Keyboard Controls

Note: Letter shortcuts won’t work if you’re in Direct Chat mode.


  • Movement [W] [A] [S] [D]
  • Attack [/]
  • PA/Tech [\]
  • Jump [Space]
  • Dodge [X] pr double-tap [W][A][S][D]
  • Extra Action [Shift] – Blocking, switching attack mode, etc.
  • Sub Palette [1] ~ [0] (not numpad)
  • Lock-On [Q] – Does not work in TPS mode
  • Switch Lock-On Target [Tab]
  • Picking up Item/Interaction [E]
  • Switch Point of View [Z]
  • Auto Run [V]
  • Switch Weapon [R] / [F]
  • Move Sub-Palette Cursor [G]/[H]
  • Use Selected Item on Sub-Palette [B]
  • Quick Action Palette [1] ~ [3] (numpad only)


  • Window Shortcuts [F1]-[F12]
  • Main Menu [F1] / [ ESC] / [Home] / [Pause]
  • Weapon Palette [F5]
  • Units/Clothing [F6]
  • Log Out [F12]
  • Quick Menu [END] / [F9]
  • Confirm [ENTER]
  • Cancel or Close [ESC]


  • Chat [ENTER]
  • Chat: /Say [=]
  • Chat: /Party [P]
  • Chat: /Team (guild) [O]
  • Chat: /Tell /Whisper [L]
  • Log Window Scroll [PageUp / Page Down]
  • Log Window Tab Change [Ctrl]+[←] / [Ctrl]+[→]
  • Log Channel Tab Quick Change [Ctrl]+[1]~[5] (Not numpad)
  • Shortcut Word [CTRL] + [NUMPAD 0-9]
  • Lobby Action [Alt] + [A] ~ [Z]
  • Direct Chat Mode [SCROLL-LOCK]


  • Radar Map Change [M]
  • Area Map Display [N]
  • Camera Zoom in / Zoom Out [+] [-]
  • Mouse Mode / Camera mode change [T]
  • Event [E]


There are two different control schemes for the mouse in PSO2. You can switch between the two modes by pressing T.

  • Left Click: Mouse Mode: Attack. Camera Mode: Select.
  • Right Click: Mouse Mode: Photon Arts. Camera Mode: Cancel
  • Move Mouse: Mouse Mode: Move cursor. Camera Mode:  Move camera

5 thoughts on “Keyboard Controls”

    1. sadly i have been searching for where to find a keyboard bind to swapping between the sub palette books. at least this place has a comment section to have me express this because i want to use all six sub palettes on the go

  1. NO, unfortunately. Even if you switch to the Camera Mode, it might seem like you’re playing in first person, but your character would not aim for whatever it is in the center of your screen, it would still aim to where it’s currently facing.

    So when your last keypress was “D” then the character would fire away to the right, and not to the monster attacking you in front. But when running, the character’s “forward” direction will follow that of the camera’s, which would mean that to aim properly, you’d need to press “W” and at the same time aim the camera at the target or, more easily, use the Lock-On targeting control keys (which I loathe, btw).

    I regret to tell you this, but Dragon Nest is probably the only other mmorpg I’ve properly played so I’m not used to making my character face directions using the WASD controls. And since I’m used to DN’s first-person camera mode, I almost always forget that my character isn’t facing the direction that my camera is aiming at. I always get killed all the time. It annoys me a lot. Seems like I just need to get used to the WASD keys for aiming…or use the Lock-On key (sighs).

    But anyway, other than that, the controls are pretty much standard and there’s not much to complain about. That’s all I could get from the little time I’ve spent on it. Might explore a bit more later though.


  2. PS: I would hope that they’d think of including an option in the settings which would allow the character to face the direction that the camera is pointing to. That would balance the work for my hands better: less burden for my left hand, and more for my [light-burdened] right.

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