Closed Beta Features

Sakai just keeps on posting! Today’s update is some details about the upcoming closed beta tests. It’s also just part 1 of said details so assuredly there’s more to come.

First off a high-quality video of the beta features:

There is some stuff to talk about in the video that doesn’t get mentioned in the blog, but more on that in another post.

So yes, Tekkers are also back. Their purpose this time would appear to be a little different, however. For one thing SPECIAL WEAPONs are the exception this time, not the rule. This means that rare items will still drop with no need for the item to be identified by a Tekker. Not only that, but non-rare weapons also have a chance of dropping as a SPECIAL WEAPON.

Notice how they changed the rarity stars from a gradient to block colours that change every 3 stars. This is much easier to read.

Tekking an unidentified weapon will allow you to pick an element and one special effect for it. The weapon will also be granted an additional random effect. This is unlike before in PSO, where all a tekker could do is randomly influence the strengths of a weapon’s attributes and pre-set special abilities.

What’s pleasing about this to me is it would seem that finding a special weapon is now an opportunity the player has a degree of control over, rather than something you have to do for every rare item you find like in PSO.

Makeover Shop

As you might imagine, you’re able to change your face, hair, accessories as well as other aspects of your character. However, some features will be using Arks Cash.

I imagine it’ll be the more extreme makeover options, such as body proportions that will fall under Arks Cash if it’s anything like PSU.

The Costume Shop

Rather self-explanatory, here is where you can buy clothes and parts for meseta. You won’t find the cash-shop outfits here. You can preview the outfits from the shop, much like you could in PSU.

On the subject of outfits, unlike PSU you can actually change your clothes on the fly. There is no longer any need to go to a changing room of any kind.

Partner Cards are now Arks Cards

Shocking. Same as previous incarnations of partner cards, you can write some blurb text on it. What is new is you can also put a Symbol-Art on your card. It’s like a little forum signature.

Partner Friend

If you have friends and they grant you permission, you can invite their characters as NPCs in your parties. This is a feature which was implemented in Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity and was a feature I immensely enjoyed. Of course, it was cool on a portable platform as you couldn’t be online all the time with it, but it will still be useful to fill out parties with if your friends aren’t online at the time.

These NPC’d versions of your friends will also spout any auto-words which were set to them.

In Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity, you could also invite your own characters as NPCs, so you could plow through missions with a team of your alts. There has been no mention of whether or not we can do this in PSO2 so far.

Symbol Art

Your symbols can have up to 200 different objects in one picture, from a selection of over 300 different shapes. You can also assign a sound effect to them, as you could in PSO. Symbol art can also be used on your personal Arks Card and to create your team flag. I imagine the mouse integration into the UI will make the creation of Symbol Art much less fiddly than before as well.

I wasn’t around to play with symbol-chat in PSO so I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty with this, especially if I can create cartoony versions of my characters in it.


Teams are officially back! Confirming what was discovered before in datamining efforts (although back then it was simply labelled “guilds”). Teams are a concept from PSOBB and are for all intents and purposes, guilds.

Your character will need to be at least level 10 to create a team. You do so through the Team Counter, where you can also do other things such as specify a web site for your team. Joining a team will display the team flag above you character’s head. You can also see the team name and member rank. There will be team chat.

There are two team ranks visible in this picture. Namely, "Team Master" and "Visitor".

Team functionality will be included in the upcoming test.

Title Counter

If you’ve played PSP2 or PSU after the supplemental content update, then this is pretty much the same thing. Titles are just achievements, so they’re unlocked by performing a various range of tasks from the banal to the grindy. Like before, unlocking titles will reward you with various items. Unlike PSU, however, you can also display titles above your head, which is something you’ll be familiar with if you’ve played other MMOs.

The Medical Counter

I hope you know what's in that cup you're gulping down...

So remember when I said before you’d need to use the medical counter to heal up in lobbies? Yeah I was wrong. The medical counter will instead sell you various substances to grant your character temporary effects during a mission. Things like, decreased Power-Point usage (PSO2’s mana), increased attack power, increased drop rates (luck virus?) and others.

Mind, there’s something rather sinister if the effect is completely random like it was in PSP2. Pay some money and the nurse will give you a random drug to ingest? What could possibly go wrong?

Items in the medical counter will only cost you meseta, not Arks Cash.


The number of decorations as well as the types has been increased. This includes things like shelves and putting objects onto other objects.

