Mining Base Defense: Drop Rebalance


Almost anyone who has played either of the Mining Base Defense quests will have experienced it; You’re about to defeat Dark Vibrace (however you want to spell it), your group is making good time and you might even get three runs in, when a massive lag spike suddenly brings the whole thing to a halt. Players worked out a long time ago that this lag occurred when the faster groups completed their runs and hit the big crystal at the end and that the server was choking while generating all those items.

Seems this has been officially acknowledged by Sega now and they’re set to implement a fix of sorts as detailed by this post here. 

You're killing the server, you assholes!

You’re killing the server, you assholes!

In true Sega fashion, they’re fixing the symptom rather than the cause by reducing the number of items that the crystal will generate from now on. In fairness this may be the only good fix available to them, the cynic in me is just convinced they’re taking the lazy way out. Remember when they removed the number of chairs in the lobby because they caused lag? CHAIRS.

Before you go turning all your 10*s into Photon Spheres instead of EXcubes, they’re not just reducing the number of drops but changing how the drop system works. Here’s a rundown:

11* drops will not be affected at all. This means that you’ll still have the same number of rolls for them, depending on your rank on the quest result screen (5 rolls at S-rank, 4 rolls at A-rank, 3 rolls at B-rank and 0 rolls at C-rank).

The total number of items dropped from the table built up during the quest will be reduced, but when picking items to drop it will be sorted by descending rarity. Before, this selection was completely random, now it sounds like any 10*s that were added to the table during the quest will be selected to drop before anything else. This means, potentially, you could get more 10*s from the quest than you did previously if I understand this right.

The total number of Meseta drops will be reduced. OH NO! But there will be no change to the average amount of Meseta you can obtain from the quest this way.

No other quests will be altered, it’s just both Mining Base Defense: Invasion and Intrusion.

Under the SEA: Extracted Names from PSO2 SEA



Some prelimnary data-mining has taken place on the upcoming South-East Asia version of PSO2, which is due to start its Closed-Beta soon.

Many of these names concern unreleased content on the SEA servers and as such may change before they’re released. Some names may well just be a first-pass effort and haven’t been cleaned up or checked by editors. Regardless, let’s list some of the more significant ones!

I’ve chosen to list a few which remained the same just because. This is by no means a complete list of all the names in the client. There are a few inconsistencies with names in various places as well (where for example a Client Order may spell an enemy name differently to its appearance elsewhere).


Force = Wizard
Techter = Techer
Braver = Samurai

Class Mechanics

Technic/Technique = Magic


Talis = Deck


Scape Doll = Self Revival Kit

Area Names

Forest = Greenscape
Caverns = Cauldron
Desert = Lost Sea
Tundra = White Summit
Tunnels = Underworks
F.Cont = Skyscape

Other Area Names

Terioto = Ter’Jotr

Race Names

Deuman = Deuman


Shifta = Amplify
Deband = Shield
Resta = Heal
Anti = Purify

Photon Arts

Surprise Dunk = Ambush Slam
Speed Rain = Sudden Squall

Planet Names

Lilipa = Lilipur

Other Areas

My Room = My Quarters

NPC Names

Affine = Afin
Klotho = Chroto
Hans = Hans
Gettemhult = Guntram
Revelle = Lavere
Kressida = Cressida
Lottie = Lotty
Rubelt = Ruberto
Franka = Franca
Azanami = Azanami
Fourier = Fourier
Amelin = Emeline
Quna = Kuhna
Kasra = Casra
Patty and Teia = Pati and Tia
Ohza = Oza
Risa = Risa
Astarte = Ashtalt
Ro Kamits = Ro’Kamiz


Darkers = D-Arkers
Kuklonahda = Quchronada
Cyclonehda = Cycloneda
Kartagot = Carthago
Krahda = Krada
El Ahda = El Arda
Breeahda = Briarda
Ga Wonda = Gawonda
Gu Wonda = Guwonda
Micda = Micta
Ol Micda = Ahl Micta
Krabahda = Crabarda
Dahgasg = Dhargash
Dicahda = Dekarda
Predicahda = Bredicarda
Bleu Ringahda = Bru Ringarda
Falz Hunar = Falz Hunar

