahda via its core.
    18,000 Exp.
  • ヴィド・ギロスの部位破壊を!/ Destroy the Vid Gilos Parts!
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Vid Gilos after destroying its middle head.
    11,000 Exp.
  • ビオル・メデューナの部位破壊を!/ Destroy the Biol Meduna Parts!
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Biol Meduna after breaking its tail.
    13,000 Exp.
  • ソルダ・カピタの弱点は!?/ Solda Kapita’s Weakness!?
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Solda Kapita via its core.
    11,000 Exp.
  • グル・ソルダの弱点は!?/ Gul Solda’s Weakness!?
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Gu Solda via its core.
    11,000 Exp.
  • デコル・マリューダの弱点は!? / Decol Malluda’s Weakness!?
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Decol Malluda via any of its red cores.
    13,000 Exp

Weekly Cooldown:



  • ラッピーなる希少種 / Rare Rappy Species
    Defeat 1 x Lv21+ Rappy.
    10,000 Exp.
  • 頑強なるミ・ミクダ / The Tenacious Mi Micda
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Mi Micda.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 砂に隠れし希少の機甲 / Rare Desert Mechs
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Dinga Polce.
    26,000 Exp
  • 岩石由来の希少種 / Rare Rock Species
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Rogbelt.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 黒砂の希少種 / Rare Black Sand Species
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Gwanahda Nero.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 特異なる変形機甲 / The Unique Transformer
    Defeat 1x Lv41+ Tranzexia.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 海岸を闊歩する希少種 / Rare Coastal Swagger
    Defeat 1x Lv50+ Org Keratos.
    20,000 Exp
  • 海底にうごめく希少種 / Rare Seabed Squirmers
    Defeat 1x Lv60+ Magisa Meduna.
    33,000 Exp
  • 海底に立錐する希少種/ Rare Seabed Drillers
    Defeat 1x Lv60+ Nove Malidarl.
    32,000 Exp
  • 希少なる巨大鉄騎 / Rare Metal Craft
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Embryo Varder.
    30,000 Exp.
  • 舞い踊る鮮血の希少種 / Rare Blood-Dancer
    Defeat 1 x Lv50+ Nove Ringadarl.
    36,000 Exp.

Uncommon: The following orders are concerned with rare variants of monsters whose common version doesn’t appear commonly in the quest.

  • 疾走する蒼き希少種 / Sprinting Mech
    Defeat 1x Lv41+ Signo Blue.
    20,000 Exp
  • 水面を彩る花の希少種 / Colorful Rare Flower
    Defeat 1 x Lv60+ Fjorgalla.
    20,000 Exp.
  • おおきなはなの希少種 / Rare Flower Species
    Defeat 1x Lv41+ Dal Malri.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 雪と舞う一対の希少種 / The Pair Dancing in the Snow
    Defeat 1x Lv41+ Batha Oran and Bantha Elena.
    20,000 Exp
  • 森を駆ける一対の希少種 / Pair Running Through the Forest
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Bantha Ong and Bantha Donna.
    20,000 Exp
  • 希少なる巨大ダーカー / Rare Gigantic Darker
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Dark Agrani.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 悪意の大型希少種 / Giant Evil Rare Creature
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Alonagahda.
    20,000 Exp.
  • 紅き甲羅に包まれし希少種 / Darkers on a Rare Shell
    Defeat 1 x Lv41+ Rigshrayda
    20,000 Exp.

Those I’ve not listed are either so unreliable to complete in the quest that I’ve chosen not to list them or perhaps I’ve just plain forgotten them. if you think it might be the latter, let me know. Hope this list is of some help.

New Partner Characters

got_tired_of_standing_around_in_the_lobbyNew partner cards can be obtained for a few NPCs. This post will list them and the Client Orders that unlock them.

At this point in time, I do not know the unlock requirements for these Client Orders. Note: the exp values displayed in the images are for a lv21 character.


revelle_cardComplete the following objectives

  • Defeat a Gwanada on any difficulty.
  • Defeat a Wolgahda on any difficulty.
  • Defeat a Zeshrayda on any difficulty.



jozseph_cardComplete the following objectives on any difficulty, each must be cleared within 30 minutes with an S-rank