Regarding Arks Cash and rooms: You will have to pay Arks Cash to access your own room, but you can freely go to other people’s rooms.

Towards The Future

Well this was just part 1 of details, according to Sakai, so there is more information to come.

[Sources: PSBlog and PSO-World]

Road to Closed Beta – The Dengeki Talk

The live talk at Dengeki’s Niconico channel was broadcast yesterday. Reposting the most relevant section of the talk here, uploaded by Youtube user RemiusTheAwesome.

To summarise the video:


…Right, seriously…

The Arks Lobby

First of all, the new Arks lobby seems to be really big. It looks a lot nicer than the lobby we had for the alpha tests, so yeah I don’t think I’m going to be missing it anytime soon. The colours are vivid, the neons are bright and there are computer screens all over the freaking place.
I also like being able to see ships landing and taking off through the windows, it helps make the place feel more like it’s alive.

The central elevator!

It’s still split up functionally in much the same way as the old lobby, of course. You have the shopping and hangout area on one floor and the mission area on another. The two areas have fairly distinct visual feels to them. You travel between the two floors via a central elevator.


The partisan was demonstrated! She sure was twirling it. What’s the purpose of twirling? To charge the “Gears” gauge, duh! What’s the “Gears” gauge? Turns out it was that meter above the attack buttons on the UI that Hunters could see. Charging it would have various different effects, for example charging up the Gears gauge with a sword would allow you to use a sword’s charge attacks more quickly. Almost instantly with a full bar.

I never could figure out what the benefits to charging Gears for the Wired Lance was, but using a photon art would consume 1/3 of the bar (the gears gauge for Wired lance is split up into 3 segments rather than a whole bar as seen for swords).
Presumably, there will be some benefit to charging the gauge for Partisans, but I haven’t read anything that suggests Sakai or anyone in the video elaborated on that.
Similar to wired-lances, the partisan has a photon art that can grab onto an enemy and throw them about.


Launchers were demonstrated! Nothing much unexpected, you fire projectiles that blow things up. What is new however is you can actually jump onto your launcher and ride it! It carries you some considerable distance as well!

You ever take it off any sweet jumps?


Talis… Talises… Cards were demonstrated! The Talis weapon can be thrown to remotely cast offensive techs. In the video, the tech used to demonstrate this was Gifoie, an as of yet unreleased tech. Gifoie is an area-of-effect tech, so to be able to cast it remotely is going to be a really useful thing for techers to have.

What could prove a more interesting mechanic yet is throwing the Talis in different ways can be beneficial to different techs. While throwing a Talis into a pile of enemies is great for a tech like Gifoie, it’s not very effective for Gizonde, which has a greater area of effect the greater the height it is cast from. For Gizonde, you can just throw the card into the air. You’ll have to forgive me for the quality of these shots are they’re taken from the stream.

First, throw the Talis high into the air above your enemies. You can do this by switching to TPS mode.
Once it's up there, cast Gizonde! The area of effect is pretty wide when cast from that height

Photon Blasts
Photon blasts were demonstrated! As you see in the video, they’re still very short lived bursty-type attacks. In this case, the unicorn like thing will charge in a line through enemies, dealing a lot of damage in its wake.

The photon unicorn charges through your enemies, blinding you in the process

But mags can do more than blasting! They can now support you actively as well. How they support you depends on how you raised them (what items you shoved into their.. um.. whatever they eat with). Striking mags can headbutt your enemies, ranged mags will shoot, tech mags will fire techs. You can also adjust their active behaviours as well as I believe what actions they perform on their own accord or what they perform when triggered (this isn’t necessarily a manual trigger, it could be say when a boss enemy is encountered).

So yes, you can feed your mags. They can be fed unwanted weapons and armor this time, so more like Phantasy Star Zero than PSO.

Other bits

There was no date announced for the beta! That information will be presented during the 2nd Media Briefing (this wasn’t a part of it). Said media briefing should be coming our way towards the end of this month, so be patient! The info is coming!

It’s believed that Sakai briefly mentioned the possibility of a Tekker being in the shopping area off the Arks lobby. If you don’t know what a Tekker is, in PSO it was a NPC you would take unidentified weapons to be identified. Of course, it’s not known at all what purpose they may serve in PSO2, if they even appear.

The FOneweal seems to have some new techs on her bar. Shifta on 7, Deband on 8 (or Agtal and Defbal) and what could be Ryuker on 0. Does the possible presence of Ryuker indicate that non-forces will be able to cast techs? At this point there’s nothing but pure guesswork to go on.