Other Enemies

Ford’ran = Fordran
Sparzyle = Spazile
Signo Gun = Signogan
Guardine = Gardeen
Yede = Yedi
Phongalhpur = Phangalphur
Bal Rodos = Bal Lodos
Fjorgalla = Fiolgara
Aculpus = Acklepus
Rogbelt = Lhagbelts
Varder Soma = Vaadasoma/Vardha Soma(!)
Embryo Varder = Embryo Vardha(!)
Deegnatz = Deegnacht
Caterdraal = Caterdrahl
Burn Draal = Burn Drahl
Mi Micda = Mee Micta
Dal Malri = Dal Malre
Banther Oran/Elena = Banse Oran/Elna
Signo Blue = Signo Blue
Tranzexia = Tranzexia
King Varder = King Varder
Dark Agrani = Dark Agrahni
Banther Ong = Banse Ang
Banther Donna = Banse Dona
Alonagahda = Aronagarda
Crys Draal = Crys Draal
Rishrayda = Rigshraider
Zoron Goraal = Zolon Gorahl
Noir Draal = Nowal Drahl

Enemy Types

Lilipa Mechs = Automata
Dragonkin = Dragonii/Dragorii
Oceanid = Neptunian

Other Natives

Lilipan = Lagomite

Environmental Stuff

Shell Flower = Fusillade Flower
Darchyme = Darchyme/D-arkeim
Funji = Fhan-Jee
Gel Wulff = Gel Bulf

Emergency Code

Arrest = Hunt
Avoid = Evasion
Present = Gift
Attack = Assault
Protection = Defense
Collect = Collection

Other User Interface Stuff

Good Job = Thumbs Up

I made a mark against the pair of Vardhas listed because that name is precisely the one that the English Patch team came up with. While that could be coincidence, this has occurred before with enemy lists inside the data-mined alpha PSO2es client a while ago. Is someone at Sega using the patch themselves, perhaps?

Incidentally Wizard is totally the official name for the Force class now.

I also like the name “Lagomite”.

Credit goes to Agrajag for digging them out and him and Qwerty for going through the names. 

For more information about the SEA version of the game, you can find the official site here and the Facebook page here.

Towards the Future: New Fields and Enemies


It’s time to look ahead once again, at the things that will be and the things that MAY be as well. With the road-map starting to run dry we enter more into unknown territory.

As always, anything regarding data-mined information is to be treated as speculation as it is content that may never make it into the live game or drastically change before it does.

As the name suggests, this post will only have a ponder at the upcoming fields and enemies, both announced and otherwise.


At current, there are three known fields that have yet to be released, with only one being on the current road map.


Remember that big ship you’re not allowed on that’s at the heart of the ARKS fleet? Yeah well seems you’ll be going there at some point.

In what form this field will be accessible in is somewhat unknown. Will it be restricted to story mode? Will it be yet another Emergency Quest or will it be a brand new accessible field complete with Arks Quests and Free Field? As far as I am aware, this hasn’t been confirmed anywhere in any capacity, but please correct me if there is information to say otherwise. Certainly the trailer suggests that it’s story-only.

As a bit of trivia, this is the third field of the Arks Ship “planet”, with the other two being Urban and Darker’s Den.


This is the first unannounced potential new field. The name would strongly suggest it belongs to Wopal, if it wasn’t for the code confirming it. Aside from the internal name however, nothing is known about the field.


Like water3, pretty much nothing is known about this field. Internally, the pair of the fields are essentially blank archives. Seems SEGA’s been wiser to the efforts of datamining lately!

What’s significant about castletown is that the code for it indicates that it belongs to an as-yet unannounced planet. Which I suppose would be fitting, I mean water3 would bring Wopal up to 3 fields, in line with the rest of the planets. So it’s not entirely unexpected that if they were to add additional fields beyond that, a new planet would appear for them.

Not exactly sure what to expect from this. My first thoughts are of course of a medieval setting of sorts, on a planet currently going through its dark ages which could be cool. But then, being born European I might well assume that from the name “castle”. It could refer instead to Japanese themed castles, or it could as well just be a map that very vaguely resembles something like a castle.

Should this really be the next planet, we won’t know when it’ll turn up until the next road map is out I would imagine. At the rate they’re currently adding fields it could be some time before we see it!

New Enemies

Well, only three new enemies have been officially announced of sorts.. Seen in two separate trailers.

Bird Falz!

chrome 3/4/2014 , 2:15:26 PM FireswordMRM - Twitch - Google Chrome

Falz Angel! Presumably the first form of the Bird variety of Dark Falz.

