New Class Details Released

Ricardo at bumped handily brought together a bunch of information concerning the new classes as well as their weapon types. This post will act as a summary as well as sharing thoughts I have on them.

Sega also posted the update page with an trailer showing off the new weapon types and classes. The site also reveals other things but this post is just concerning itself with the new weapons and classes. Embedding the trailer below.

To access each new class you will need to be lv30 in an appropriate class. Match the combat type, should be fairly self explanatory. You will also need to complete a Client Order.

This content and more will be arriving on the 12th of September.


Weapon types: Double-sabers, Twin Daggers, Knuckles, Gunslashes

Fighters get absolutely no block ability at all, as none of the weapons can block. Instead, they seem centered around avoiding damage entirely through evasive actions. Double-sabers don’t have any defensive ability whatsoever though, allegedly not even Urgent Evasion (the Fighter version of Hunter’s Step). Which is curious for them to say because the character in the trailer is clearly dodging while using a Double-saber.

Like Hunter, their weapons all have Gears Gauges. Double-sabers have a stock type, the same as Wired Lance and Partisan. The gauge is charged through attacking enemies and held until the auxiliary action button is pressed. This will consume the entire gauge and leave a tornado in its wake.

Knuckles have a heat type, similar to Swords. Attack things to keep it charged up. Unlike Sword Gears it will increase the attack speed of all of the attacks you do with Knuckles.

Twin Dagger Gears are oriented around air-time. The longer you stay in the air, the more damage you do. The moment you hit the ground, however, the gauge will reset to 0. Twin Daggers can’t guard. Instead, their auxiliary action is another evade move, but it isn’t demonstrated in the trailer.

Sounds like it could be a good class for people with good reaction times, but is potentially more fragile than Hunter is. The two stances it has (Brave Stance and Wise Stance) are both for increasing damage based on your position, neither are defensive. The attacks that Fighter weapon types have seem to be faster than Hunter attacks in general, which may make Fighters more boss-friendly given that bosses in PSO2 are pretty nimble overall.


Weapon types: Twin Machine Guns, Assault Rifle, Gunslash

Unlike Ranger, their key weapon (Twin Machine Guns) has gears. The class is centered around building chains and evading damage, as opposed to Ranger which is focused on status effects and weak points. Only unlike Fighters, Gunners will need to evade attacks in order to maximize their own damage, as Twin Machine Gun’s Gears Gauge will decrease when a player receives damage. Twin Machine Guns have a flip as their auxiliary action.

The chaining system is borrowed from Phantasy Star Portable 2, only it’s an effect that needs to be applied to an enemy like Weak Bullet. Hitting the targeted area will increase the chain.. The higher the chain, the more damage a photon art will do against that spot (once Chain Finish is triggered?).

Again it sounds like the class is better for people with quicker reaction times. Given that Rangers are more the sniper/heavy-gunner type than Gunners appear to be, I wonder how this will impact a Gunner’s durability? More durable as they’re more front-line or less durable as they’re more agile? At the very least Twin Machine Guns look like they’ll be fun to use, which is something I can’t say for Ranger’s weapon types.


Weapon types: Wand, Talis, Gunslash

Again, unlike their pre-requisite class their key weapon has a Gears Gauge. Like Swords and Knuckles, Wands use a heat type. This means you’ll need to keep it charged up. The charging mechanism appears to just require you to attack enemies with techs. A charged wand will add an elemental tech-attack to the normal attack. Unlike Rods, Wand damage is affected by T-atk, not S-atk. Despite this, Techers have more S-atk than Forces, which I guess is useful for Gunslash maybe?

Techers are allegedly more front-line fighters than their Force counterparts. As such they have more S-def than Forces as well. Mind, if this is true then why did they give them Talis? Higher S-atk would benefit Rods, plus Rods are much more front-line weapons than Talises are, so I really don’t get this decision. It’s possible that Wand’s mechanics would make Rods completely obsolete, of course.

Techers also have a class skill that boosts the range of support Techs. Overall the class seems reminiscent of Acrotechers from PSU. Mind, they look like they’re better attackers overall as well, which leads me to wonder where exactly Force will fit in after Techer is released.