[Sources: Bumped, PSO-World, Remius, PSO2 official site for screenshots]

2011, PSO2 and You

Well not really about you. No one cares about you, sorry. This lengthy entry will be recapping the entire year’s worth of PSO2 news and announcements.

We’ve come a long way this year, all starting with the initial announcement of PSO2 in September 2010 where all we got was a picture of the PSO2 logo and a trailer which told us, well, that it exists.

Yes! PSO2 exists! Sonic Team were indeed working on something beyond PSU,
somewhat confirming our suspicions that a lot of the features added towards the end of PSU’s lifetime were in fact experiments for features they planned to use in some kind of sequel.

Well while the video didn’t go into much detail, it did drop quite a few buzzwords out there, among the more interesting ones being:

  • Global support

Oh exciting! Remember when PSO had global support? You do? I don’t cause I didn’t join PSO until Blue Burst, but I can imagine the excitement PSO veterans had when seeing this. So what do they mean by “Global Support” this time? Well as of yet, we still don’t know.
To get this out of the way early on, there is still no word on exactly what they mean by global support but here’s some things to consider: First, there has still been no word from Sega of America about the game. Second, there has been no word on a release of the game outside of Japan (despite Sakai’s trip to Korea). Hope is not lost, but unless we hear otherwise this game could well be a Japan exclusive.

  • Thorough racial balances

Yeah I’ll believe this when I see it. I’m not going to spend too much time talking about the complete joke that is the racial balance in PSU, but trust me there’s good reason to be cynical about them delivering on this. Well, to be fair there’s decent reasons to be cynical about a lot of the things Sega says.

  •   Arkz

Wait, Arkz? That’s those chaps from PSO:Episode 3! That crappy card game that no one played! Yeah it was later confirmed that there is no canonical link between the groups, they just happen to have exactly the same name. To remind you, the Arks in PSO2 are like the Hunter’s Guild of PSO and the Guardians of PSU. They’re the faction your character belongs to.

Curiously, shortly after announcing the game, they also posted a job advert listing 3 available positions. This raised some eyebrows given that they had been allegedly working on the game for some time as they seemed to be relatively important positions to be empty.

After this initial announcement, there was nothing. Quite a whole lot of nothing, in fact. Sakai even stated that we shouldn’t expect much and he delivered! Sega are quite professional at delivering nothing.

January 2011

So we come to the beginning of this year. Shougai PSO posted about the setting and development of the game. It was here we learned that PSO2 will not be taking place on Ragol although there may still be loose ties to previous planets. Also Sakai said to expect some kind of announcement in April, which brings us to…

February 2011

Wait, that’s not April! How observant of you. This was the month where the first alpha tests were announced to be beginning in the summer. Entries would be determined by a lottery. How do you enter this prestigious lottery? You need to either have been a player on the Japanese PSO:BB servers or have bought a copy of Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity. Or just be subscribed to PSU on certain dates. Oh yeah and you also must be a Japanese resident.

April 2011

Hey, this is April! Your observational skills astound me yet again. And Sakai made good on his promises, as on the 24th a new trailer and a bunch of screenshots had been unveiled.

This was the first time we’d seen anything. Concept art, in-game screenshots? You name it, we didn’t have it. Well ok we had the logo. It was also the first time we heard any of the in-game music. So we went from nothing, to suddenly being bombarded with imagery, not all of it particularly flattering, such as those nasty ground textures. But hey, we can jump!

July 2011 – August 2011

July was the month in which this blog was born! Hurray! It was in these months that we ___, as well as a selection of _______ featuring _____, but we wouldn’t really know what they meant until _____!

Yeah the PSO2 newsletters took on a unique style to try to tease the fans with information. They seem to have dropped this tactic recently.

This was also the time in which the PSO2 Media Briefing took place, which can be summarised by the image below.
It was the first time we got to see the character creation in action and honestly I was impressed by it. This is coming from a guy who used to play Aion, the character creator in PSO2 is honestly an impressive piece of work and I’m sure its flexibility will be demonstrated when Sakai shows off the characters created at Akihabara. Until then, enjoy some character creation.

Character creation wasn’t the only thing revealed, in fact a whole lot of stuff was revealed. We had “Photon Sensitive Effect”, a bunch of race/class concept art, equipped units affecting your appearance, large party areas (think raids but not raids), random interrupt events during runs, “Jump Action”. Actually speaking of that last point, a new trailer was revealed during this time.