This is presumably DPBirdHuman that we saw in the 17th broadcast. I anticipate that it’ll be encountered first in Story Mode before it’s unleashed into the general game, as was the case with Dark Falz Hunar.

chrome 4/1/2014 , 3:40:49 PM FireswordMRM - Twitch - Google Chrome

This guy has had no nameplate shown for it so far. Some of us are guessing that this is BirdOwl internally due mostly to its er.. roundness. This trailer suggests that the boss is part of the 12-man quest arriving some time in May. Like Falz Angel, it seems to have a lot of technic-based attacks.


This is presumably the final form of bird Falz. If the 12-man quest works like Falz Arms and Falz Elder, then I wonder that we’re going to have to fight “BirdOwl” in order to unlock a go at it? So far, this form hasn’t been revealed outside of a trailer.

Mr Bowan

Internally known as “JackBox”. This seems to be another enemy along the same veins as Mr Umblla, Mesetan and Tagamikazuchi, an ultra rare enemy. Like Umblla, it has its own unique Emergency Code, “Joker”.

It looks more like a Djinn rising from its magic lamp than a Jack in the Box but oh well!

It looks more like a Jinn rising from its magic lamp than a Jack in the Box but oh well!


Defeating him will grant you a 300% rare drop boost for a limited time.

Other Enemies

Aside that, we have varying NPC enemies in the shape of  ZHu1, ZHu2, ZRa1, ZRa2, ZFo1, ZFo2, O, M, R, F, K_GS, K_TH. The Z** range I’m pondering may be enemies encountered in the Oracl field, as the trailer does suggest that a number of ARKS get brain-hacked by Luthor (the Z is for Zombie!). The rest, I’m going to leave up to speculation, as it could well be spoilers. Not bothered by spoilers? Then highlight the next bit of text:

The O, M and R enemies could be Ohza, Marlur and Risa, the three class trainers. This would leave out Azanami, as there is no language in which her name starts with an F. The only other possibility I can think of would be Fourier. K_TH is likely Theodore, who has gone a little off the edge since being turned into a Dewman. K_GS is less certain, I don’t know who that could be at this point. 

Aside that, we have Ladybird, BirdBat and BirdBatRare.


Well that’s about all that’s known for now. While this is data-mined information and of course does not represent future content, I think it’s reassuring that there is evidence they’re working on things they have yet to reveal.

Sadly, no new time-attacks or quest types indicated in the data at least…

26th March Update’s New Photon Arts


The 26th March update saw the addition of a few new photon arts. This post will share what information I’ve learned about them myself as well as gathered information from elsewhere.

Sacrificial Bite

Roots the user in place while it’s grappling an enemy. It can absorb up to three stages from an enemy, if it can be grappled. If it can’t be grappled, you will only ever get one stage of power from it (this means you’re only ever getting one stage of absorption from bosses).

The boost to power gained lasts 20 seconds at stage 1, 30 seconds at stage 2 and 40 seconds at stage 3. The effect is 20% additional damage to all sword attacks and photon arts, regardless of the current level of photon art or stage of absorption.

Switching weapons will cancel the effect.

It can be guard-cancelled at any time, in which case your absorption stage will be whatever it was when you guarded.

The absorption effect does not care if an enemy is dead, it will continue for as long as the grapple lasts.

Current gear level will reduce absorption time significantly.


It’s a nifty enough boost but ultimately it does little to bring swords in line with the current best weapons. The use time is too long and the buff duration too short and not powerful enough to match the competition it has from Twin Machineguns and Katanas for mob clearance.

Chaos Riser


Sucks a few enemies in and damages them a little. It’s kind of rubbish. The range of the suction is dependent on the current gear level. This is an extremely risky photon art to use, I’ve found, for the same reasons that Zondeeling enemies on top of yourself is risky.


Satellite Cannon

Mechanically speaking this is pretty much identical to Ilfoie.It has a long charge time, has a target indicator and roots the user while it’s charging. It can be fired uncharged for much less damage. Unlike Ilfoie, Satellite Cannon has 2 stages of charged.



The issue I take with it is in terms of damage it is significantly more powerful than Ilfoie for much less pp, which does make me wonder what exactly the point of Ilfoie is now. Here’s a video of the photon art in action.