  • Clear Transformer Takedown on any difficulty within 30 minutes with an S-rank
  • Clear Subdue Caterdra’nsa on any difficulty within 30 minutes with an S-rank
  • Clear Wolgahda Extermination on any difficulty within 30 minutes with an S-rank



barbara_cardComplete the following objectives

  • Clear Sub. Tunnels Exploration on any difficulty within 30 minutes with an S-rank
  • Clear F.Contintent Exploration  on any difficulty within 30 minutes with an S-rank
  • Clear Ruins Exploration  on any difficulty within 30 minutes with an S-rank



klotho_cardComplete the following objectives:

  • Clear Marathon Training: Naberius on any difficulty with an S-rank
  • Clear Marathon Training: Lilipa on any difficulty with an S-rank
  • Clear Marathon Training: Amduscia on any difficulty with an S-rank


New Voices for NPCs

Along with this, you may have noticed a bunch of NPCs have gained voice acting! The list of NPCs I’ve noticed with voices who didn’t before:

  • Revelle
  • Jozseph
  • Barbara
  • Hans
  • Lola
  • Emeline
  • Gerard
  • Franka
  • Kressida
  • Xie

October 24th Patch

So the patch has arrived and with it has come the rest of Very Hard as well as a variety of new costumes and accessories. You can find a complete list of the new costumes and accessories over at Bumped.

Level Requirements

First thing on my mind was what would the level requirements of the new Very Hard difficulties of each mission be? Here are some tables, which also include the requirements for the other difficulty settings.

Free Field

Time Attack

Arks Quests

So yeah, as it is at the minute you unlock all available content in the game at lv44. I’m afraid it’s still quite a grind to get there, but it’s more reasonable than I was expecting.

Client Orders

Along with the Halloween theme are Halloween Client Orders. These Orders will only be available during the Halloween season. You get them from this advertisement of the cash shop named Xie.

Xie, looking a might sorry for herself.

The first Client Order requires you to complete Free Field Forest within 8 minutes on any difficulty. I can’t speak the rest of her Client Orders yet but you can at least start them from lv5, which is nice.

Very Hard Team Orders

This update also added a new tier of Team Orders that concern themselves with Very Hard content, which will award 350TP per turn-in.

What about other Client Orders?


The only ones for Very Hard are Gerard’s rare monster Client Orders and the Time Attack orders. That’s it.

Other Thoughts

Multi-Class Weapons

I wonder if there are more multi-class weapons amongst the items we can now access thanks to Very Hard now being complete. It’s too early to say, as we need to let the playerbase actually find the weapons first and all. At the very least, I certainly hope there are. It’s pretty disappointing that the all-class weapons that were released with the first part of Call of Mortality were so few in number and so rare as well. Well, some rarer than others with the worst example being the all-class twin daggers, Nishiki. According to Swiki, it only drops from lv46 Sil Dinians. Yeah, Sil DINIANS. The highest level you can encounter in regular Caves are lv44 at max, which means the only Sil Dinians which fit the requirement would be the ones encountered in the emergency quest. Dragonkin in general are quite rare there, so if swiki is accurate then Nishiki is an obscenely rare item.

Mr Umblla is kind of dumb.

So, the mechanic is he spins around and stops, ending up facing a random direction. If someone happens to be in front of him at this time, he thwacks them with his cane and it pleases him. So it’s basically nearly impossible while soloing. Oh, also your Mags can piss it off by hitting it, but at least Sega had the decency to make sure that NPCs wouldn’t attack it (however by doing so I wonder if they’ve also managed to break their ability to attack Baize…).

At least he looks cool enough, just wish it wasn’t such a dull mechanic is all.

Bit of trivia, Mr Umblla was confirmed as being an “Extra-Dimensional” creature. Within the client, there is an extra-dimensional category for enemies (though for most of PSO2’s life the only enemies in this category was the fluffy Rappy and its seasonal counterparts). Wonder if Umblla and Rappy could be from the same place? Of course I imagine that the category is simply reserved for any enemy that doesn’t fit in the other categories.

Towards the Future

The Ruins are coming! The new field is set to be added to the game in November in the update titled “That Which Destroys History”. There’s only one more update after that on the longterm schedule, so the end of the first season of PSO2 (or PSO2v1 if you want to call it that) feels like it’s on the horizon now. I wonder if the lv60 cap is going to thusly be included in the next schedule? There has been absolutely no details mentioned beyond the schedule of course and I suspect we won’t hear anything about it until some time in the new year.

At the Arks Party held in Tokyo just recently, it was revealed that there would be two more systems of currency. The first is the EXCUBE system, which will be a shop where you can exchange excess EXP for items. It’s just a mechanic to make EXP useful beyond hitting the cap is all, which is something they expressed interest in exploring earlier. There will also be a shop that uses Photon Drops as currency, where again you can obtain various items. Hopefully we’ll hear more about these systems soon. I’m personally with-holding my opinion of them until I see what kind of items they’ll be selling.

