CAST Face.

The PSO2 official blog made a post showcasing the monsters of PSO2. We’ve seen plenty about those already though (also I can’t read Japanese!), so I’m skipping ahead to something genuinely new, a male cast with a human face.

Which as you can see appears to have all the customisability of a face that the fleshy races have. It also appears to have the chinstrap that casts had in PSP2i, can’t say I’m personally a fan of that look myself but there may well be options to not have that.

Also showcased were two new outfits. Well, when I say two new outfits I actually mean 1 new outfit, as we’ve seen that weird armored skirt thing before. Well, when I say one new outfit, that outfit belongs to a race and gender combination that I don’t think anyone will ever play as anyway.

The HUmarl! She seems to be eating her hair..

You know while on the subject of this outfit, it makes a change to see such a, well, tasteful design to come out of Sega. I almost can’t help but feel like the addition of the skirt is just so players don’t get confused and think that those wearing this outfit are playing male characters or something.

The HUnewm! Seen for the first time outside of concept art.

Where as with this guy you’d be forgiven for thinking the precise opposite. At first I thought this was perhaps some nifty looking armor like outfit for female Newmans but then I remembered male ones do kind of exist, I guess.


Alright, back to monsters! One thing to note is these guys, the lizardman like Dinians of planet Amdusci, who are intelligent enough to craft their own tools and weaponry. Naturally the Arks, being as diplomatic as the people of Phantasy Star tend to be, have got to kill the lot of them.

Poor guys

These guys are just going about their business, forming civilization and all that kind of thing when these assholes in spaceships, wielding laser weaponry, come down to their world and start slaughtering them. Who are the real monsters, here?