Only a couple of bits of news here. First off, the sub-class system is now confirmed for October. Another thing that’s been confirmed is any class can be a subclass, not just the 3 upcoming ones. Finally, having Force as a sub-class will allow you to use Techs.

The other intricacies of sub-classing, such as what gear they can use and how a sub-class’s skills will contribute to the main class or how leveling them will work are as of yet unknown.

Double-saber Speculation Post

Sakai said he’d update his blog twice this week and that’s what he did. Sadly neither post talked about content beyond the one due on the 29th of August. However, a particular screenshot was posted that did show some post-August content. This post will concern itself entirely with that.

Yes, that is indeed the Naura Cake Shop. Naura is giving you the eye. But this post won’t be talking about her or her decadent little shop. Take a closer look at the player character there….

That’s a male Newman, no one cares about those though. Check out the weapon he’s wielding! It is in fact the same weapon he was wielding in the promotional pic for the Premium Package that was posted a while back. The icon reveals that it is in fact a Double-saber, which folds up when sheathed as you can see.

Two things to really talk about here: the middle icon and the icon on the right.

The middle icon is the auxiliary action for a weapon, which changes depending on the weapon type. For Swords it’s a guard, for Gunslash it changes attack mode. Now before, I speculated that Double-sabers may well have a mode change as their auxiliary action, to switch between Twin-Saber mode and Double-Saber mode.

Certainly the way the weapon looks when sheathed suggests that the two blades can be separated, but that middle button doesn’t suggest a mode change at all. Datamining also doesn’t back my speculation up, as the auxiliary action is labeled “tornado” in the client. This suggests that you twirl the Double-saber like you do the Partizan, but the Partizan’s icon for it is a shield. This could indicate that you can’t use Double-sabers to guard, so their auxiliary action may serve a different purpose.

The Gears Gauge is the same as the Partizan’s, so it could serve a similar function. It’s not conclusive of course, as the Wired Lance’s Gears Gauge also has the same appearance, which is charged through attacks. All that seems certain is that pressing Shift or the Guard button on your controller won’t split the Double-Saber up. If they do split up for anything other than being put away, then I imagine it’s only during specific Photon Arts.

Speaking of Photon Arts,  IS THAT TORNADO DANCE? It’s an icon that strongly suggests it might be! If you’re unfamiliar with Tornado Dance, it was a Photon Art in Phantasy Star Universe that was essentially just used as a transportation skill. Kind of like how Rodeo Drive is now for Launchers.

Here’s a video demonstrating Tornado Dance as it was in Phantasy Star Universe, uploaded by YouTube user aerawnt:

It certainly does seem like that icon would be fitting for an attack like this, eh?

Finally, these are two un-announced class skills belonging to what might be the Fighter class. They could be enemy control skills, but exactly what they do is up in the air. Nice to finally see something that belongs to the new classes other than weapon types, however!

Nothing new on the remaining weapon types (Knuckles, Twin Daggers, Twin Machineguns and Wands), but I suspect we’re set to hear more about them soon as September is merely a week away now.

NPCs With Unreleased Weapons + Future Content

You may have seen the screenshots already. In case you haven’t, here’s one and here’s another, both on Shougai PSO.

These two NPCs are weilding unreleased weapons. Regias, the male Cast, is weilding a Yonohate Fu, or “Sealed Yonohate”. Claris Clae, the female human, is weilding an un-named rod. This rod, as Shougai points out, is strikingly similar to something the player character finds in story mode.

If you’ve been following the datamining going on at psumods then you likely already know this, but the rod that Claris Clae is weilding appears to be a dark version of the completed rod that you are set to find in story mode (perhaps soon!). You may also know that Legias and Claris Clae are connected and that there is one more of them named “Kasura”. They are the three heroes, who are very important in PSO2’s story. Patty and Tea talk about them in this clip (there is currently no translation of the dialogue).

As for the Yonohate Fu, sealed weapons are hardly a new concept to the series. You may recall the Sealed Nodachi (otherwise known as Sealed J-Sword) from PSO. I imagine that the un-sealing mechanism will probably be a Client Order this time (likely through Zig), but could still involve killing a large number of monsters.

Surprise Picture of Debug Mode

4Gamer posted up an article sharing information from a lecture held by Mr.Kobayashi, the composer of the music in PSO2, concerning how the music system is handled in PSO2. Of particular interest to myself is a picture which includes debug information on it.

