Character Creator Fan-Made Translation Patch

Hey! If you were looking for the translation patch for the full game of PSO2, you’ve reached the wrong post. Click here for that.

A fan-made translation patch has been released, which you can download here. Two more files you will need are this one and this one.

Simply copy the contents into:

  •  your install path\data\win32\.
Last Updated: 8th April 2012

This patch will translate most of the text, but not all.

This is of course an unofficial patch and as such I take no responsibility for any damage this may cause to your install, especially as I didn’t make it myself. As with anything unofficial make back-ups of the files this over-writes. 

There is also the possibility that this patch violates the EULA of the character creation demo. You take full risk over your account by using this patch.

Credit goes to Agrajag for creating the patch. Translations by an anonymous member of 4Chan and Ricardo at Bumped.