New Client Orders

So after a 232mb patch, unexpectedly large for such an update, the first part of The Call of Mortality has arrived. This post will cover the new progression Client Orders

Unlock Sub-Classing

  • Requires you to reach lv20 in any class
  • Defeat 5 x Gilnas
  • Defeat 12 x Fordoran
  • Defeat 12 x Gorongo
  • No enemy level requirement
  • Completing this order will unlock a new menu at the class-change counter which will let you pick a subclass.

New Skillpoint Order

  • Requires you to be lv47 in a given class, there is one order for each class.
  • The quest giver will be the respective class trainer. Ohza for Hunter/Fighter, Lisa for Ranger/Gunner and Marlu for Force/Techer.
  • Enemies must be lv41+ (somewhat problematic for Quartz Dragon just now…)
  • Hunter
    • Defeat 5 x Big Vardha with a Sword
    • Defeat 5 x Quartz Dragon with a Wired Lance
    • Defeat 5 x Fang Banther with a Partisan
  • Ranger
    • Defeat 5 x Big Vardha with a Rifle
    • Defeat 5 x Quartz Dragon with a Launcher
    • Defeat 5 x Fang Banther with a Rifle
  • Force
    • Defeat 5 x Big Vardha with a Rod
    • Defeat 5 x Quartz Dragon with a Talis
    • Defeat 5 x Fang Banther with a Rod
  • Fighter
    • Defeat 5 x Big Vardha with Knuckles
    • Defeat 5 x Quartz Dragon with Daggers
    • Defeat 5 x Fang Banther with a Doublesaber
  • Gunner
    • Defeat 5 x Big Vardha with Twin Machineguns
    • Defeat 5 x Quartz Dragon with Twin Machineguns
    • Defeat 5 x Fang Banther with Twin Machineguns
  • Techer
    • Defeat 5 x Big Vardha with a Wand
    • Defeat 5 x Quartz Dragon with a Wand
    • Defeat 5 x Fang Banther with a Wand

Unlock Very Hard

  • Requires lv37+ in any class
  • Defeat 5 x Snow Banther
  • Defeat 5 x Big Vardha
  • Defeat 5 x Quartz Dragon
  • Enemies must be lv31+

Unlock lv50 Cap

  • Same as unlocking the lv40 cap really
  • Unlocks at lv?? – Not sure, it’s between lv35-40 perhaps.
  • Collect 90 Naberius items
  • Collect 90 Amduscia items
  • Collect 90 Lilipa items
  • Enemies must be lv31+

New Stuff – Class Unlock Orders and Game Adjustments

The new patch has arrived. So what did the patch turn out to be in the end? Well turned out a good chunk of the patch was in fact new content. The client increased in size from ~5.7GB to ~7.8GB. This post will be going over some of the new things added.

New Classes

The new classes will all require you be at least lv30 in a per-requisite class first.

Fighter: Hunter lv30
Gunner: Ranger lv30
Techer: Force lv30

Now, this being PSO2, reaching the required level isn’t enough. Getting to lv30 just unlocks a Client Order from your class’s mentor. Completing that client order will… unlock ANOTHER Client Order from Koffee which will then unlock the new class upon completion. Ugh.

Fighter Unlock

Fighter Skill Tree
  • Reach lv30 with Hunter
  • Take Ohza’s Client Order this unlocks, namely ファイタークラスの推挙

    • It requires you to collect 50 items from lv21+ Darkers
    • You must use either Sword, Partisans or Wired Lances
  • Take Koffee’s newly unlocked Client Order, namely ファイタークラス許可申請試練
    • This order has multiple requirements, you will need to
      • Defeat 3 Rockbears with a Sword type weapon
      • Defeat 3 Vol Dragons with a Wired Lance type weapon
      • Defeat 3 Gwanadas with a Partisan type weapon
  • You should now be able to choose the Fighter class

Gunner Unlock

Gunner Skill Tree
  • Reach lv30 with Ranger
  • Take Lisa’s Client Order this unlocks, namely ガンナーに推薦しましょうかあ 
    • It requires you to collect 50 items from lv21+ Darkers
    • You must use either Rifles or Launchers
  • Take Koffee’s newly unlocked Client Order, namely  ガンナークラス許可申請試練
    • This order has multiple requirements, you will need to
      • Defeat 4 Rockbears with a Rifle type weapon
      • Defeat 5 Vol Dragons with a Laucher type weapon
  • You should now be able to choose the Gunner class