Unfortunatly I expect this to be the only glimpse into PSO2’s debug mode that we will ever see, but it’s a nice surprise still!

You can read more information on the Sympathy system here at Bumped.

Towards the Future

Shortly we should be hearing details about upcoming additions to story mode, with chapters covering the Mines (now known as Underground Complex) and Dragonland (now known as Sky Land). The two chapters were initially announced in an issue of Famitsu, a scan of the page in particular can be found here.

Shop Staff Carnival

Datamining revealed that the next scratch rotation is set for the 29th of August, the “Shop Staff Carnival”, which will include new costumes. Doodoo will be at the carnival gates, collecting your tears as an entry fee. As it’s data mined, it can’t be said if that’s the actual date that things are set to happen. This update could also be separate from the story content + Time Attack Quest update.

New Classes

The new classes are on their way! Officially speaking, we know that the classes are the same rank as the current classes. So no, they are not “advanced classes” as some have been speculating. We also know, officially, that in order to access the new classes you will need to be lv30 in an appropriate pre-requisite class. We also know they will have access to the new weapon types.

Will the new classes be limited to just the new weapon types though? It would seem not. Recall how the developers stated their intent to have some weapon types equipable by more than one class? Well datamining suggests that this is what the new classes will be able to use:

Fighters – All new striking weapons
Gunners – Rifles, Twin Mechguns
Techers – Talises, Wands.

All the new classes will also be able to use Gunslash weapons. Again as this is mined data this should not be interpreted as a definite, but Rifles and Talises as listed do support the “one weapon type for 2 classes” proposal. Sadly there is nothing at all about their skill trees, so that remains a complete mystery for now.

[Sources: Shougai PSO, 4Gamer]

Early Days of the Open Beta II: Lag Edition

Yesterday’s maintenance was only to remove the cap on character creation, however today’s maintenance is intent on fixing the lag as well as fixing some bugs. Well, good luck to them. Said maintenance could well be over by the time you read this post, as it’s due to end about 5 minutes after this post was published. So, the future, I have a question for you. Did they fix the lag?

Also, is it me or does the lag actually seem to get worse when Japan goes to sleep? It certainly seemed to be when the worst lag spikes hit for me, at least.

Hard Mode: Observations

Well now I’ve gotten to play around in hard mode a bit there’s a few observations about it and other general bits of the game that playing on a higher difficulty allows us to see.

You only need to unlock quests once.

Seems a given, but saying it just to remove any doubts you may have. When you unlock quests on normal, you’ve unlocked them on hard.

However, missions are not uniformly distributed by level requirement. Being lv20 doesn’t grant you access to all the quests. lv20 will grant you access to all the Forest quests and the first Caves quest. lv25 will grant you access to the rest, or up to the 3rd Desert quest anyway. To access the hard mode versions of the Free-Field quests you’ll need to be lv30, annoyingly.

Essentially it’s a blend of PSO and PSU difficulty. The PSO part is due to it being called “hard mode” and requiring you to do things to unlock it. The PSU part is the level requirements on a per-mission basis, making it functionally similar to “B-rank” versions of missions in PSU.

Items are tiered.

You may have noticed that the weapon with 4* rarity is actually weaker than the weapon with 2* rarity. In fact that awesome looking 7* weapon is statistically similar to a 2*. It appears that rarity is not directly related to item power this time and that the items themselves are arranged into tiers. It works something like:

  • Tier 1
    • 3 1* weapons, with clear stat progression. We’ll call them 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.
    • 1 4* weapon.
    • 1 7* weapon – Statistically as powerful as 2.1 weapons, but has a much lower requirement to equip it
  • Tier 2
    • 3 2* weapons, with clear stat progression. We’ll call them 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.
    • 1 5* weapon
    • 1 8* weapon – Statistically as powerful as 3.1 weapons, but has a much lower requirement to equip it?

This is the theory for each weapon type.

It’s possible it goes on like this, but this is only an early theory based on observation. The 7* and 8* weapons may not actually be included in this tiering system and behave by their own rules, at this point it’s not really certain as we’ve not seen enough examples yet. I can say though that you may want to re-consider splashing out on 7* weapons, as you’ll likely replace them quickly.

