Sega To Revive IPs: Is PSO2 Coming To The West?



Probably not, anyway.

In case you’re unaware, Sega recently announced that they are planning to revive their old IPs and aim for global releases of their future content, among other plans for their Business Roadmap to 2020 which can be found here. 

Among the slides you might spy something familiar…


So why might this not include PSO2? Well there’s no guarantee that it won’t, but it’d seem rather strange in the face of PSO2 closing down in Taiwan and South-East Asia.

It might just be too late to try. PSO2 is coming up to 5 years old now and the US version announcement is now nearing the same kind of age. The enthusiasm and excitement for a localized PSO2 has surely long gone.

That’s no guarantee, mind, I’m just making assumption based on the time scale for the general populous. I know from people contacting me through Twitter that there are still people out there eager for an official US release and I’m sure if it did happen they might do OK. However I feel even then they would have to release it with everything up to the end of Episode 4 and possibly some of Episode 5 in order to avoid the dreaded Content lag that plagued PSU and the SEA/TW versions of PSO2 before it. Even with all that, people rightfully have trust issues with Sega of America after their dubious performance with PSU (even if that may have arguably been Sega of Japan’s failings that ultimately caused that).

For me, I believe if this presentation means anything that it suggests PSO3 may have become more likely to be a global release. PSO3 could be another 5 years off, as Sakai planned to support PSO2 for 10 years and we’re only halfway through that (though even that’s not guaranteed!). One thing to take into account is this is their company plans for the next 3 years, so it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be acting on all the things they said right this very moment and that PSO2 announcements will occur any day. If they did act on any of these plans it’d take some time for their effects to be noticed, if at all.

It’s honestly hard to tell with a company like Sega. Remember that PSO2 did have a few hints that they were intent on an international release at one point, but for whatever reason those plans fizzled out seemingly abruptly. PSO3 could share the same fate.

Ultimately, this presentation while nifty to think about may be absolutely meaningless. It’s only a set of plans, and particularly vague ones at that. They may not deliver on most or any of it in the end.

3 thoughts on “Sega To Revive IPs: Is PSO2 Coming To The West?”

  1. I just wanted to say that they haven’t released PSO2 in North America because of legal copyrights with a company in Taiwan(Am i right? i found it on an article called “Here’s the real reason PSO2 isnt coming to the west.”). now that PSO2 SEA is getting taken down, don’t you think it would be possible that a North American release is imminent? SEGA did insist that PSO2 was heading for NA.

    1. As I understand, that was an ubsubstantiated rumour. TSSZ can be a bit dubious at times, so while they might be right I woiuldn’t trust them completely.

      Alas nothing would really be a sign that a western version is happening short of Sega of America saying so themselves (and not a “we havent canned it” an unambiguous “we’re doing this for reals”) and even then I feel its not guaranteed! Afterall, they said it was definitely happening before.. D:

  2. “The enthusiasm and excitement for a localized PSO2 has surely long gone.”

    Tell that to the 2000 people in the PSO2 English Discord, and I am sure there is plenty more out there just waiting for an official release. Many of my friends are obsessed with the game, but don’t want to go through the hoops of setting up an account and all that jazz. I am sure there is a very profitable and eager market just waiting for PSO2 in North America.

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