36th Broadcast Trailers, Info and Thoughts


The monstrous 36th broadcast has just drawn to a close. This won’t be a complete run-down of things (you can find a summary on Bumped here), it will instead be a collection of trailers and things I thought were worth commenting on.

Update Trailers

First, the return of Arks Ship Fire Swirl! Put out the people on fire by shooting them, awh yeah! No lies I actually quite liked this quest so I’m glad to see it making a return. It’s good to have more quests which have goals other than “kill things” or “kill things quickly”.

Also featured is a 4-man Challenge Mode Quest which features pre-set class builds for you to pick from. Unlike other Challenge Mode Quests, it won’t feature multiple stages or shops and unfortunately is only a temporarily available quest as part of the Arks GP contest. Pity.

MORE school girl outfits. Does the player-base not have enough? Will they ever be satiated!?

On a more positive note, seems Zieg will offer weapon camos of the genesis weapons and various legendary weapons wielded by the council and other NPCs. Some pretty cool weapons among them. You will apparently need an item to exchange for them that you can only get from clearing all of an episode’s Matterboards to 100%.

Harukotan is also getting a time attack quest. Seems I might finally need to work out how to kill Anjhadu-lili quickly. It also features Gal Gryphon, making it the first permanently available quest that will feature the boss. Lv70 should be below the drop tier that includes its 13*s though, so no need to get excited. Of course it comes with its own Time Attack Client Order, rewarding 160,000 Meseta.

I WANT TO COMMIT GENOCIDE AGAINST THAT SMALL BOY AND HIS PEOPLE. HOLY BALLS. I have seen a few seconds of him and I already hate him more than I hate Matoi.

New Story and Christmas quest

Meet Aurora, because none of the lolis in PSO2 were loli enough! As it seems, she is the previous host of Apprentice before it tried to take over the young Eucrita. Might explain her obsession with youth I guess. It seems this episode may act as a story explanation for either Ultimate Lilipa or some extra exposition for Mining Base Defense. Could just be Lilipa in general I guess.

Interested enough to see what’s going on, anyway. This chapter will be an extra chapter for Episode 3, possibly acting as a prologue to Episode 4. Plus there might be the chance of obtaining Eucrita’s partner card which should get certain people excited (if only she was wearing her Falz dress…).

Speaking of which, seeing as the Dark Falz story is done where are the Falz avatar outfits? I want to wear Persona’s coat, damnit! Gimme gimme gimme!

Also some collaboration stuff but who cares.

The Christmas quest seems to be the same fair as last year, only this time it has gained Gal Gryphon because it needs to be in EVERY EQ for some reason. It will also be the first quest to feature the humanoid form of the Profound Darkness outside of the story; Dio Hunar. Actually every single Falz humanoid can spawn in this quest, making it potentially a good place to obtain Nero stones from for Austere weapons.

Ares Weapon Exchange

The interesting thing here is that they will be adding a new exchange shop for Ares weapons. With 60 Ares stones you can obtain a 20% Ares weapon, meaning you’ll need 180 for a complete weapon. Of course, Dio Hunar can drop them, but you can also get them by exchanging unwanted Ares Weapons for 20 stones per weapon. Not the greatest exchange rate but it’s nice that you can do something with the unwanted weapons. I bet the people who threw away Ares weapons for inventory space are feeling a bit sour, though…

Theory Time

This is just a thought I had, but given that Apprentice was seemingly adept at summoning things to an ability that far out–classes the other Dark Falzes and seeing as both of the Apptentice hosts have decided to show up, I can’t help but speculate that this is how the Summoner class may be introduced into the story.

It’s possible that they were already summoners and that Apprentice simply used their powers for its own gain, or that the pair may have gained some abilities from Apprentice allowing them to create a new class. Suppose we may see in a couple of months… It’s just a thought, it could be complete bullshit.

Mining Base Defense 4: Demise

This is the final Mining Base Defence quest and it promises to be the hardest yet. The very first wave had a Dark Vibrace spawn! Additionally, all three Dark Falz humanoids will be joining the fight, making for an incredibly intense quest.