The first chain-tech, Ilbarta’s damage builds off itself by effectively applying a stacking debuff to the enemy. It will stack up to 7 times, the 7th causing the debuff to disappear. Each step in the chain has its own damage value, which work as follows:

Charged: 100%, 100%, 100%, 200%, 200%, 200%, 800%

Uncharged: 50%, 50%, 50%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 200%


An aura appears on enemies that have been hit with the tech. This indicates a chain has started and it seems to change appearance the further along it is

Elysion users will want to charge the 7th attack for the most damage. Note that in order to pull off a full chain you will need 150pp at the moment (unless you have a weapon that reduces pp consumption). Here is a link to a video of Ilbarta versus Bal Rodos:

If nothing else, it’s nice that Ice finally got a decent tech!





The tech fires 10 homing stars of light at an enemy at a very rapid rate. In terms of damage I’m not massively impressed with it and the homing capability of it seems wonky, there may be a knack to it I just haven’t managed to find.  The uncharged version is completely worthless.

In terms of function, it really is a reliable source of the Panic status effect, probably easier to understand as “Confusion”. Dark Vibrace is vulnerable to confusion, so it may he quite useful there…


Towards The Future

There are more photon arts to come, with the next lot announced to arrive on the 9th of April. You can see the previews of those on Bumped here.

Of course, there are a few unannounced ones to go, including Ilzan, Kanran Nadeshiko (the unannounced Katana Photon Art), a Partizan photon art and a Bullet Bow photon art.

Something to consider is that all the new Photon Arts have been released in Super Hard Advance quests so far. It seems certain that the remaining Technic and Photon Arts will be released when Coast, Quarry and Seabed finally get Advance Quests.

If there’s anything critical I’ve not mentioned about any of the Photon Arts please let me know.

Mining Base Defense


Also lovingly known as “Tower Defense” and plain “Tower” to much of the player-base.

It is undeniably a fun quest. There’s nothing else like it in the game and succeeding in the quest will require a base level of organization and skill from everyone in the Multi-Party.

With the 2nd part of Tower Defense set to arrive with tonight’s patch, it’s probably a decent time to actually get this guide out there. This may not be an exhaustive list, but the sheer size of this post should shed some appreciation for how complex this quest can be for those who’ve never played it. If you feel there’s anything critical that a player should know when playing with random people then feel free to let me know about it.

Rumour: Remaining tower health affects drops.

This is not a rumour! The more remaining health the towers have at the end of the quest the more shots at items you will get! Ok more specifically it has to do with the rank you get at the end of the quest, but seeing as the rank is almost entirely dependent on the remaining HP of the towers you might as well consider them one and the same.

There was some information posted in a magazine regarding the actual influence rank has on the drop charts, as well as other aspects of the drop mechanics for the quest. Translated by PSO-World member here.

The reward container’s drops are drawn from dedicated tables. Table E is special and stocks up all drops from defeated non-boss enemies, releasing a few tens of them when the container is destroyed. In addition, tables A~D’s drops are drawn when the container is destroyed, while table E’s drops are drawn when the enemies are defeated.

Table types
Table A: Giant container’s dedicated rare weapon table (*6~11)
Table B: Giant container’s dedicated weapon table (*6~9)
Table C: Giant container’s dedicated unit table (*4~9)
Table D: Giant container’s dedicated consumable table
Table E: all items dropped from defeated enemies

Numbers of lots drawn for each final score (tables A/B/C/D)
S: 5/5/5/0
A: 4/5/5/1
B: 3/5/5/2
C: 0/0/0/15

Drop characteristics:
-Tables A~D’s drops are drawn at the time the container is destroyed
-Each table’s number of lots drawn differ depending on the final score at Quest Clear
-Trash monsters’ drops are drawn at the time they are defeated
-Trash monsters’ drops are stocked up in table E and only a few tens of them are released from the container

Assuming the table in the magazine and the translation are both accurate, this would actually confirm the rumour. This is because the rank you get at the end of the quest is pretty much entirely based on the total remaining health of the towers. It also means that as long as you’re getting B-rank or higher, you\re getting shots at 11* weapons, so don’t fret if your towers are taking a lot of damage! Just do whatever you can to prevent a C-rank!

Quest Tips


Mining Base defense is really one of the trickier quests PSO2 has to offer. If people are playing poorly or are for the most part poorly equipped you may have a difficult time even clearing the quest, let alone getting a decent rank or clearing it quickly. Unless you’ve organized a Multi-Party yourself it’s luck of the draw as to who you’re going to end up being grouped with. While being grouped with rubbish players isn’t something you can do a lot about, you can try to prevent yourself doing things that would make you one of them.

