Well, Dragon. Sakai posted up some concept art of the Vol Dragon, the boss of the volcano area of planet Amduscia, on the official blog.. I’m afraid the rest of the post doesn’t actually seem to contain anything particularly new.

In case you don’t know about the dragon, I will explain. It has 3 visual forms, but technically 4 phases. It switches to the next form and phase by digging into the ground. Each form is more aggressive than the last, with the 3rd form having no exposed weaknesses at all. While in the 3rd form, the dragon can dig underground again to enter its 4th phase, which is visually no different than the 3rd. However it gains a new and very powerful attack, which if not blocked or avoided in some manner can kill players in a single hit. After expending all its energy in this attack, the Vol Dragon will revert to its first form and the cycle repeats. Breaking its tail at any point will also return it to the first form while also stunning it. The duration of the stun is longest if you break the tail while he’s in phase 3 or 4.

Remember, the pre-OBT begins tomorrow at the times listed in this post. Not much longer to wait, now!

Will there be an English patch?

There will not be an english patch for the pre-OBT, as the creator of the patch (Agrajag) rightly feels that it isn’t worth the effort for such a short test. Whether there will be one for OBT and beyond or not remains to be seen.

Be aware that the previous patch for CBT does not work for this test.


Took few days for them to release it, but here it is in all its dragon smashing glory!

  • The video shows 2 encounters with the Vol Dragon, with the first being in a multi-party area.
  • The dragon spawns in the stage rather than its own arena. It’s treated like an interrupt event, it seems boss battles are “Code: Duel”.
  • We finally get to see the Volcano Caves area in action, which is nice given how the alpha testers who leaked videos seemed to avoid the area entirely.
  • The player is a Caseal throughout the entire video.
  • The pool you jump into on the Camp Ship changes colour depending on the area the quest is in.
  • Lava is still hot.