Update: Well after playing a bit more I see that there are in fact multiple 4* weapons for each type. See how quickly these early theories can unravel? There still appears to be some tiering involved, however.

Possible localised PSO2 announcement incoming?

Sega of America’s official Phantasy Star twitter feed, @phantasystar, seems to have moved on from PSO and is now posting PSU screenshots. This only leaves the portable Phantasy Stars before PSO2 (Phantasy Star: Portable and its sequel), which could indicate that an announcement concerning a localised version may be imminent. This is of course, just speculation.

New Content: Mags and Weapons

Sakai updated the official blog today to post a large number of images of new weapons and Mags. That’s really all there is to say about it, there is no significant new information in the post. As such, this post will be largely just images, so enjoy!

New Mags

First a selection of new images of Mags. You will need to level your Mag beyond 100 in order to get to the stage of evolution these guys are at. Much like PSO, how you raise them will determine what form they take, however their colour simply matches your character’s outfit.

New Weapons

No new weapon types in this selection, alas. There is, however, a new outfit that’s been snuck into this selection: a rather snazzy looking suit. Quite nice looking, isn’t it? I wonder if male Casts will get access to it?

It should be noted that these weapons will not be present in the pre-OBT.

Snow Fields

Among this gallery of new Mags and weapons that Sakai unleashed to the world there are a couple of other things I feel are worth noting.

The above shot, as well as a couple of the weapon shots in the gallery in this post, are the first high-quality shots we’ve seen of the new snow field area.

The snow fields, otherwise known as “Frozen Soil”, are split into two different themes like the other fields released so far. One is an area that looks suspiciously like a re-textured forest and the other is a more of a frozen rocky wasteland.

Have a selection of other shots of the Frozen Soil area.

You can find more high quality screenshots of all of the content in this post from Andriasang here.

Towards the Future

The pre-OBT is scheduled to take place towards the end of this month. We have yet to hear exactly what content will be included in it, or how long it’s going to be or really much of any actual detail to the test itself. Hopefully we’ll be getting a post explaining at least some of this before the actual test.

To finish off the post, some concept artwork of two photon blast creatures.

[Sources: PSBlog, Bumped,  Andriasang, Mewn]

PSO2: In Print.

Well it’s a little past mid-May now and a report on the CBT still hasn’t been posted. At this point I’m wondering if it’ll be released at the same time as the open-beta announcement is scheduled to happen, which is the end of May. The wait continues…

Meanwhile a member of PSO-World, AzureBlaze, shared a small excerpt of this month’s issue of PSM which briefly mentions PSO2. The magazine is of course concerning itself with the PSVita version of the game.

As far as I’m aware, this is the only time PSO2 has been mentioned in an english-language magazine at all (it has been mentioned a number of times on english websites however). This meager chunk of text is also much more attention spent on PSO2 than Sega of America has even done, which has yet to even go beyond barely acknowledging it.

Meanwhile in Japan, where PSO2 has been in all sorts of media fairly extensively, Famitsu is advertising a promotional offer. The image was uploaded to the PSO2 Uploader (JP) by an unknown user.

In short, apparently the next issue of Famitsu will come with a promotional code for a unique partisan, namely “Gaebolg/Nacht”.

[Sources: #egs IRC, PSO-World]

More 2nd Briefing Information – Closed Beta 2?

4gamer posted up a few photos from the 2nd part of the presentation, which was not broadcast to the public.

New Miniboss: Tranmizer

A new enemy was revealed during the secretive presentation:

It has melee capability with something that looks like claws and I’m going to guess those rockets aren’t just for show. It spawns in an area that hasn’t really been revealed properly yet, but it is part of the newest planet, Lilipa.

As with other minibosses, you will end up fighting more than 1 at once if your party is over a certain size

Seems we’re going to have a fair selection of mini-bosses on release, assuming this underground content is going to be present. So far we have:

  • Rockbear – Naberius forest
  • Caterderan – Amduscia caves
  • De Malmoth (the emergency code has 0/2, minibosses spawn in pairs for groups of 4 players). – Naberius snowfields
  • Gwanada – Lilipa desert
  • Tranmizer – Lilipa unknown area (looks underground)

Of actual bosses, so far we have

  • Vol Dragon – Amduscia caves
  • Dark Ragne – Where-ever the fuck it pleases, but has an arena in Arks Ship – urban area.
  • Snow Panther/Banshee – Naberius snowfields.