This is not gonna turn you into an MLG pro tower defender, nor will it cover more advanced tactics more organised parties can pull off. It’s just more a how to make the most out of random groups.

General Tips

Don’t be a “Northern Hero”

This I feel needs mentioning first. So what is a Northern Hero? This is a player who attempts to defeat enemies far north of the towers. Enemies tend to spawn from the north and run south towards the towers, so the player in question is hoping to defeat them far from the towers.

On paper, this seems like a good idea. Killing enemies a long way from the towers would prevent any damage to the towers themselves. In practise, this doesn’t tend to work and here is a couple of reasons I think why.

1) Insufficient DPS.

Northern Heroes aren’t always backed up, they may be entirely alone up there. Now in most of PSO2 this wouldn’t be a problem, as most enemies die to a stiff breeze anyway even if your gear isn’t that great. Goldrahdas are the main enemy type in this quest, however. Goldrahdas are no push-overs, they’re aggressive, tough and hit really hard to boot. Even a well geared Northern Hero would take a long time to defeat a pack of them by themselves.

2) You can’t get them all.

Even if the Northern Hero is well geared and has friends, missing the odd enemy is a thing that can happen. Any missed enemies will charge straight for the towers and if too many people are up north this means either too few or no one at all may be at the tower. This means either a slow kill at the tower or one of the Northern Heroes having to split off to chase it down, which would also slow down killing things in the north.

Basically the main issue with having Northern Heroes or being one yourself if that it splits enemy groups up. Players can bring the enemies down much faster if they and the monsters are grouped up. Seeing as the monsters are headed for the towers anyway, being near the towers is better for this overall.

When it is OK to be in the North

Generally speaking, during wave 1 almost the entire multi-party should be at the north of each of the lanes, as the only enemies that spawn are relatively weak.

Arguably, Wave 2 is also fine to be a northern hero at, but be wary. It may be difficult to kill all the monsters at spawn. If you’re struggling, just do everyone a favor and head south to the towers.

All other waves, just stick south to the towers.

Actually Defend A Tower!

This may seem self explanatory, but you may be tempted to go to other towers to attack and kill mobs at them. While this may be OK to do so in certain circumstances for the nearest tower, always keep an eye on the tower you chose to defend.

But which tower should I defend?

I don’t know, pick a colour you like. More practically speaking, there should really be no more than 4 people at a given tower. If there are more, you may want to take the initiative and head to another, less well defended tower.

Use The Tower Console!


Seriously the number of players who seem to be unaware that these even exist is somewhat staggering. The console will, depending on how many crystals have been collected so far, allow you access to certain functions that will help boost your chances of having the towers be in good shape at the end of the run.

In order, the options are:

  1. Burst Barrier
  2. Heal Tower
  3. Burst Barrier
  4. Heal Tower

Burst Barrier is useful when you are alone or not many on a tower and need to root a pack of enemies that are attacking the tower. The barrier will also prevent damage for a short while (note: This will NOT work on Dark Vibrace’s bomb, which is talked about at the end of this post). If there is a techer or someone who can use Zondeel, be wary of using the Burst Barrier, as rooted enemies can’t be sucked in to Zondeel, which means enemies will be more spread out than the would be otherwise and thus less vulnerable to AoE attacks.

The heal is pretty self explanatory. It repairs the tower for a small amount. More tower health means more shots at 11* weapons, so you absolutely want to use this when you can. Don’t use it if a tower is almost at full health however, as you’ll waste some of the heal.

Don’t Detonate The Zondeel!


Teching types may use Zondeel to pull monsters together. This is a very good thing, because the monsters will occupy a smaller space and can be blanketed in high damage AoE attacks from all sorts of classes all at the same time. The bottom line is the enemies die faster when bunched up. If you use any thunder based Tech in or around the Zondeel field you will detonate it, causing the field to lose its suction capability and potentially slow the entire run down.

Don’t Pull Aggro and then Run Away

This can be a 3rd run killer. You cause more aggro than perhaps you realised on one particular Gildrahda and you decide to go somewhere else. Oops, that Goldrahda has now run away from the rest of the players and they’re having to chase it down. Goldradhas run very fast on Super Hard so this can be a real pain to deal with. Just keep an eye on your mini-map and if you see a monster giving chase, try to bring it back to the other players.

Use Moon Atomisers!


Dead players are the worst at defending towers. Help everyone by helping others to help you help us all!