By wave 3, corrupted AIS will start attacking the towers. These corrupted AIS seem to be resistant to Weak Bullet, not sure if this weakness applies to other enemies. The corrupted AIS can seemingly deal massive amounts of damage to towers if they’re allowed to, but they don’t seem to be particularly durable. They also give a fairly long time before they fire their photon cannons, though they do seem to fire them upon spawning.

The quest also features a new enemy, “Damoth” (internally referred to as buglegion”). As their internal name might suggest, they’re small but swift swarming enemies. The demonstration seemed to imply they have a very low amount of HP each, making me wonder if they’re actually a mob that players should prioritise instead of AIS going after them.

Of course, this is also going to be Apprentice’s full form’s debut. During the final wave, Apprentice will smash its way onto the arena and give you all an earful.
Remember, you’re still in a Mining Base Defense quest, and Dark Falz is as eager to destroy them as it was to prey upon small girls. It can seemingly summon
corrupted AISes, small bombs and possibly other things not shown as well as throw a considerable number of its own attacks at players. It also features a giant
laser beam, because everything is better with giant lasers. The actual mechanics of this beam aren’t that well understood as far as I know, though the trailer
does show what amounts to a Dragon Ball Z-like energy beam battle between Apprentice and a giant laser cannon.

Notably it’s called “DF Apprentice Gia”. Not sure what the significance of this is, but it might have to do with the seeming reality that Apprentice currently lacks a host and by this point also lacks a creator as the Profound Darkness has been repelled. It could be that the body is acting on it’s own accord, but this is just speculation.

The quest looks like it’ll be a hectic experience at least, which is fine. My worry is just that the inherent lack of teamwork present in random groups is going to create considerable annoyance in trying to get any good items from the quest. Remember, Mining Base Defense scales its drop rolls depending on how well you do. Though anything better than a C-rank was fine in previous quests.

Also oh dear at that lobby action… oh dear indeed. I assume they’re syncing up character actions there because if you can just perform romantic domination on anyone you feel like it could get a might uncomfortable in the lobbies!

Episode 4 Tidbits

The first bit of news is the next episode will be arriving on the 27th of January. For something releasing in a mere three months I feel we have shockingly little information about it but hey, they have time to say things. They did at least unveil a couple of new things; additional character customization options and a new class.

Before that, a short tidbit about characters and storage. Character warehouse storage can be taken up from 300 to 1000 slots through Arks Cash. The character’s inventory (item pack) can be expanded to 150 slots through Arks Cash.

The first revealed feature is that a number of new customization options will be added to the game, including accessory rotation and scaling. Additionally, you will be able to finally adjust your character’s waist, butt size, neck size and head size. These are nice to see as it’s currently nearly impossible to adjust these parts of your character without altering too much of the rest of their build. There’s also a modifier added for the head and neck, allowing you to scale both. The absolute monstrosities this will allow players to create should be impressive, but I am pleased they added these.

A second body paint has been added, allowing you to combine body paints.

You can also preview your character in different locations in the game and adjust
the lighting conditions. The latter I’m particularly impressed by as its something so few character creators do, which can create some annoying discrepancies between
what you see in the character editor and what you end up seeing wandering around in the world. The perfectionist is due to get some powerful tools to help them out soon!

Finally, you can adjust the position of your weapon on your back. No longer will you have to put up with your weapons mysteriously floating 3 feet behind you! Potentially, anyway.

Overall gotta say I’m impressed, although those bothered by silly-looking characters might not like the monstrosities these new features are sure to spawn. I’m sure
there are going to be a good number actually nice-looking combinations.

I also have no real clue what the trailer music may be. It could be a theme of the boss of whatever area the phantom-type enemies belong to, but that’s kind of a shot in the dark.

New Class: Summoner

Seems the data-mining was on the money with this one, as the Summoner class was confirmed. As the name suggests, it’s a pet-based class with a number of Pokemon-like critters at its disposal. The summoner directs their minion around using a weapon akin to an orchestra conductor’s baton.