Should note those are not the official area names outside of Forest and Desert. Datamining loosely implies there may be one more miniboss and boss

Another Closed Beta?

According to Bumped here, the staff are considering conducting another closed test. The purpose would apparently be to serve specifically as a stress test to ensure the stability issues during the first CBT have been fixed.

Now, this paragraph is pure speculation, but I don’t expect this 2nd CBT, if it happens, to last all that long. They do seem intent on making sure this game still comes out on schedule, after all, plus as they’re only interested in testing the servers under stress a shorter time window would potentially cause more people to log on in at once. I also expect that as they want as many people on as possible, that they’ll choose a weekend to do it. If the staff really feel like they could use another test, that’s perfectly fine. I’m sure people wouldn’t mind a more stable product and LET ME PLAY.

Rumour also has it that the data from the 2nd CBT, if it were to happen, would carry through to the Open Beta. Will have to wait on an official announcement about that to be sure. The data from the CBT will still definitely be wiped.


Sakai and Kimura confirmed that double sabers and knuckles are weapons that will be added to the roster, as well as mentioning that more will be coming. In fact one of the NPCs in the story footage (namely, ゲッテムハルト) was in fact wielding knuckles.

I rather hope, given that weapon gears (a sort of charging ability that has various effects on Hunter weapons, depending on the weapon) now have to be unlocked through the skill tree, that free skill tree resets are handed out when they add said weapons.

Anyway so this is the weapon roster so far. Weapons that will be present on release are in bold. Weapons that are datamined but not confirmed weapons are in italics:

  • Sword
  • Wired Lance
  • Double Saber
  • Knuckles
  • Twin Daggers
  • Gunslash
  • Rifle
  • Launcher
  • Twin Machine Guns
  • Rod
  • Wand
  • Talis

[Sources: 4Gamer, Bumped, PSO-World]

Road to Closed Beta – The Dengeki Talk

The live talk at Dengeki’s Niconico channel was broadcast yesterday. Reposting the most relevant section of the talk here, uploaded by Youtube user RemiusTheAwesome.

To summarise the video:


…Right, seriously…

The Arks Lobby

First of all, the new Arks lobby seems to be really big. It looks a lot nicer than the lobby we had for the alpha tests, so yeah I don’t think I’m going to be missing it anytime soon. The colours are vivid, the neons are bright and there are computer screens all over the freaking place.
I also like being able to see ships landing and taking off through the windows, it helps make the place feel more like it’s alive.

The central elevator!

It’s still split up functionally in much the same way as the old lobby, of course. You have the shopping and hangout area on one floor and the mission area on another. The two areas have fairly distinct visual feels to them. You travel between the two floors via a central elevator.


The partisan was demonstrated! She sure was twirling it. What’s the purpose of twirling? To charge the “Gears” gauge, duh! What’s the “Gears” gauge? Turns out it was that meter above the attack buttons on the UI that Hunters could see. Charging it would have various different effects, for example charging up the Gears gauge with a sword would allow you to use a sword’s charge attacks more quickly. Almost instantly with a full bar.

I never could figure out what the benefits to charging Gears for the Wired Lance was, but using a photon art would consume 1/3 of the bar (the gears gauge for Wired lance is split up into 3 segments rather than a whole bar as seen for swords).
Presumably, there will be some benefit to charging the gauge for Partisans, but I haven’t read anything that suggests Sakai or anyone in the video elaborated on that.
Similar to wired-lances, the partisan has a photon art that can grab onto an enemy and throw them about.


Launchers were demonstrated! Nothing much unexpected, you fire projectiles that blow things up. What is new however is you can actually jump onto your launcher and ride it! It carries you some considerable distance as well!

You ever take it off any sweet jumps?


Talis… Talises… Cards were demonstrated! The Talis weapon can be thrown to remotely cast offensive techs. In the video, the tech used to demonstrate this was Gifoie, an as of yet unreleased tech. Gifoie is an area-of-effect tech, so to be able to cast it remotely is going to be a really useful thing for techers to have.