Still for Windows PC, you’ll note.

So we now knew the three races of PSO2: Human, Newman and CAST. No Beasts!

This time period also gave birth to the PSO2 Facebook page, on which Bonkohara even posted in English to show appreciation for their foreign fans.

  • Datamining

Ah yes, it was about this time when dirty cheaters got their hands on the alpha client and laid waste to the community by looking at the data in the files. Much harm was done. A PSO2 developer even caught wind of it and shared their disapproval about it on their twitter, which Shougai noticed.

Nothing tremendously harmful was even found, really. Planet names, the existence of Dark Falz, Technic names, the same word censor list that was in PSU. Guild functionality was also unearthed in the game’s strings.

September 2011

  • Official Videos

To celebrate the end of the alpha tests, or perhaps just another excuse for Sakai to get in front of the camera, a series of three videos were released which talked about various aspects of the Alpha test. The “Special Internet Program”, which can be found here, showed us a number of things we otherwise weren’t allowed to show due to the NDA. As such it was the first official time in which we saw the volcano planet Amduscia, the Vol Dragon being fought and various other things.

  •  Tokyo Games Show 2011

We didn’t have to wait long for potentially new information to come out after those videos, for the Tokyo Game Show was around the corner. PSO2 was present and playable at the show and two presentations were given. Sadly, not a whole lot of new information was actually announced and it was more like a further demonstration of the things we’d already seen. One of the things that was new however was a trailer, which also showed off a new area set in a ruined city.

Alpha Test Results

Thanks to EspioKaos for the translations.

Yeah there were a bunch of graphs that were posted towards the end of September, showing off various statistics of the Alpha Test playerbase. The short version is everyone wants to be a girl.

October 2011

The 2nd Alpha test was announced! And that was pretty much it for October.
The only other thing that was mentioned, I really do mean just mentioned, were MAGs. A solitary picture and the briefest of information was given on sega’s newly created blog for most things PSO2.

November 2011

About as thin as October in terms of news. We learned more about PSO2’s setting, however!

To recap, your character is a member of the Arks, who live on the Arks ship! You’ll be exploring various planets because why not and the universe seems to be infested with critters known as “Darkers” which you’re also gonna have to do something about.

Towards the end of this month, new character outfits were also revealed which filled in the remaining race/class types, with perhaps the exception of RAnewm and RAnewearl.

December 2011

Contrary to the previous months, a fair amount was announced. To start off, CAST face morphing was revealed as well as CAST boob morphing. CAST morphing all around, in fact! So yes, as a CAST you won’t be denying yourself the creative flexibility that the meatier races are granted, which is nice to know.
Much of this month was dedicated to discussing things which would maybe appear in the 2nd alpha tests. The “My Room” feature was revealed, which is a customisable abode for your character. MAGs were talked about in slightly more detail, revealing that you could feed them which would cause things to happen. Revealing. And finally the item lab which revealed you can still punish yourself by trying to grind weapons, although it’s not as punishing as it used to be in Phantasy Star Universe.
Finishing off December, PSO2 was at the Akihabara Games Festa 2011. During which, I stayed up to ungodly hours on the 23rd to catch a pair of presentations. We did actually get to see some new things, however, including the PSO2 opening movie.

Aside that were some brief details about what would take place during the 2nd alpha, as well as showing off the item labs and newer features of the character creation (paying particular attention to the new CAST morphers).

So that’s the timeline of PSO2 happenings this year. A couple of noisy periods sandwiched by times where a whole lot of nothing happened.

Recap of the Major Features
To recap what the major features are (please feel free to message me if you think anything else needs to be included)

  • * PSO2 is Windows PC ONLY. There are no plans to release a console version.
  • The three races are: Human, Newman and CAST. There are no beasts
  • Clothing is NOT attached to class or race.
  • All races can use morphers to customise their appearance
  • Any race can be any class
  • The three classes are Hunter, Ranger and Force. There are no advanced classes.
  • Character levelling is done through class levels.
  • MAGs are in
  • Customisable rooms are in
  • Item grinding (more than weapons this time) and item fusion are in
  • Player shops are in (and are accessible outside of rooms this time)
  • Missions are accessed from a singular counter like in PSO, rather than multiple like in PSU
  • Missions can be interrupted by random events
  • Bosses can be fought both in and out of arenas

Alpha Test 2
The 2nd Alpha test is set to take place some time in early 2012, with the registration period ending on the 17th of January. The details can be found elsewhere, but I’d like to finish this post with information about what will and what will not be included in the tests.