Techer Unlock

Techer Skill Tree
  • Reach lv30 with Force
  • Take Marlu’s Client Order this unlocks, namely テクタークラスになりたいの? 
    • It requires you to collect 50 items from lv21+ Darkers
    • You must use either Rods or Talises
  • Take Koffee’s newly unlocked Client Order, namely  テクタークラス許可申請試練 
    • This order has multiple requirements, you will need to
      • Defeat 4 Rockbears with a Rod type weapon
      • Defeat 5 Vol Dragons with a Talis type weapon
  • You should now be able to choose the Techer class

Other Additions and Changes

New classes and weapons aren’t all this update has to offer. There are a fair number of additions so I’ll either add to this post as I experience them myself or maybe talk about them in future posts.

Code: Avoid Tweaked

You’ll only have to avoid that pesky red pitcher with wings for around 30 seconds now, instead of the 2-3 minutes it used to be. This definitely fixes one of my complaints about this particular emergency trial, but it doesn’t address the other particularly. That is, it doesn’t automatically fail when the failure threshold has been met meaning that even if people have been hit too many times you’re still going to have to avoid it for the full time. However, the change is big enough that this variant of Avoid is now much less of an inconvenience than it was.

Normal Difficulty for Iceberg, Underground Complex and Sky Lands

This was one of my biggest complaints about progression in this game, the lv20-30 gap having no new areas and limited content to run around in. The addition of normal difficulties is great, I’m really pleased they did this. Unfortunately I have a suspicion that this could well be a tactic to draw content out longer (release it in higher difficulties first, then lower difficulties later).

Mag Alert

Mags will now display an icon above their heads when they’re at 0%. The icon will display once every time you change maps. It’s a good idea to have some feedback like this, because now we no longer have to keep looking at the Mag’s status every so often. The potential downside is when you’ve capped your Mag and may no longer be feeding it, this alert popping up every time you go to a new area could get really annoying.


Tornadoes were a new addition back in the Soaring Crystal Dragon update, but used to only occur in the Sky Lands. Now they can pop up in other maps and, like in Sky Land, has a chance of dropping you onto a pillar with a bunch of rare boxes.

Franka and Cressida’s Item Collection Orders – No Longer Dailies

This is not something I expected them to change quite like this. Instead of the old 24 hour cooldown between turn-ins, it’s now 168 hours. They’ve been turned from dailies into weeklies.

Now, it’s possible that they elected to do this because they were concerned that people would use them to power level the new classes to 40 within a couple of days. It was certainly possible, as the pair offer some very experience rich Client Orders and given the materials are tradable you didn’t even really need to do the missions yourself.

Franka at least offers a lot of orders however, certainly so many that you couldn’t feasibly complete them all every day. It’s possible then that they’ve also done this to encourage players to try more areas out, given that before you could just get away with only taking the orders for the areas you intended to run anyway. Now you have the added incentive of bonus exp when going to different areas, but this only really helps while you’re leveling up. The level cap is still 40 after all, which will still be hit pretty quickly.

However, Cressida’s other orders are unaffected, plus there is still Hans and Lavelle to offer their own dailies. In terms of EXP payout, Hans is not particularly fantastic and given that the pair only offer enemy kill orders you can’t just pay your way through them. The change is sudden and does impact power-leveling ability, but I don’t it’s so bad that it’ll make leveling take much longer than it does.

[Sources: Bumped for quest names, PSO2 Uploader for skill tree pics]

Client Orders That Are Bullshit

Every game has flaws and here I’m going to talk about one that PSO2 has. A pretty big one in my opinion. Now most Client Orders are fine, a lot can just be completed as you’re doing other things and you don’t really need to do most of them anyway. Many of them are also dailies, so it’s a helping hand when you’re levelling up. As the title of this post suggests though they’re not all peachy.

Depending on how far into the game you are you may be familiar with Kofi’s orders. They’re kind of important. They unlock further content for you in the form of new areas, free field unlocks, even level cap raising. The general pattern is in order to unlock Free Fields and new areas you need to complete previous areas with an S-rank and within a time limit. It clashes with the game, but it’s not bullshit.

