This is a thought blog on the announced features of PSO2, as well as speculations and other articles I feel like writing. This will not talk about the previous Phantasy Star games unless it is relevant to something that’s happening with PSO2.

It was originally written to just cover the Japanese version of the game, but now that there’s a full-fledged North-American one some drastic site changes are in order. Old guides need to be purged and it needs to be clearer which server a given info-post is talking about among a load of other things. This is going to sake some time!

This is not a news blog, (I can’t really do one for this, as I cant read Japanese so I can’t understand any news announced :( ) so other sites will probably be more up to date. Especially Bumped. Seriously it’s the best news blog for PS-anything.

Thank you for looking at my blog! I hope it has been useful to you in some way, or at least helped point you in the right direction.

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