What is in:

  • All features of the last alpha test
  • My Room
  • Player shops
  • Item Labs
  • New character models and CAST morphers

What is NOT in:

  • The city area shown in trailers
  • MAGs

Towards the Future
And so ends the longest post I’ve written for this blog. I hope it’s helped put this year of PSO2 information into perspective. Who knows what information will be revealed in the coming months, with the 2nd alpha client on the horizon as well as the closed beta tests having been announced. Never mind that the game it scheduled to release in 2012, so somewhere in there, I assume, is an open beta. Will foreigners be allowed into it? Probably not, but I still think that even if the game is only released in Japan that they won’t mind foreign players on it.

Finally, happy new year!

Sources: PSUpedia, Bumped, Shougai, PSO2 Official Blog. PSUmods
Thank you all for your continued effort!

PSO2 Character Creation

Here is a video demonstration of the character creator, taken from the PSO2 Media Briefing and uploaded by youtube user “RemiusTheAwesome”.

One thing to immediately note in this video is the interface is clearly designed for PC. Of particular note are the click and drag diamond shapes which alter the shapes of their indicated bodyparts. This does not bode well for anyone still wishing for a console release.

Seems you can select through pre-sets (Base Type) for head and bodyshape before you decide to go in and tweak them further. This is a good feature, in particular for more complicated character creators, simply because not all players are artists. They don’t all know what looks good, what looks bad. Heck, even if you do know what you’re doing it’s nice to start from a template which is at least somewhat like how you envision your character. Having presets helps with this to give everyone templates to work with as well as giving people a means to skip the tweaking entirely if they want to.

The face morpher from PSU is back, but this time there are drop down menus on all four sides. I’m not entirely sure what they do, but I assume this means you can change what is influenced on the graph.

Next are the aforementioned “diamond editors”, diamond shaped wire boxes coupled with a graphic of the bodypart which give a nice indication of not only what they change but how the shape will change when you click and drag the points. I like this a lot, I just can’t imagine something like it on a console. I guess you could have a joystick-controlled pointer maybe, that’s the only way I can imagine a port could happen without having to completely redo the UI.

Mystery Meat


There is a slider for overall bodyshape much like there was in PSU, but you can go further now and tweak the size length and shapes of bodyparts (like legs, arms, boobs on female characters, ears on Newmans), much like you could in AION.

Seems like the colour pickers are similar to the ones we saw in PSP2, which is good because the colour picker in PSU was terrible (seriously the PSO one was better, with its RGB sliders). You couldn’t really pick any vibrant colours, really limiting what you could do with hair. Of course, a part of me wishes they had just gone with a color picker that would also allow you to tweak the saturation, some colour presets would be neat too. Also unlike PSU, you can set a separate colour for your eyebrows and there’s now a colour picker for skin color (though limited, so no martians). There is also body paint! You can pick things like tattoos and body-hair, but there’s not much choice with them. There’s also facial customization with things like scars and face-paint. There is also a beard picker, hell yeah.

Finally, costumes! In this demo it seems you can choose between 3 costumes and can further customize it with a limited colour picker and sticker picker. To anybody who was afraid that class would determine your appearance, you may breathe a sigh of relief!

It also seems like accessories are separated from hairstyles, which is a big improvement over PSU (where hair and accessories were one and the same). Of course I expect that there will be limitations on them for certain hairstyles to prevent clipping, anyway. It appears you get to choose up to 3 accessories.

The voice picker is pretty much exactly the same as it was in PSU.

Pusher, or shover?

CASTs, at least male casts as they were the only ones demonstrated in the briefing, get to choose between parts in a similar fashion as they used to in PSU. I assume they have sliders and whatnot to change bodyshapes like their fleshy counterparts (given the way their shape changes with the random character generator). It also seems like human faces are not an option for male casts, at least not yet. No screenshot or video has shown otherwise, so this may be bad news for anyone wanting to play a humanlike male cast but I know female casts have human face options at least. Female CAST creation was not demonstrated, but you can see one with a human face in my post on units.

We also got a very brief glimpse of male Newmans during the demonstration!


Of course, their concept outfits as seen in previous posts aren’t present which means either they share the same defaults as humans or their models just simply aren’t ready yet. Edit: In fact it was confirmed that their models aren’t ready yet.

