Knee-Jerk Reaction on Extreme Quests

supWith the servers back up, the main two things that most players are going to be concerned with are the new outfits and the new quest type. We’ve seen enough outfits here lately I think so this post is mostly going to be my knee-jerk reaction to EXTREME quests.

You can find the catalogue of new outfits here. A complete catalog of current Arks Scratch items can be found here.

There are also current 3 campaigns that started today, Team Campaign 2, Client Order Campaign 8 and a FUN Campaign (not guaranteed to be fun).

How To Get Started

So after logging in I wander the lobby trying to find the new NPC, the one that gives out extreme passes. I find her, but she only effectively says “HELLO!” followed by “GOODBYE”. Well, odd I thought. Did I get an extreme pass? I search my inventory and find nothing. Go looking through menus to see if anything else was added, nothing there. Think maybe the extreme quest counter might say it, I see no extreme quests at the counter. Eventually give up and decide to run something else, only to be stopped while I head towards the campship. NOW suddenly I can obtain my daily passes and see the extreme quests listed at the quest counter.

PurinIt’s good to know that Extreme Passes are an actual item, not a virtual item as data-mining suggested. This means that you can indeed pile up passes over days and use them all at once if you so desire. The advantage of this is it means that those who have regular party members who can’t play every day aren’t left out so much nor do they reduce the number of potential runs other people wish to do. The disadvantage is you lose out if you don’t log in every day, so it also kind of a ploy to get people logging in.

Wait, wasn’t I supposed to get 10 Extreme Passes? Where are they?

This confused me as well, I spent ages looking through various storages to see where they were. I also relogged to see if that would trigger something, but to avail. As it turns out not everyone is getting their 10 free Extreme Passes at the same time. So, you’ll apparently get them eventually if you haven’t already. Source here.

Exchange Items

Like Advanced Quests, Extreme Quests have an exchange system. In this system you can obtain a number of 11* weapons and units. People may be disappointed that the katana shown during the Extreme Quest demo during the NicoNico broadcast isn’t present. It either means that it’s a drop only, or that it’s an exchange item that will only be added at a later date.

EXTREME_exchangeSo what about the items? Well there’s a currency, but it’s a multi staged currency. Think like Photon Drops to Crystals to Spheres. Oh boy. Well here is the order of exchange:

First tier is Crimson Fragment.

You will need 90 x Crimson Fragments to obtain 1 Crimson Ore

You will need 30 x Crimson Ores to obtain 1 Heart Key Spellstone

You will need 50 x Crimson Ore to obtain one 11* unit.

You will need 5 x Heart Key Spellstones to obtain one 11* weapon.

Total costs then:

One 11* unit costs 4500 x Crimson Fragments (or 13,500 for a full set of armor).

One 11* weapon costs 13,500 x Crimson Fragments

That’s a hell of a lot of fragments. Now there’s some unknowns here as I haven’t yet gotten to run an Extreme Quests (waiting on team mates to be available), I mean how horrific a grind this might be all depends on the rate at which stones are acquired. The only thing I’m concerned about is a player can only carry 99 of an item at a given time. This means to obtain Crimson Ore you’d have to make multiple trips to your item bank… effort.

So what about the weapons and units? Well in terms of weapons you have a Partisan, Twin Daggers, Twin Machineguns and a Wand. This means that Ranger and Force currently get absolutely nothing for now. Please look forward to future updates! Ugh.

Drip feeding on a professional scale here. I can’t comment on the grind for the items just yet, but I can heavily criticize the partial release of this content. I felt the same way about advanced quests not covering all weapon classes. Why would you do that? Why would you create content only relevant to a portion of the available classes? It’s dumb.

This is all I can really say about Extreme Quests until I run them myself. Though some of the things I’m hearing lead me to believe that I’m in for more disappointment (the quest resets to floor 1 if you clear it for example…).

[Sources: The Arkive, PSO2 Official Site. Thanks to Mewn for translations]

2 thoughts on “Knee-Jerk Reaction on Extreme Quests”

  1. Can we get some info on the Arks Grand Prix quest? I have absolutely no idea what the deal is with that.

    1. Not much to say about it. It’s a special quest intended for a contest which will be held at various venues across Japan. It gives no exp or items, so for players outside of JP or those not willing to enter the contest there’s really no incentive to run the quest at all.

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