Where are the Fang Banthers?

Players on Ship2 may have noticed something’s been missing so far this update, as the Fang Banther Emergency Quest hasn’t yet happened.

Update: At 4:00pm UK time, Ship 2 got the Fang Banther quest.

But it’s only been two days…

That may or may not be significant, it entirely depends on how Emergency Quests are picked by the server. All I know for definite is that the times they can occur are random enough (or at least appear to be).

Now, based on my own observations and after asking other people if they’d noticed the same, while we had two Emergency Quests we never got the same one twice in a row. As in, if the previous Emergency was the 500 point mission, we could reliably predict the next one would be the classic Urban quest we first saw in the closed beta. That would suggest the missions are on a rotation, but  it doesn’t mean that that’s definitely the case.

There is another system which could produce the observed results; a system that prevents the server picking the same quest twice in a row but randomly chooses the next quest still. Of course, until recently it only had one other quest to pick from.

Finally, my observations as well as the observations of others may be faulty. We may have missed occasions there a given quest happened more than once in a row (we all sleep, after all). If that happens, then it’s just randomly picking from all quests each emergency.

So there are three possibilities:

  1. The server is picking the quest completely randomly each time. Conclusion: Bad luck so far
  2. The server is preventing itself from picking the same one twice in a row, but still randomly picking the next one. Conclusion: Bad luck still
  3. The emergency quests are on a rotation. Conclusion: The mission hasn’t been added to Ship2 for some reason. Update: According to Bumped’s translation of Sakai’s latest blog post, the missions are selected randomly. While that doesn’t completely rule out the 2nd posssibility, naturally the rotation theory is out.

It’s known that the Fang Banther mission has shown up on other ships, but I don’t talk to enough people who play on different ships to know if any of the above three theories holds up. If you have information, I would like to hear it.

Sega didn’t add the mission to Ship2 just to spite the foreigners!

No. This is stupid. You are stupid.

Other News

4Gamer has posted up a bunch if high-quality screenshots of the upcoming Floating Continent area, which is to be added to the servers on the 8th of August.

Looking at the Quartz Dragon’s arena here, I wonder if this is how area 2 of the Floating Continent will look? It certainly looks more like a continent (or at least a big island) there, complete with a large body of water. Given how most of the screens of the new area seem to be small floating chunks of land the name “Floating Continent” feels like a bit of a misnomer. I suppose it’s easier to say than “Floating Chain of Islands” or something.

Also these are the happiest drakes. Just look at them. That one on the far right is having a blast.

5 thoughts on “Where are the Fang Banthers?”

  1. I play on Ship 8 and got the Fang Banther mission just once since the maintenance. I’m guessing it’s really random?

  2. if the emergency is random, i really hope they dont decide to make quests for them. that would be stupid later on a couple years down the road when there are like 10-20 emergencies rofl. still havent had any contact from sega. *sigh* i know if they would just look at her account they could figure it out and fix it for her…. i know its a free to play game but still ive been begging them for weeks now. only reason its such a big deal is on top of nobody liking to lose a character she has a couple of the dresses thgat are now ncurrently not available on the scratchers…. D:

    1. one thing they could do though that would be really cool is make quests for emergency missions and next time there is an emergency that quest is available to you until your quest is completed :D now that would be pretty cool.

  3. so apparently it seems that a hacker can hack your account, unregister you from all your sega id games, and SoJ wont do anything about it. way to go sega way to make your customers trust you to be there. to me this is worse than the FSODX data corruption days of gamecube….. at least with that you had a chance to hit level 200 before losing everything….. makes it seem to not be worth playing to me now. cause all i takes is someone gaining access to your account then you will lose it all and sega wont even give it back to you….. this is the most rediculous thing i have ever heard of.

  4. just reading the pso2 news and was wondering what this new terms and conditions update means.

    “We patronizing “Phantasy Star Online 2” from patronage, Thank you very much.
    August 8, 2012 from 11:00 (Wed), Terms of Use “Phantasy Star Online 2” will be revised as follows.
    The Section 8 specifies a new Article 2.
    (Use of game servers) Article 2 of
    this connection to the game server 8., you shall be limited to the connection from the software that is installed on the terminal exists in Japan.
    It is prohibited to connect via a direct connection to Japan from abroad, and a terminal located in Japan and from outside Japan.
    “Phantasy Star Online 2”, so you strive so that you can provide you with the best possible service in the future by everyone,
    We look forward to your continued patronage continued.
    Management team “Phantasy Star Online 2″ ”

    to me from how i am understanding the translation it seems like they are ip blocking all non japanese players from server 8, or if not ip blocking banning them as they find them. could be an incorrect translation but if anyone else knows more on what this means id love to know.

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