Beyond that, there isn’t a terribly large amount known about how the class will work. Presumably we’ll be getting details at a later date. At the very least,
like other classes it will come with its own outfit. I suspect it may be an AC item like Bouncer’s class outfit turned out to be…

The summons themselves are kind of sickeningly cutesy, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with that, but given the diversity our characters can show
it might be nice to have some more bad-ass or outright monstrous summons as well. I’m sure they haven’t shown every single kind of summon the class has
at its disposal.

Besides the aesthetics of the class summons, I’m a bit concerned with how this class is going to fit into a game such as PSO2. PSO2 is a fairly intense action game, so having a class where your character is essentially just standing around may feel jarring. That said, it does seem to behave as a weapon rather than an independently functioning entity, so the class’s performance won’t necessarily be dependent on random number making the AI do the right things at the right time. I’m also curious to know if the summons are tied to the weapons or if a Summoner can freely use other weapons alongside their summons. If they can’t, this could seriously impact the class’s viability as a sub-class, as it may not offer any useful skills to them while also potentially denying them the ability to summon. If they can, it wasn’t demonstrated. Their un-named weapon seems to allow them to use something like Mirage Escape (the sound, speed and visual effects seem different to it). They were not demonstrated as being able to cast Techs.

I’m also disappointed that the summoner is more Pokemon and less Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.I guess I’m not going to go dropping a steamroller on a Rockbear anytime soon…

They also don’t really seem like the R-atk T-atk hybrid that people were assuming was going to happen. The assumption was that they might end up with a magic pistol or something which isn’t something without precedent. Persona 3 let you summon things with pistols! Having your character shooting themselves in the head might not be terribly appealing I guess.

I’m willing to give the class a chance, so I guess in the meantime we’re just going to have to wait until they reveal more information about it.

Things not said

Still no Ultimate Amduscia! For that matter, nothing on Extreme Quests either, however it was noted by a user of PSO-World that the titles shown during one of the trailers suggested that we would be getting a new Extreme Quest as well as new floors. This is because each quest has 5 different tiers of Stage Order titles. While cool, guess you can say goodbye to 4 more inventory slots, potentially!

Other than that I believe we’re pretty much set for the road towards Episode 4. We don’t know terribly much about it yet, but I imagine we’ll be due another broadcast soon tat will reveal more. Hopefully not another 15 hour one, though. Those poor people by the end looked like they wanted to just keel over and die…

Let me know if I got any information wrong or if any looser parts were in fact clarified during the stream and I just missed it.



Heh heh heh.

So yeah, Sega revealed a few trailers and talked about the end of Episode 3. I’ll do what I can in this post to summarise and discuss this stuff. As is usually the case with these posts, some details may be hazy. I do my best to make sure information here is accurate, but if you spot anything factually wrong please let me know.


Just a trailer about the Halloween stuff, including your usual affair of Bingo and a seasonal Emergency Quest.

Trick or Treat 4 is the same old map, but with a selection of new enemies. This includes the Toy Darkers from Kuron (which really are probably the most appropriate Darker type for the season), Falz Dourumble and Zeta Guranz. It also seems to include an emergency trial involving pumpkins, nice.

Of course, Gal Gryphon will also be attending this quest. Seems it’s gonna just be thrust into any Emergency quest from now on. Well, for as long as its weapons are relevant I suppose. Not really an issue.

Some new 12* and 13* weapons will be obtainable during the quest, including Daggers of Serafi that are actually daggers instead of boots this time.

Halloween festivities are set to arrive in PSO2 mid-October.

Additional Power – Main Class Weapon Boost

Similar to the class-boost titles, there will be titles added for finding a certain number of rare weapons of a given selection of categories. As it’s a title, it’s expected to be account-wide just like the class-cap titles.


They only show the requirement and numbers for Hunters during the trailer. While it’s likely safe to assume the power boost will remain the same for all classes, apparently the number of weapons required will vary per class. I assume this is to offset that some classes have fewer main-class weapon types than others. Here is a rundown of the values shown for Hunter:

  • 20 7-9* Hunter weapons: 2.5% boost in power when using Hunter weapons as a Hunter.
  • 25 10-12* Hunter weapons: 2.5% boost in power when using Hunter weapons as a Hunter.
  • 40 10-12* Hunter weapons: 2.5% boost in power when using Hunter weapons as a Hunter.
  • 70 10-12* Hunter weapons: 2.5% boost in power when using Hunter weapons as a Hunter.
  • Total: 20 7-9* weapons, 135 10-12* weapons, 10% boost in power when using Hunter weapons as a Hunter.