What could prove a more interesting mechanic yet is throwing the Talis in different ways can be beneficial to different techs. While throwing a Talis into a pile of enemies is great for a tech like Gifoie, it’s not very effective for Gizonde, which has a greater area of effect the greater the height it is cast from. For Gizonde, you can just throw the card into the air. You’ll have to forgive me for the quality of these shots are they’re taken from the stream.

First, throw the Talis high into the air above your enemies. You can do this by switching to TPS mode.
Once it's up there, cast Gizonde! The area of effect is pretty wide when cast from that height

Photon Blasts
Photon blasts were demonstrated! As you see in the video, they’re still very short lived bursty-type attacks. In this case, the unicorn like thing will charge in a line through enemies, dealing a lot of damage in its wake.

The photon unicorn charges through your enemies, blinding you in the process

But mags can do more than blasting! They can now support you actively as well. How they support you depends on how you raised them (what items you shoved into their.. um.. whatever they eat with). Striking mags can headbutt your enemies, ranged mags will shoot, tech mags will fire techs. You can also adjust their active behaviours as well as I believe what actions they perform on their own accord or what they perform when triggered (this isn’t necessarily a manual trigger, it could be say when a boss enemy is encountered).

So yes, you can feed your mags. They can be fed unwanted weapons and armor this time, so more like Phantasy Star Zero than PSO.

Other bits

There was no date announced for the beta! That information will be presented during the 2nd Media Briefing (this wasn’t a part of it). Said media briefing should be coming our way towards the end of this month, so be patient! The info is coming!

It’s believed that Sakai briefly mentioned the possibility of a Tekker being in the shopping area off the Arks lobby. If you don’t know what a Tekker is, in PSO it was a NPC you would take unidentified weapons to be identified. Of course, it’s not known at all what purpose they may serve in PSO2, if they even appear.

The FOneweal seems to have some new techs on her bar. Shifta on 7, Deband on 8 (or Agtal and Defbal) and what could be Ryuker on 0. Does the possible presence of Ryuker indicate that non-forces will be able to cast techs? At this point there’s nothing but pure guesswork to go on.

[Sources: Bumped, PSO-World, Remius, PSO2 official site for screenshots]

Famitsu’s Upcoming Beta Content Reveal

So the stream of new information this month continues, this time from Famitsu magazine, showcasing some various upcoming knickknacks in store for the closed beta testers.

Red hot lounging about action! The beta will be including new lobby animations.

Shougai PSO posted a summary of the information in the magazine, which Ricardo of Bumped wrote up an interpretation of here. All of the images in this post are extracted from his scans here.

New Weapons

So there will be 3 new weapon types in the beta, one for each class. Namely Partisans, Launchers and Talises (or however you’re meant to pluralize that).

Partisans are Hunter exclusive weapons. Like swords, they can attack enemies all around the player. What’s the difference? They’re quicker and have a special action named “twirl”. Twirling will speed up your gear. Your guess is as good as mine as to what that means.

Launchers are Ranger exclusive weapons and as the name suggests they launch things which then explode. What you may not have expected is that they’re held like PSU’s Grenade Launchers, not like PSO’s launchers.
I’m honestly surprised by this, because I’d have thought a shoulder-mounted cannon would work much better with a TPS-style camera. Then again, maybe it would have just gotten in the way too much, hm.

Finally, Talisesesesses, a Force exclusive weapon. They’re cards that can be thrown by the player, in the style of PSO’s cards. They can be thrown to remotely cast magic at enemies as well as to remotely cast heals on allies. It can also be thrown into the air to grant Gi-techs a wider area of effect.

These weapons, along with the previously released ones will be the only weapon classes that will be available at the start of PSO2’s release. So there will be 8 different weapon types in total. That’s considerably fewer than PSU’s selection, but then again PSU had an awful lot of redundancies in its weapon selection. Mind, depending on how they handle Partisans in PSO2 they ccould end up making Swords redundant anyway!

Sakai has said that more weapon types could be added in the future. Well we already know that there are a few weapon types hanging about in the client’s data which have yet to be mentioned..But to recap:

  • Swords
  • Wired Lance
  • Partisans
  • Double Sabers
  • Twin Daggers
  • Gunslashes
  • Assault Rifles
  • Launchers
  • Shotguns
  • Rods
  • Talis
  • Wands

The greyed out entries in this list are inferred from datamining efforts, thus are in no way guarenteed to appear in the future.