Before I tell you what is, I think you need to know why I think those particular types of Client Orders clash with the game. PSO2 is a game with two main ways to play it. This is embodied almost perfectly in Free Field areas, which you can complete at your leisure. You can run around the map for as long as you please (monsters will respawn), or you can just ignore everything and find the boss warp as quick as you can. The randomness is obviously biased a little against those who wish to rush, but it’s not so random that you won’t get a feel for where boss teleporters will appear. Both of these approaches are perfectly fine on their own, but they’re directly opposed to each other. So when Client Orders expect you to S-rank and complete a mission within a time limit it clashes and quite badly depending on the mission. Getting an S-rank requires you to kill a certain number of enemies, which is taking away from the time goal. Going for the time goal is taking away from the number of enemies you kill. Either goal is detrimental to the other.

While it does clash and is annoying, you can get a feel for it after a while. The general approach that’s worked for me is to ignore all monsters that take a while to kill and only go for small fry (it only cares about killcount, not what was killed).

Now, what’s bullshit are the Client Orders that expect you to do two particular Desert missions. They both end on Code:Collect events, they both require you to S-rank and complete within a time limit. The problem is the Code:Collect events seem to decide to spawn whenever the hell they feel like it. You can end up doing multiple laps of the final block, desperately trying to get them to spawn before the time runs out. It doesn’t help that after they spawn, the actual things you need to collect are themselves randomly spawned around the map. It’s so random-number dependant it’s complete bullshit how they then expect you to complete it within a set time, as well as having killed enough enemies to get S-rank in the process which are two goals that already clash with each other.

Now they’re not hard, that’s not what I’m complaining about here. What I’m complaining about is how little control a player actually has about the completion of these missions.

When you’re depending on pure luck for something that is essential for unlocking new content, that’s bullshit.

Early Days of the Open Beta III: Lagless Edition?

Sadly, since the start of the test almost every day has seen a maintenance period as Sega continued to wrestle with the lag issue. However, for the last two days the servers seem to have been coping an awful lot better, with me personally not experiencing any lag (and I gather it’s not just me). Amusingly, Ship 2 Block 20 (the main importer location) crashed last night, but there were otherwise no major problems that I heard of. There wasn’t even a maintenance last night but this doesn’t mean the problem is fixed, as Sakai explains in his post here. The problem appears to be being caused by the sheer number of requests being sent to the database server. As such, an extended maintenance period has been scheduled to take place on the 28th of June that will last 27 hours in order to make some adjustments to it.

Scheduled Maintenance:

  • JST: 28th June 11:00am  – 29th June 2:00pm
  • BST (UK): 28th June 3:00am  – 29th June 6:00am
  • CDT 27th June 9:00pm – 29th June 0:00am

You’ll live.

Other information in that official blog post seems to include that the number of simultaneous connections is almost double the size of the pre-OBT. The pre-OBT had a peak of just over 41,000, just for perspective.

Meanwhile over at 4gamer are a selection of 3 videos, each essentially a demonstration of the classes.

Story Time

PSO2 has a story, at least I think it does. I guess it must do because a PSOW member named Kion has taken on the task of translating it here. Check it out if you want an idea of what’s going on in your character’s world at this point in time. Naturally, spoilers.

Adam Jensen’s Weapon Training

Credit goes to Mewn for this one. Adam Jensen, er sorry, Joseph gives you Client Orders that involve you carrying out a task with a specific weapon. So for example you will have

  • Partisan Training I
  • Partisan Training II
  • Partisan Training III
  • Etc, for each weapon type your current class can use.

You unlock further Client Orders in the chain by completing the previous ones.

I wont be telling you how to do them in detail in this post, but I will say to be aware of the 4th Client Order he gives for each weapon category. He wants you to use the basic weapon for the entirety of the hard-mode Nab-Rappy arrest mission (4th Forest quest). It states so in the yellow text which explains the mission’s conditions. It won’t count if you use any other weapon. Also be aware that switching a weapon during the run may cause it to fail.

See? I have the knack.

Seeing as the game is (pretty much) out now I think some useful tidbits regarding playing the game itself wouldn’t go amiss here. Towards the future then, I’ll be sharing whatever good advice I come across.

You can actually raise other classes without ever entering a mission as one. Simply complete Client Orders as your main class and then switch to a different class when you go to hand it in. The EXP reward will go to the currently active class. I probably wouldn’t go using up any one-time Client Orders for this trick, but you may as well with repeatable dailies, particularly if you’re capped.

Beware, however, that a Client Order’s reward is scaled to your current level. So that Client Order that gives 10,000 exp will only give 700 if you switch to lv1 Force.