Will this help classes stand out I wonder? In particular I’m thinking about Bouncer as a main class for either of its weapons, as it’s currently inferior to sub-class combos such as Fighter/Bouncer. Or perhaps Hunter main using Partizans or Wired Lance, where again Fighter/Hunter out-paces it in terms of raw damage. Or Braver main Katana instead of… Fighter/Brave- basically Limit Break kind of trumps a lot of main-class weapon load-outs. Note that I’m not having a go at Limit Break, I actually don’t have a problem with it, just pointing out that it does seem to have this effect.

10% certainly will go some way to help close the gap, but the attack bonus from Limit Break as well as other modifiers available to Fighter main helps it edge out still. That said, this may well change as additional weapons arrive in the game, with a particular weapon series announced that I’ll go over later in this post.

Braver and Gunner Balance Changes

This has been something a lot of players seem to have been anticipating, probably Gunners more than anything given how they were treated in Episode 3.



  • Katanas will be stronger as the Gear Gauge increases.
  • Rapid Fire will no longer have that “wind up” time. This is a really good change in my opinion, that wind-up made no fucking sense.
  • Skill point requirements relaxes for Katana Combat and Rapid Shoot. This should make builds that take both weapons more viable at least.
  • Some Katana and Bullet Bow PAs will be buffed.


  • Increase the rate at which High Time accumulates power. Yay?
  • S-roll speed increased for the first and second parts. I’m not sure this is an improvement, it entirely depends on how the i-frames are affected I guess.
  • Buffs to nearly all of the Twin Machinegun PAs. Probably what Gunner needed most out of these to be honest.

Braver’s changes are more interesting overall than Gunner’s, which I have to say sound a little weak. It adds little incentive to play as a Gunner main and does almost nothing to encourage using it as a subclass. Though I guess to be fair, potentially nether does Braver’s changes in that respect.

This re-balance is set to arrive mid-October.

Dress Up!

Fairy Tail Collaboration

I like Fairy Tail and even I don’t care about this. Moving on.

New Costumes and Nostalgia

Well most are new, we’ve got the Halloween costumes and some ninja costumes coming up.


Halloween costumes are set to arrive mid-October.


Ninja and oriental themed costumes are set to arrive late October.

I actually quite like the ninja outfits, it’s somewhat unusual for their style. Notably, we also seem to be set to get two uniforms that were previously regional exclusives.

Those regional exclusives do make me wonder what the NA/EU ones might have turned out to be if they had followed through with that localisation…

They’re also continuing their PSO nostalgia series of costumes, this time finishing off the selection of Casts.


Perhaps a little more surprisingly, there will be item codes for Rico and Flowen stuff. This includes costumes, accessories and hairstyles. Attendees of the Sympathy 2015 concert in Japan will receive item codes for all of these.

More Anime Collabs

Other collabs coming up include another with 7th Dragon III, Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double AA (what?), The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II,  and even Disgaea 5. This game is anime collaborations featuring PSO2 at this point…

Double and Profound Darkness

Much like the previous Dark Falz raid Emergency Quests, this will be a two parter. Unlike previous ones however, Dark Falz is the first part and the Profound Darkness is the second. Makes sense in terms of hierarchy I guess.


Double and the Profound Darkness’s quest is apparently a “once per account” affair, where the fight will get easier as time progresses. Once Double has been defeated, you move straight on to the Profound Darkness.

It seems that both Dark Falz Double and the Profound Darkness both may have countermeasures against Weakbullet. Double’s comes in the form of a “jammer”, no real details on how that works and the Profound Darkness apparently will punish players who use it. Again, no real details. This could use some clarity.

The theme for the Profound Darkness appears to be a straight up remix of its theme “Ooze” from Phantasy Star 4.

Get ready to wrestle this dynamic duo late October. This will seemingly arrive close to if not at the same time as the release of the final chaper of Episode 3’s story.

