NPCs With Unreleased Weapons + Future Content

You may have seen the screenshots already. In case you haven’t, here’s one and here’s another, both on Shougai PSO.

These two NPCs are weilding unreleased weapons. Regias, the male Cast, is weilding a Yonohate Fu, or “Sealed Yonohate”. Claris Clae, the female human, is weilding an un-named rod. This rod, as Shougai points out, is strikingly similar to something the player character finds in story mode.

If you’ve been following the datamining going on at psumods then you likely already know this, but the rod that Claris Clae is weilding appears to be a dark version of the completed rod that you are set to find in story mode (perhaps soon!). You may also know that Legias and Claris Clae are connected and that there is one more of them named “Kasura”. They are the three heroes, who are very important in PSO2’s story. Patty and Tea talk about them in this clip (there is currently no translation of the dialogue).

As for the Yonohate Fu, sealed weapons are hardly a new concept to the series. You may recall the Sealed Nodachi (otherwise known as Sealed J-Sword) from PSO. I imagine that the un-sealing mechanism will probably be a Client Order this time (likely through Zig), but could still involve killing a large number of monsters.

Surprise Picture of Debug Mode

4Gamer posted up an article sharing information from a lecture held by Mr.Kobayashi, the composer of the music in PSO2, concerning how the music system is handled in PSO2. Of particular interest to myself is a picture which includes debug information on it.

Unfortunatly I expect this to be the only glimpse into PSO2’s debug mode that we will ever see, but it’s a nice surprise still!

You can read more information on the Sympathy system here at Bumped.

Towards the Future

Shortly we should be hearing details about upcoming additions to story mode, with chapters covering the Mines (now known as Underground Complex) and Dragonland (now known as Sky Land). The two chapters were initially announced in an issue of Famitsu, a scan of the page in particular can be found here.

Shop Staff Carnival

Datamining revealed that the next scratch rotation is set for the 29th of August, the “Shop Staff Carnival”, which will include new costumes. Doodoo will be at the carnival gates, collecting your tears as an entry fee. As it’s data mined, it can’t be said if that’s the actual date that things are set to happen. This update could also be separate from the story content + Time Attack Quest update.

New Classes

The new classes are on their way! Officially speaking, we know that the classes are the same rank as the current classes. So no, they are not “advanced classes” as some have been speculating. We also know, officially, that in order to access the new classes you will need to be lv30 in an appropriate pre-requisite class. We also know they will have access to the new weapon types.

Will the new classes be limited to just the new weapon types though? It would seem not. Recall how the developers stated their intent to have some weapon types equipable by more than one class? Well datamining suggests that this is what the new classes will be able to use:

Fighters – All new striking weapons
Gunners – Rifles, Twin Mechguns
Techers – Talises, Wands.

All the new classes will also be able to use Gunslash weapons. Again as this is mined data this should not be interpreted as a definite, but Rifles and Talises as listed do support the “one weapon type for 2 classes” proposal. Sadly there is nothing at all about their skill trees, so that remains a complete mystery for now.

[Sources: Shougai PSO, 4Gamer]

SEGA to Ship Selection?

Ship selection screen from the alpha no longer valid. 

Another tune uploaded to nicosound. This time from starting the client to presumably attempting to connect to a ship server (and is kicked back to the title screen?). We know from  a random post (which has also been taken down, haha) on a Japanese site that the alpha testers seem to be able to get that far but are then met with an error. Considering what happened with the previous Nicosound link, don’t expect this to work for very long.

On first impression it seems like the UI sounds aren’t quite so earsplitting this time around, which is nice I guess.

PSO2 Alpha Title Music New link! Not guaranteed to last 

Someone uploaded the PSO2 alpha title music to Nicosound, presumably one of the lucky people who got into the first alpha test. Enjoy! Or not, I don’t care really. Personally I think its a bit lousy sounding in portions, but overall I like it. It honestly sounds more like stage music that’s being used as a temporary theme for the title screen, as it sounds like there are mixes in there which lead from a peaceful to higher-paced mix. PSO tracks had this for the transitions from exploration to combat. Of course I could be mistaken..