Video Roundup: 2nd Alpha Test

A collection of various videos I thought were worth sharing. Throughout the tests, there was a LOT of video footage of gameplay that was uploaded and I expect there will be more to come. Many of them are literally hours long however, which is not something I’d want to link someone to if theyre thinking of checking out the game. Because of this I will be restricting this post to smaller videos, in particular ones which show off smaller aspects of the game rather than a complete playthrough of an area.

Class Gameplay

First, have some videos that demonstrate the gameplay of the three classes.

HUcast gameplay. This is a multi-party area in which there are 2 * 3-man parties joined together. A “PSE Burst” happened during the run, which greatly increased both the spawn rate of the enemies and their droprate.

RAcast gameplay. This video is also in a multi-party area, but unlike the previous one it’s a random multi party as opposed to pre-arranged.

FOmar gameplay. The player is teleported into a cage by an interrupt event, “Code: Rescue”. In it, the kidnapped player and the rest of the party must attack the cage in order to free them. The event fails if the player dies.

Boss encounter videos

As the title suggests, here are videos of all the boss encounters in the 2nd alpha tests. Incidentally, whilst these particular videos show the bosses in their arenas, you can encounter them randomly during a run. You can even encounter more than 1 type of boss in the same run, which can lead to fun times.

This boss can hit low level characters for an awful lot of damage, but his attacks are overall pretty easy to read and avoid. Use your dodge move to get out of the way, as this will cause its attacks to miss and make it stumble. Be aware that it won’t stumble if you block its attacks.

If you’re playing as a hunter you will find this boss incredibly annoying to fight the first few times. Again, after you learn its attack cues it’s pretty trivial to time your blocks right to avoid most of the damage it can dish out. Its weak points are exposed when it’s in the stretched-out state.

Vol Dragon
The most complicated boss fight in the alpha. Has a large pool of moves at its disposal and 3 different attack phases which it can switch between by burrowing into the ground. Most of his attacks can hit very hard and you’ll have the random lava spouts of the environment to worry about. It has a number of weak points that players can attack (though all of them are covered in its most deadly phase)

[Thanks to Vashyron for the videos]

That’s all for now. If you uploaded some videos you think it’d be helpful for other people to see then feel free to link them to me so I can repost them.

NDA Stuff:

「『PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2』α2テストにおいて撮影された実機動画です。


Phantasy Star Online 2 2nd Alpha Test”, since this game is currently under development, the contents may not reflect the final version. Additionally, such contents may be improved upon in the future.