360 Default Controller Scheme

Note: These controls refer to the 2nd Alpha tests. They are part of a product that is still heavily in development and thus do not represent the final release.

Left Trigger: Sub Pallette Execution
Right Trigger: Step*
Left Bumper: Lock on/Lock off
Right Bumper: Auxillary Action
Dpad: Up/Down: Move through pallette. LeftRight: Move through sub-pallette
Right Stick: Camera control
Right Stick Button: Change Perspective
Left Stick: Character Movement
Left Stick Button: AutoRun
Back: Quick Menu
Start: Main Menu
A:Jump Cancel
B: Confirm/Pickup item
X: Normal Attack
Y: Photon Arts

* Step is the dodge move for Hunters. It will be Roll or Warp for Ranger and Force.

The image used on this page is an edited version of an image created by Wikipedia user Alphathon. Feel free to distribute and edit it.

Thanks to Espiokaos for the translation.

5 thoughts on “360 Default Controller Scheme”

    1. It depends on the weapon you have equipped. For some it guards, on Gunslash it changes attack mode and for others it changes between attacks you have equipped to the weapon.

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