PSO2 US Footage

Short post to give a heads up that Gamesradar has uploaded a fairly lengthy narrated video from the show floor at PAX Prime. You can find it on their site here.

The video is clear enough to make out some of the localized names. Listing them below with a common fanslation on the left for comparison.

Enemy names:

  • Gulf -> Galph
  • Fungulf/Fangulf -> Phongalph
  • Oodan -> Woodan
  • Aginis -> Agnis
  • Digg -> Deeg

Rockbear and Vol Dragon aren’t different.

NPC names:

  • Dinar -> Deenar

Object names:

  • Healing Pot -> Healing Pad

Thanks to Qwerty for pointing these out.

First English PSO2 Pics

PSO2 is being demonstrated at Sega;s booth at PAX Prime today and Twitter user @SpaceDrakeCF posted some photos up. Not much to say about them other than they’re the first pictures of the English client that I think have been shown…anywhere! Credit to Andrew Dice for taking the pictures and EspioKaos for making me aware of them.

One thing to note here is the icons. The icon designs are post-Alpha and the Telepipe icon is purple. The FOnewearl in the 5th picture on this page is also wielding a Talis. This means that the client is at least the closed beta test version, though it’s not known exactly what version of the client is being used for the demonstration.

Update: Sega of America have also uploaded a few photos of their booth at PAX, but you can’t really see much of the game itself in them.