MAGs and Photon Blasts

Yes, Mags WILL be in the closed beta. Making all your wildest dreams come true, as well as blinding you permanently if the photon blast screenshots released by Famitsu represent how many of the blasts will look.

Many of PSO’s photon blasts were more like PSU’s SUV weapons, bringing down a rain of pain in a short burst. This time around, they will take the form of summonable mythical beasts which will fight alongside you in battle.

Unlike both PSO and PSU, the character will be able to move while their photon blast fires off this time.

Arks Lobby Rebuilt

Finally, the Arks lobby has had a makeover. This time it’s arranged as more of a tower, with the various Arks counters directly above the shopping area, with an elevator in the center to carry players between the two floors. It’s reminiscent of the Laboratory area of PSO Ep2, so says Sakai.

Not sure why they felt the need to change it, but it’s not like I was particularly attached to the lobby the way it was in the Alpha either.

[Sources: Famitsu, Shougai PSO, Bumped]

Wall of Speculation!

So during the PSVita Game Heaven video, revealing the handheld version of PSO2, you may have noticed some shots of a wall covered in concept artwork. Plenty of others noticed this as well, so this post is going to be looking at various thoughts people seem to be having as well as my own ideas.

Shougai made a post about this particular item, speculating that it may be a shield. It certainly does resemble one to a degree, but the character in the picture appears to be holding something in a very non-shield like pose. If it’s presenting how this weapon is meant to be held, that would make it similar to how daggers have been held in PSU and PSO.

It’s a very odd-looking dagger if it is one, however there have been references to daggers found through data mining efforts. No references to shields were found, but the results of data mining the 2nd alpha client may not be entirely relevant still. Personally speaking, seeing as Hunters have tank-like talents that they can unlock on the skill tree I wouldn’t mind seeing some defense-oriented weapons to compliment the build.

Now what could this little fellow be? I think it resembles a Medabot, myself, but of course that’s not what it is. Thoughts in the community seem to be between a type of Mag or a Partner Machine like we saw in PSU. This one is up in the air, really, as there’s nothing that’s been said or that’s been data-mined that could hint as to what this could be.

I like the idea of it being an end result of a mag the player has raised, however. It follows you into battle, riding on its hoverboard. When trouble arrives, it hops off its board and converts it into a weapon to help you to carve up your enemies. This would essentially turn it into a fusion between Mags and Partner Machines.

Looks like it’s the same little robot again. Speaking of little robots!

A Mag! This is fairly unambiguous so no real speculation needed.

This image I had to take some liberties with the resizing, given the awkward angle it was shot at in the footage. Using unsharp mask doesn’t really help it, either. Anyway, the two main speculations about what this could be is either a selection of long-bows or double-sabers. My first thought was long-bow, but to reference the data mining efforts again there is no long-bow type, yet. There is direct mention of a double-saber type, however!

Notice how each of the weapons also seems to have a version where they’re joined together and a version where they’re split up? This leads me to believe that they are in fact double-sabers, but also that double-sabers will have 2 attack modes. One where the weapons are joined together and the other where they’re split up to become twin-sabers. It wouldn’t be the first weapon to switch between two attack types, as Gunslashes already do this (melee and ranged mode). If this turns out to be true, it does make me wonder how the two modes will affect the photon arts bound to the weapon.

A selection of what appear to be some kind of ranged weapon. The main speculation I’ve seen is that this is a Launcher of some kind. Launchers were a shoulder-mounted weapon in PSO that fired a piercing projectile through enemies. They were replaced by Laser Cannons in PSU, which serve a similar purpose. Data-mining efforts have found references to a Launcher weapon-type, so chances are pretty good that this is in fact what we’re looking at.

Finally, a selection of spear-type weapons. I would mention data mining again but you don’t even need to mine the client as a partizan-like weapon was being wielded by a HUmarl during one of the PSO2 trailers.

A screencap of the aforementioned partizan-weilding HUmarl.

That’s all I’m sharing speculation on for now, this post has already gotten longer than I intended it to get. So to finish it, here are the unedited shots of the wall of concept art, without having been put through any resizes or filters.

Thanks to Vashyron of PSO-World for these shots.