PSO2: Handheld Edition!

The PS Vita Game Heaven website updated just earlier, with numerous videos. If you’re interested you can check them out here. Of course, thisblog is only interested in what Sakai had to say, so here’s an embed of his section:

So yes, looks like there will be a handheld version of Phantasy Star Online 2 on the PSVita. This version is online only and shares servers with the PC release of Phantasy Star Online 2, essentially turning into PSO2 on the go. So I’m afraid if you were expecting an offline side-story sorry to disappoint you. PSO2 on the Vita is only 10% complete at current, so we won’t be seeing it soon after PSO2’s release on the PC.

My initial thoughts are that seeing as they use the same servers, what happens when the PC servers have a content update? I don’t know how the PSVita memory storage works, but I suppose it’s possible that the system could store patch data on it. But this just brings up another issue, in particular is there a danger that having 2 versions of the same game will mean we end up with staggered updates? Or worse, updates being held back from the PC version due to limitations on the PSVita version, as happened between Phantasy Star Universe’s PC and PS2 versions?

I will admit that PSO2 on the go is a tempting proposition, but not one that would cause me to shell out for a PSVita any time soon.

PSO2 on the PS Vita will be out some time in 2013, so says the official blog.

Concept Art

Well we’re out of all the race/gender defaults so now it seems they’re going to be teasing us with concept art of the outfits.

Getting a strong Jet Set Radio vibe from this one.

According to an interpretation by Bumped here, these costumes will be available in the closed Beta but can’t be selected at character creation. I don’t think it’s a huge leap of the imagination that the costume shop may be opened for the next tests. This also confirms that only the race/class/gender default outfits will be available when creating characters, which isn’t particularly a shock.

[Sources: PSBlog, Bumped, JP]

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