Dark Falz Apprentice – Mining Base Defense 4

It took what felt like an age but she’s finally gotten her full body back. Bad news for you is you’re her first target (you ought to be used to this from the Falzes by now though).

As predicted, she is a part of the fourth Mining Base Defense quest, though whether she’s part of the one quest or if she’s a separate part in a quest series I don’t know.


Unlike the previous Mining Base quests, this one is set underground. The Darkers are bringing their entire arsenal that they deployed in other quests up til now, with the addition of Dark Falz Dourumble and Angel. In fact, aside Persona the entire Dark Falz family has come out for this one. Additionally, as seen above, the Darkers have learned to imitate even the AIS. These corrupted AIS have all the same abilities as the player ones do, including the photon cannon.

Apprentice’s trailer theme is a remix of IDOLA The Strange Fruits from PSO Episode 3. 

It looks like it’ll be fun, I just worry about the players going into it. If it’s too difficult for people, it’s just going to lead to chain-abandoning and people getting left out. At the very least, I can’t wait to be frustrated by people who are either inadequately geared for Extra Hard or simply don’t know how to play leading to catastrophic failures. Hey, at least those failures are set to look amazing if the trailer is anything to go by!

The queen of the bugs is set to grace our servers some time in December.

Weapon Exchanges

12* Exchanges


Zieg has had additional 12*s added to his Client Orders, to cover a few Falz weapons not previously covered for whatever reason.

The weapons include:

  • Serpent Grigoros (Live Radle, Live Spat, Live Rias)
  • God Hand (Live Dogaut, Live Fanger, Live Pyrus),
  • Celestial Laser (Live Zect, Live Slidawn, Live Trina)

Invader and Austere

A new selection of 13* weaponry is to arrive in a new exchange shop also hosted by Zieg. This will require a large selection of items, possibly meant as a way to encourage people to play a wider variety of the game’s content as the wait for Episode 4 to begin has started.

These new weapons will arrive late October.

This exchange comes in two parts; the Invader series and the Austere series. Austere is an upgrade to the Invader series.


The Invader weapons require 100 Caligula stones and 100 Excubes. As we don’t know how many Caligula stones are rewarded for clearing the Profound Darkness Emergency Quest it’s impossible to say how long it will take to get these weapons.


Austere weapons on the other hand require a huge selection of materials.Only the sword is shown so only its materials will be listed.

  • 1 Invader Caliber
  • 100 Caligula Stones
  • 100 Nero Stones
  • 50 Yurlunger Godstones
  • 50 Garel Godstones
  • 5 Heart Key Stones
  • 5 Blood Moon Stones
  • 5 Phantom Night Stones
  • 10 Photon Boosters
  • 300 Excubes

That’s some list. You’ll note that the weapon comes with 30% element as well and you know that what means. You’re going to need two to finish the weapon! So if we include the materials to buy the Invade Calibers necessary, the total comes to:

  • 400 Caligula Stones
  • 200 Nero Stones
  • 100 Yurlunger Godstones
  • 100 Garel Godstones
  • 10 Heart Key Stones
  • 10 Blood Moon Stones
  • 10 Phantom Night Stones
  • 20 Photon Boosters
  • 800 Excubes

Some of these numbers may seem intimidatingly high, but remember we know the approximate acquisition time of most of these materials. This is naturally going to vary based on the parties you find (the Excubes may be 4 Magatsu sessions or 12 depending on your luck with randoms) as well as availability of Extreme Quest passes. Yurlungur and Garel stones both have daily Client Orders to help you obtain those more quickly, so those shouldn’t take terribly long to get.

Arguably the Extreme Quest stones may be the most irritating to get, as a full clear nets you 25 of the 2nd tier stones and you require 30 for a single tier 3 one. This means you’ll need to do 36 full clears (or 12 of each quest) in order to get the stones you need. Of course, this is a worst case scenario as it doesn’t include any of the stones acquired during the quest itself.

If you were starting from scratch and depended on only the daily passes, let’s assume the absolute worst case scenario for these calculations:

  • 1 full clear of a single XQ requires 14 passes.
  • To get 10 of its respective stone, you need to clear it 12 times, totalling 168 passes
  • To get all three required for the weapon, you will need 504 passes total.

