Datamining Tidbits


That didn’t take long. Pretty much the moment after I published the other post in fact.

So all I’m gonna do here is recap some of the stuff found today. There is other datamined information out there but it’s better suited to other posts so I’m gonna leave those out. Mostly stuff with regard to Dark Falz and Ultimate.

As always, as all of this isn’t officially announced (aside maybe one thing) the content here may change or never actually make it to release. Don’t treat it as confirmation of anything!

New Emergency Quests

Oh, my favorite. There’s one in which you fight Dark Falz Elder and Loser, one after the other and an unnamed one which has a unique PSE condition. In this quest, PSE rates are boosted if people are wearing swimsuits. So that’s a first for the game; a quest which is affected by what your character is wearing.

The Elder/Loser Quest is named 来襲せし虚なる深遠の躯.

Future Limited Quests

Aside the Max Attack quest which we already know about (Which is presumed to be named “混沌まねく未知なる影”) there is one more.

境界を貫く双角の凶鳥, for now translated as “Border Breaking Bird” occurs on the altered Naberius field, otherwise known as Ultimate Naberius. This seems to almost certainly be the Gal Gryphon quest, so it’s nice to know where in the game this is taking place. It also appears that Anga Fundarge can spawn in the quest, joy of joys. Related to this, it seems that Bingo Orders that require Lv51+ Aberrations are included, so the area seems likely to be populated by them. I don’t know if they’ll have the full HP of their Ultimate Quest counterparts or not.

There’s also an unnamed story quest but who cares about the story. No data on it yet.

Sonic Fever

Sonic Nyau unsurprisingly comes with its own “Fever” affix in the form of Sonic Fever. It boosts all attack stats by 20 and PP by 4, making it by far the best Fever affix to date. It is essentially all of the Flict affixes in one (with 1 extra PP)!

While is a powerful affix, I think it’s probably going to be a fairly uncommon one to the point where it won’t make the Flicts worthless. I think this partly because this affix will only be available once a year, whereas the Flicts can be farmed all year round. It does however mean that all-round units just got a bit stronger. Take the theoretical combination of Apprentice Soul, Modulator, Sonic Fever and Ability III for example. This would grant 105 to all attack types, meaning it’s pretty much a universal combination that works for all classes. Due to the anticipated scarcity and limited availability of the affix however I imagine this combo would be prohibitively expensive to produce.

Photon Art Customisation

It seems that work has begun on infrastructure to allow Photon Art customization to happen. During an interview some time ago, it was said that they were considering allowing players to customize Photon Arts in the same way they can for Techniques now, though nothing has come of it until this.

Personally, I’m on the fence about this. I didn’t really enjoy customizing Techs much so I’m loathe to the idea of Photon Arts getting the same treatment. The worst bit for me is the randomness involved in creating that “perfect” combination of stats for a given Tech recipe. However, I’m for it because I think it’s also only fair that you should be able to customize all of the Photon Arts rather than just the magical ones. I wonder if it’s going to be its own crafting type or if they’ll extend tech crafting to accommodate it?

Aside that, every class will be getting 2 more skill points in exchange for 6 class Excubes each. That’s all for now, though this may not be the end of the data-mining for this particular patch…

Credit goes to Agrajag for finding this data.

Bonkohara Tweet and maybe Guilds

Regarding tomorrow’s test, Bonkohara seems to be recommending people stay on Ship 1, but to create new characters on Ship 2. Who knows. They were having lag issues with Ship 2 during one of the tests if I recall correctly. Hopefully we’ll get some videos of the new area and boss!

Another thing to share, some data-mining has unearthed the following strings in the game’s memory:

ShowGuildCreateWindow, ShowGuildDestroyWindow, ShowGuildReplyScoutWindow, ShowGuildLeaveWindow, ShowGuildKickWindow,  PromoteToManager, PromoteToCommon

I know guilds, or “Teams” as they were known in PSO:BB was something people were wondering would return. Now, the presence of these strings is certainly not a confirmation that there will be guilds in PSO2 (There hasn’t been any mention of them in promotional material so far), but it IS a confirmation that they’re at least considering it.
As far as I’m concerned, this won’t take away anything from the game, really. If there is no official guild function in-game, people will make guilds anyway (as seen rather extensively in PSU).