Ultimate Naberius Campaign Quest


Just a small tidbit from the update site, but it seems that Ultimate Naberius will be getting a boost event starting on the 8th of November and lasting until the 6th of December.

Enemy power will be greatly boosted, but new drops will be added to the quest as incentive. So far, this is all they said about it. We have no idea how much enemies will be boosted or what drops will be added.

Essentially, it sounds like it’ll be the same treatment that Amduscia got so presumably 14* weapons will be added to the pool as well as some other stuff. If I were to hazard a guess, it’ll probably be Akatsuki, Jupiter Tullus and Quelle Windea (the Yamato 14-star weapons as we got the EscaFalz Mother 14-stars for Amduscia). If I’m right of course, this leaves Lilipa to gain Deus Esca’s 14-star weapons at some later date.

Unfortunately, they probably won’t be restoring the old AI and spawn rules so we won’t be able to re-live the days when Ultimate Naberius was new. For those who joined after that, back then you could have up to 4 mini-bosses and a boss at once at one point. It was a mad cluster-fuck of a quest but I sort of miss it.

I am sort of curious as to how it’s gonna work out, because unlike Amduscia this quest isn’t gated by a teleporter and you can even bring Partner Characters. I suspect they’ll at least disable Partner Characters for the duration of the event but otherwise you ought to be able to just hot-join and get straight into the action. For me that’s a good thing, I don’t really care how many people are about as I prefer to play uninterrupted, but for those who like to wait for a full party this might be an issue.

There is also the worry that they might make it so only Anga can drop the 14-stars, resulting in the revival of Anga farming but there’s no way they’d make that mistake again, right? Right?

Class Cap Bonuses and Mission: Decision


The official page for the next series of updates is up here. This post is just gonna share information on the class cap bonuses and anything else I deem interesting.

For the unaware, getting a class to lv75 will make all characters on your account eligable for these bonuses. You won’t have to cap every class on all of your characters.

The bonuses are as follows:

  • Hunter – +50 HP, +15 R-atk, +40 S-def
  • Ranger – +20 R-atk, +15 T-atk, +40 R-def
  • Force –  +15 R-atk, +20 T-atk, +40 T-def
  • Fighter – +2 PP, +50 S-atk, +15 T-atk, +10 T-def
  • Gunner – +2 PP, +15 S-atk, +50 R-atk, +10 S-def
  • Techer –  +2 PP, +15 S-atk, +50 T-atk, +10 R-def
  • Braver – +2 PP, +20 S-atk, +20 R-atk, +30 Dex
  • Bouncer –  +2 PP, +20 S-atk, +20 T-atk, +30 Dex

Totals for all classes capped on at least one character:

+50 HP, +10PP, +120 S-atk, +120 R-atk, +120 T-atk, +60 Dex, +50 S-def, +50 R-def, +50 T-def

Roughly the stats you might get from a selection of good all-round affixes on units. It’s not a bad boost overall. In order to claim your stat boost, you will need to collect it from the title counter upon reaching level 75. This rules out the danger of these bonuses stacking (as in getting multiple characters to say, lv75 Braver to stack the bonuses).

Challenge Quest: Mission: DECISION 

The next challenge quest is set to arrive on the 26th of August and will feature Tundra, Tunnels and Skyscape areas, this was already known so there’s no need to go into detail here. What’s more interesting to me is how they’ve decided to handle a poential flaw in having multiple Challenge Quests.

Challenge Quests are best run by organised groups, but most people don’t have this option. Most of us are gonna have to run with randoms, and randoms will typically refuse to even attempt the quest if there are less than 12 people there. So having multiple Challenge Quests would be an issue, as it’d split the player-base and in theory make it more difficult to start the run you’d like to do. This is just my theory-crafting of course, there are other reasons this could be problematic; such as one quest being easier than the other causing the more difficult one to become a ghost town as everyone takes the path of least resistance.

Anyway their solution is to seemingly alternate a boost between the two quests on a weekly basis. The boosted quest will pay out more Miles, giving incentive to people to run it. Is this a good solution? It’ll probably prevent the player-base being split up at least.

Mission: Decision will be boosted between 26th Aug to 1st Sep.

Mission: Start will be boosted between 2nd Sep to 8th Sep.

These could of course be one offs or just done every so often.

Mission: Decision is incidentally not necessarily the name the patch team will go with. If they choose a different name I’ll edit this post to reflect it.