That’s only around 1.4 years! Of course Extreme Passes can be obtained in other ways now, plus you get additional passes for clearing the weekly Client Orders associated with them.

So how strong are they? This is also difficult to pin down exactly, but they do appear to be stronger than Ares weapons. Austere Caliber starts at 1244 S-atk. Now, we can take away Power III (30), Vinculum (20) and Mutation I (10) to bring it down to 1184 S-atk (a fair sight stronger than Ares at 1083), but it isn’t known what Darkness Soul contributes to this total. In any case, this means at +10 it can be roughly projected to be around 1657 S-atk, though this total is being calculated off the lowest value we have right now. There is also no information with regard to its potential. This notably puts it on roughly equal footing with the Invader weapon, which is displayed as being 1666 S-atk wth all its affixes. However it may be that Invader weapons don’t have a potential.

Essentially, the Austere weapon series appears to be aimed at people who have been playing most of the game’s content for some time now. Those who are starting fresh may have some difficulty obtaining some of the materials required for these weapons I feel.

That’s all for this broadcast. Seems like Episode 3 will have some sprinklings of interesting content to end on. I’m a bit disappointed that the main focus seems to be on 12-man Emergency Quests but oh well. This hasn’t covered everything there was on the recent long-term schedule, leaving the exact nature of the Extreme Quest update and the new Time Attack Quest a bit of a mystery. We’re also due a new Limited Quest at some point and of course Ultimate Amduscia still hasn’t been mentioned. We’re not done with news about Episode 3 just yet, it seems.

Mining Base Defense


Also lovingly known as “Tower Defense” and plain “Tower” to much of the player-base.

It is undeniably a fun quest. There’s nothing else like it in the game and succeeding in the quest will require a base level of organization and skill from everyone in the Multi-Party.

With the 2nd part of Tower Defense set to arrive with tonight’s patch, it’s probably a decent time to actually get this guide out there. This may not be an exhaustive list, but the sheer size of this post should shed some appreciation for how complex this quest can be for those who’ve never played it. If you feel there’s anything critical that a player should know when playing with random people then feel free to let me know about it.

Rumour: Remaining tower health affects drops.

This is not a rumour! The more remaining health the towers have at the end of the quest the more shots at items you will get! Ok more specifically it has to do with the rank you get at the end of the quest, but seeing as the rank is almost entirely dependent on the remaining HP of the towers you might as well consider them one and the same.

There was some information posted in a magazine regarding the actual influence rank has on the drop charts, as well as other aspects of the drop mechanics for the quest. Translated by PSO-World member here.

The reward container’s drops are drawn from dedicated tables. Table E is special and stocks up all drops from defeated non-boss enemies, releasing a few tens of them when the container is destroyed. In addition, tables A~D’s drops are drawn when the container is destroyed, while table E’s drops are drawn when the enemies are defeated.

Table types
Table A: Giant container’s dedicated rare weapon table (*6~11)
Table B: Giant container’s dedicated weapon table (*6~9)
Table C: Giant container’s dedicated unit table (*4~9)
Table D: Giant container’s dedicated consumable table
Table E: all items dropped from defeated enemies

Numbers of lots drawn for each final score (tables A/B/C/D)
S: 5/5/5/0
A: 4/5/5/1
B: 3/5/5/2
C: 0/0/0/15

Drop characteristics:
-Tables A~D’s drops are drawn at the time the container is destroyed
-Each table’s number of lots drawn differ depending on the final score at Quest Clear
-Trash monsters’ drops are drawn at the time they are defeated
-Trash monsters’ drops are stocked up in table E and only a few tens of them are released from the container

Assuming the table in the magazine and the translation are both accurate, this would actually confirm the rumour. This is because the rank you get at the end of the quest is pretty much entirely based on the total remaining health of the towers. It also means that as long as you’re getting B-rank or higher, you\re getting shots at 11* weapons, so don’t fret if your towers are taking a lot of damage! Just do whatever you can to prevent a C-rank!