I’m pleased with this demonstration and am looking forward to attempting to recreate my PSU characters and maybe even new ones. There are certainly plenty of tools to play with now. Character creation in MMOs is a funny business, for despite the assumed importance of looking somewhat unique in these worlds, most character creators in MMOs are really lacking. In fact even today, PSU’s character creator is still pretty exceptional in the amount of customization it gives you, which is kind of sad. Sure there are good ones out there, like in AION, EVE, APB but they and games like them are the minority. Maybe it’s not really as important as I think it is!

My only real concern with this is how much will I be able to change post creation? PSU had “Lumilass” which was the makeover shop, in which you could alter an awful lot of your characters appearance for ingame currency (JP later added body shape for cash). PSO also allowed you to remake your character’s appearance. Given the history, I’m sure there’ll be a limited makeover shop of some kind, but what will be ingame currency and what will be in the inevitable cash shop is as of yet unknown.

PSO2 Concept Movie: JUMP ACTION!

This is a new gameplay trailer that was shown during the media briefing.

We get yet another brief look at “Large Party Areas”, which is where 12 players can do the same missions. Raids? Perhaps. Hopefully we’ll hear more of this feature soon. I also rather hope they fix whatever is going on with the glitchy animations present on his team-mates.

It’s nice to see that jumping actually has a use beyond, you know, just being able to jump. Looks like you’ll actually need it to navigate some of the terrain, which is good as this is more environmental interaction than we were privileged to have in PSU (which had less environmental interaction than PSO did).

PSO2 Media Briefing on Youtube

Here are some Youtube videos of the entire PSO2 Media briefing. I’ll be discussing various elements of this video in separate posts. If you can’t understand Japanese, worry not, for there are plenty of pretty pictures.

Kudos to Youtube user psobb12 for taking the time to upload this.

Some thoughts I will share here is that I am very satisfied with how the character creator looks. I was expecting Phantasy Star Universe with a few more sliders but I got a considerable amount more. It’s Aion level creation, perhaps a bit beyond in some respects. Something else that is particularly pleasing to see is that race and class combo will not lock you into any one appearance, which is something I really disliked about PSO, was glad that PSU dropped and was worried that Sonic Team might fall back on it to appease the rampant PSO nostalgia. Along with this, it’s also nice to see that there are no restrictions on what class certain race/gender combos can be.

Rumourmill – Global Servers

Starting with an easy one. “Global Support” was a phrase that came up during the initial press release for PSO2 at the Tokyo Game Show. One of the initial teaser trailers for PSO2 also had English text in it. This has lead people to speculate that this not only means that an English release is going to happen but that also the servers will be global, as in all PSO2 players will be playing to the same schedule and can access the same servers, as people used to be able to with the Dreamcast version of PSO. 

Real or Rumour? 

As of yet, nothing has actually confirmed wether or not the servers will be regionally split. In fact a western release hasn’t even been announced, nor has there been much of a fuss on Sega of America’s side about PSO2 in general. That said, it’s too early to disregard the possibility of a western release, but I have a feeling that global servers in the way a lot of people interpreted the phrase from the trailer will not come to be.

What we Know

As far as servers go, from the media briefing we know that there will be “World Servers” and that these will operate much in the same way as entrances did for PSU JP. For those outside the Phantasy Star franchise, think seperate realm servers on games like World of Warcraft or Aion, but not like district servers in Guild Wars. The characters you create on a particular world server can only interact with other characters on the same world server, so much like most mmos you will need to decide with your friends which servers to create characters on or else you won’t be able to play with each other. Not without having to create characters from scratch. Sakai has stated that he’s thinking about allowing character transfers but I anticipate that, like World of Warcraft, it will come with a price on the user.

As it is, I somehow doubt that the servers will be truly global, but as it is there is no information to suggest for sure either way. For now, this remains a rumour. As for “Global support” or “Global development”, if that’s referring to a synchronized content schedule for multiple regions of the game then we’ve heard that one before.


Let’s just get this one out of the way, ladies and gentlemen.

Yes. They’re boobs. They’re those things that girls have. Yes, girls. You know, those things you stalk or stare at with binoculars or through windows. So desperately wishing you could understand them.
Just one bit of the impressive character creator unveiled in the PSO2 media briefing and something that subsequent PSO2 newsletters as well as fansites and forums have taken particular notice of.

What can you say about this, really? Sakai um, is a little creepy perhaps, but he really knows his audience.

Kudos go to whoever made this gif!