Acquiring Your First Mag

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Getting your first Mag (and incidentally the only free Mag) is quite a bit different to PSO, where you got one upon character creation.

The first thing you will need to do is reach level 5. Once you do, a new Client Order will become available for you.

This is Kofi. She will have a blue icon above her head, indicating that she has a Client Order available to you. When you talk to her, pick the 2nd option that pops up.

This is the client order you will want to take on. The red (!) indicates that it’s a client order that isn’t currently active.  Don’t worry about the Japanese text, most of it is irrelevant to you. The only bit that is relevant is the text before the “X 10”. This is the quest objective, in this case it is telling you to go and get 10 Fungolf horns. Fungolves are a forest monster, a red-horned version of the wolf-like monsters you may have encountered already.

Select the client order, then click or press the left button in the window that pops up to accept it and make the client order active.

This message will pop up after Kofi says some things. This means that you’re good to go! It’s time to head to the Quest Counter.

The mission you’ll want to do is the one that has the blue icon next to it. This indicates that this mission can be used to fulfil a Client Order. You may have multiple client orders, thus many missions could have this icon next to them. In any case you will want to pick the 2nd mission on this screen.

Do not worry if you have no idea what a Fungolf is or what it looks like, as in this particular mission the game makes a big fuss when they spawn as they are also the mission objective. When you dispatch them, they have a chance of dropping the required item. Yes I am afraid it’s not a 100% chance, but the odds are quite good still. You’ll know it’s dropped because it’s a yellow box, which you can see in the above picture on the left.

In this mission the only monster you will need to kill are the Fungolves, so if you don’t care about rank and want your Mag as quickly as possible I suggest you just skip all enemies to Area 2, then ignore everything there and run around the map until you encounter them.

You can check how many you’ve acquired in total by opening your inventory. Hit F2, or CTRL+F2 if you’re in direct chat mode, to bring up your inventory. Click on the 8th tab to look at material items. When you’ve picked up enough Fungolf horns, which may take a number of runs of this mission to do, you’ll get an in-game message and a sound will play. There are of course other indicators that the quest is finished if you miss that.

When you return to the Arks Lobby, if you have 10 Fungolf horns Kofi will now have this green icon above her head. This indicates that you have completed a Client Order that belongs to this NPC.

When you speak to Kofi, pick the 2nd option again to bring up her Client Orders. You’ll notice it now has a green icon, indicating that it’s completed. Select it and press the left button to complete the quest. You’ll know when it happens!

Congratulations, you now have a Mag! The final part of this guide will show you how to equip it.

Press ESC to bring up your main menu bar. Select the furthest button on the left and pick the 3rd item there, highlighted in the above screenshot.

Selecting it will take you here, which will show you information about your Mag. This guide won’t concern itself with the details, but this is also where you can feed it. In the left window, click on the Mag.

Select the 3rd option in the window that pops up to equip it.

If it look like this, then you have equipped your Mag. You can unequip it the same way.

That concludes this guide. Your Mag will match the colour scheme of your outfit.
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4 thoughts on “Acquiring Your First Mag”

  1. I am not seeing the blue icon when I look through the mission list.
    Would this be a problem for getting the Fungolf horns?

    1. no, just do either the 2nd mission or the 4th mision.
      2nd one is the one where the big wolves are the target (they have the horn LOL)
      4th one is the rappy arrest mission, i just keep running the block that respawns monsters on this mission to get the wolf horns.

      1. I see the horns do still drop even if the blue marker isn’t there just to clarify.
        Thanks! I got my cute little mag now. :)

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