Quest Tips


Mining Base defense is really one of the trickier quests PSO2 has to offer. If people are playing poorly or are for the most part poorly equipped you may have a difficult time even clearing the quest, let alone getting a decent rank or clearing it quickly. Unless you’ve organized a Multi-Party yourself it’s luck of the draw as to who you’re going to end up being grouped with. While being grouped with rubbish players isn’t something you can do a lot about, you can try to prevent yourself doing things that would make you one of them.

This is not gonna turn you into an MLG pro tower defender, nor will it cover more advanced tactics more organised parties can pull off. It’s just more a how to make the most out of random groups.

General Tips

Don’t be a “Northern Hero”

This I feel needs mentioning first. So what is a Northern Hero? This is a player who attempts to defeat enemies far north of the towers. Enemies tend to spawn from the north and run south towards the towers, so the player in question is hoping to defeat them far from the towers.

On paper, this seems like a good idea. Killing enemies a long way from the towers would prevent any damage to the towers themselves. In practise, this doesn’t tend to work and here is a couple of reasons I think why.

1) Insufficient DPS.

Northern Heroes aren’t always backed up, they may be entirely alone up there. Now in most of PSO2 this wouldn’t be a problem, as most enemies die to a stiff breeze anyway even if your gear isn’t that great. Goldrahdas are the main enemy type in this quest, however. Goldrahdas are no push-overs, they’re aggressive, tough and hit really hard to boot. Even a well geared Northern Hero would take a long time to defeat a pack of them by themselves.

2) You can’t get them all.

Even if the Northern Hero is well geared and has friends, missing the odd enemy is a thing that can happen. Any missed enemies will charge straight for the towers and if too many people are up north this means either too few or no one at all may be at the tower. This means either a slow kill at the tower or one of the Northern Heroes having to split off to chase it down, which would also slow down killing things in the north.

Basically the main issue with having Northern Heroes or being one yourself if that it splits enemy groups up. Players can bring the enemies down much faster if they and the monsters are grouped up. Seeing as the monsters are headed for the towers anyway, being near the towers is better for this overall.

When it is OK to be in the North

Generally speaking, during wave 1 almost the entire multi-party should be at the north of each of the lanes, as the only enemies that spawn are relatively weak.

Arguably, Wave 2 is also fine to be a northern hero at, but be wary. It may be difficult to kill all the monsters at spawn. If you’re struggling, just do everyone a favor and head south to the towers.

All other waves, just stick south to the towers.

Actually Defend A Tower!

This may seem self explanatory, but you may be tempted to go to other towers to attack and kill mobs at them. While this may be OK to do so in certain circumstances for the nearest tower, always keep an eye on the tower you chose to defend.

But which tower should I defend?

I don’t know, pick a colour you like. More practically speaking, there should really be no more than 4 people at a given tower. If there are more, you may want to take the initiative and head to another, less well defended tower.

Use The Tower Console!


Seriously the number of players who seem to be unaware that these even exist is somewhat staggering. The console will, depending on how many crystals have been collected so far, allow you access to certain functions that will help boost your chances of having the towers be in good shape at the end of the run.

In order, the options are:

  1. Burst Barrier
  2. Heal Tower
  3. Burst Barrier
  4. Heal Tower

Burst Barrier is useful when you are alone or not many on a tower and need to root a pack of enemies that are attacking the tower. The barrier will also prevent damage for a short while (note: This will NOT work on Dark Vibrace’s bomb, which is talked about at the end of this post). If there is a techer or someone who can use Zondeel, be wary of using the Burst Barrier, as rooted enemies can’t be sucked in to Zondeel, which means enemies will be more spread out than the would be otherwise and thus less vulnerable to AoE attacks.

The heal is pretty self explanatory. It repairs the tower for a small amount. More tower health means more shots at 11* weapons, so you absolutely want to use this when you can. Don’t use it if a tower is almost at full health however, as you’ll waste some of the heal.

Don’t Detonate The Zondeel!


Teching types may use Zondeel to pull monsters together. This is a very good thing, because the monsters will occupy a smaller space and can be blanketed in high damage AoE attacks from all sorts of classes all at the same time. The bottom line is the enemies die faster when bunched up. If you use any thunder based Tech in or around the Zondeel field you will detonate it, causing the field to lose its suction capability and potentially slow the entire run down.

