Launcher Options

Top Buttons:

1:Simple Settings Used to quickly change general options.
2:Basic SettingsChange the language (only JP at the moment) and choose whether to display videos or not
3: Screen SettingsSet resolution, display mode, max framerate and UI size.
4: Drawing SettingsChange texture setting and turn shaders on or off.
5: Sound. Change the volume levels of various channels
6: Functions

Bottom Buttons:

7:Save Settings
8: Reset
9: Go to Website – Clicking on this will open in your browser.
10: Close Options and return to launcher

Saving Settings

When you click the “Save Settings” button, this window will open up:

Exit and save all changes | Exit and discard all changes | Cancel and return to options

Simple Settings

1: Overall Graphics Slider – This is the simplest way to adjust the game’s graphics, reduce this if you are having performance issues. 1 is lowest quality, 3 is balanced, 5 is high. This will alter a number of the more advanced settings.
2: Reset Graphics Settings to Default? – Uncertain
3: Read a Saved Settings File
4: Save Settings to a File

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Basic Settings

1: Set Language – Currently the only selectable option is Japanese. It’s not know if this will expand in the future or not
2: Lobby Monitors – Set whether movies can play on the lobby screens or not. The first option will enable them, the second will disable them

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Screen Options

1: Display Mode: Choose between the following three settings:

– Windowed
– Full Screen
– Virtual Full Screen – Windowed full screen, essentially. Useful for those wishing to quickly switch between windows but with the visual benefit of fullscreen. Matches your current resolution.

2: Set Resolution
3: Set Maximum Frame Rate – The last option is no cap.
4: Set UI Size – Changes the size of the text, buttons and user interface in game.

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Drawing Settings

1: Texture Quality – Choose between:

High Resolution

2: Shader Quality – Choose between:

Simple – This will save massively on performance, so set it to this if your computer is struggling to run PSO2. This may also resolve some stability issues with the client.

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Sound Options

1: Background Music Volume
2: Sound Effects Volume
3: Voice Volume
4: Cutscene Volume

At the bottom of the sound menu is:

Turns global sound on or off.

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1: Internet Properties Settings – Opens up the properties window in Internet Explorer.
2: Confirm Connection

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