Don’t Pull Aggro and then Run Away

This can be a 3rd run killer. You cause more aggro than perhaps you realised on one particular Gildrahda and you decide to go somewhere else. Oops, that Goldrahda has now run away from the rest of the players and they’re having to chase it down. Goldradhas run very fast on Super Hard so this can be a real pain to deal with. Just keep an eye on your mini-map and if you see a monster giving chase, try to bring it back to the other players.

Use Moon Atomisers!


Dead players are the worst at defending towers. Help everyone by helping others to help you help us all!

Don’t Play Inefficiently

I’m not saying you should go Braver/Hunter, Gunner/Hunter, Fighter/Hunter or any of the other good combinations. However, if you insist on playing as a Hunter/Force, because you like it for example, then at least play to the classes strengths. I’m sorry, Gunner/Force you’re not going to be able to do much in the way of damage…

If you have a Ranger as main or sub, bring a rifle and get ready to weakbullet bosses. If you have a teching type as a main or sub (and you aren’t specced for pure teching damage) then bring a Talis and make use of buffs, heals, Zondeel and Zanverse. These will help the MPA out far more than your tiny damage will.

I am sorry if that sounds harsh, because normally I really don’t care much for efficiency. But this is a quest in which efficiency will significantly boost your chances of succeeding and being rewarded.



Don’t Just Collect Crystals

Running too far out to collect crystals leaves towers potentially vulnerable. While crystal points are needed to build turrets and repair towers, prioritize keeping the towers healthy over collecting crystals. Remember, number of crystals collected doesn’t affect your drops, tower health does.

Don’t Crystal Race

Seriously, if you see another player going for a crystal don’t attempt to race them to it. This wastes everyone’s time.

Mote than 3600 Crystals is Too Many

3600 crystals will allow players to use up to 2 heals and 2 burst barriers each on the towers. This is optimal for ranking purposes.

Yeah, the big fuck-off laser cannons are really nice, do huge damage an can clear an entire wave of Goldrahdas, but that is quite a lot of time wasted in order to get the required crystals in the first place. Time better spent generally killing things more quickly.



Bosses can be a tough call for an individual player. If you choose to focus a boss and too many other players think the same way, you end up with poorly defended towers. If you decide to focus on defending towers and too many players think the same, then the boss will die too slowly and the wave may time out. This would potentially deny you boss drops and deny you a third run in the emergency quest time.

Dark Ragne


The general tactic is to break a leg and then focus on the core. If the group’s DPS is sufficiently high enough, this should kill Dark Ragne near immediately. Otherwise your general options are to focus on the core no matter what Ragne may be doing at the time. Bravers, Fighters and Teching types have the easiest time of focusing on the core at all times.

Dark Vibrace/Bibras/Viblath/Biebers/whatever


As it happens, breaking the legs and then attacking the weakspot it the same strategy here. However a broken leg stuns the boss only for a very short amount of time and they can effectively be infinitely and repeatedly broken.

Panic can be inflicted onto this boss. This will stun it for a fairly decent amount of time, so Teching types may want to consider casting light-techs on it. I do not know how effective Panic Bullet is on it, nor do I know any Rangers crazy enough to invest in those weird bullets.


Dark Vibrace may, at some point during the fight, launch a bomb at the tower it’s furthest from. If this bomb is not destroyed before it detonates it will instantly destroy a tower. You don’t want that! You want 11* weapons! Destroy that bomb!

Pay particular attention to the picture on the left. That is the boss’s pose and how it looks when it’s generating the bomb. Pay attention to where its facing, as that’s where the bomb is headed. If you can’t make it in time, try to warn the MPA where the bomb is headed. Saying it in English is potentially better than saying nothing at all.

That’s All, Folks!

Hopefully this will have helped inform you as a player where you may have been going wrong. It would be awesome if this guide in part improved the quality of Mining Base Defense runs in general, but I hope its been at least useful to someone. As I said, let me know about any particular problems with the post.

Good luck and happy hunting!