Don’t Play Inefficiently

I’m not saying you should go Braver/Hunter, Gunner/Hunter, Fighter/Hunter or any of the other good combinations. However, if you insist on playing as a Hunter/Force, because you like it for example, then at least play to the classes strengths. I’m sorry, Gunner/Force you’re not going to be able to do much in the way of damage…

If you have a Ranger as main or sub, bring a rifle and get ready to weakbullet bosses. If you have a teching type as a main or sub (and you aren’t specced for pure teching damage) then bring a Talis and make use of buffs, heals, Zondeel and Zanverse. These will help the MPA out far more than your tiny damage will.

I am sorry if that sounds harsh, because normally I really don’t care much for efficiency. But this is a quest in which efficiency will significantly boost your chances of succeeding and being rewarded.



Don’t Just Collect Crystals

Running too far out to collect crystals leaves towers potentially vulnerable. While crystal points are needed to build turrets and repair towers, prioritize keeping the towers healthy over collecting crystals. Remember, number of crystals collected doesn’t affect your drops, tower health does.

Don’t Crystal Race

Seriously, if you see another player going for a crystal don’t attempt to race them to it. This wastes everyone’s time.

Mote than 3600 Crystals is Too Many

3600 crystals will allow players to use up to 2 heals and 2 burst barriers each on the towers. This is optimal for ranking purposes.

Yeah, the big fuck-off laser cannons are really nice, do huge damage an can clear an entire wave of Goldrahdas, but that is quite a lot of time wasted in order to get the required crystals in the first place. Time better spent generally killing things more quickly.



Bosses can be a tough call for an individual player. If you choose to focus a boss and too many other players think the same way, you end up with poorly defended towers. If you decide to focus on defending towers and too many players think the same, then the boss will die too slowly and the wave may time out. This would potentially deny you boss drops and deny you a third run in the emergency quest time.

Dark Ragne


The general tactic is to break a leg and then focus on the core. If the group’s DPS is sufficiently high enough, this should kill Dark Ragne near immediately. Otherwise your general options are to focus on the core no matter what Ragne may be doing at the time. Bravers, Fighters and Teching types have the easiest time of focusing on the core at all times.

Dark Vibrace/Bibras/Viblath/Biebers/whatever


As it happens, breaking the legs and then attacking the weakspot it the same strategy here. However a broken leg stuns the boss only for a very short amount of time and they can effectively be infinitely and repeatedly broken.

Panic can be inflicted onto this boss. This will stun it for a fairly decent amount of time, so Teching types may want to consider casting light-techs on it. I do not know how effective Panic Bullet is on it, nor do I know any Rangers crazy enough to invest in those weird bullets.


Dark Vibrace may, at some point during the fight, launch a bomb at the tower it’s furthest from. If this bomb is not destroyed before it detonates it will instantly destroy a tower. You don’t want that! You want 11* weapons! Destroy that bomb!

Pay particular attention to the picture on the left. That is the boss’s pose and how it looks when it’s generating the bomb. Pay attention to where its facing, as that’s where the bomb is headed. If you can’t make it in time, try to warn the MPA where the bomb is headed. Saying it in English is potentially better than saying nothing at all.

That’s All, Folks!

Hopefully this will have helped inform you as a player where you may have been going wrong. It would be awesome if this guide in part improved the quality of Mining Base Defense runs in general, but I hope its been at least useful to someone. As I said, let me know about any particular problems with the post.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Ilfoie is Fun!


Ilfoie was added as a new Tech during the March 5th content update. This tech has proven to be fun for a number of unexpected reasons.


This section will explain the mechanics of the tech for those who haven’t tried it as of yet. It roots the caster in place, highlighting an area as the target of the attack. After a certain amount of time has passed, the target ring will change shape, indicating that it’s fully charged. Release the button and a few moments later a great big flaming meteor will come crashing down. It’s dramatic and really quite cool looking!


In terms of practicality, you may want to invest fully into Flame Tech S Charge to bring the charge time down to a reasonable amount. Without this, your character may be stuck standing still for an uncomfortably long time, which isn’t really preferable for something squishy like a Force. The tech is entirely worthless against any enemy that isn’t immobilized, sluggish, or otherwise not going anywhere fast. Else it’s very easy to end up whiffing the tech simply because the enemy decided to move 2 feet.

While the damage is impressive, the fact you’re rooted and it takes so long to charge combined with its tendency to miss anything that moves really makes the damage feel somewhat inadequate, at least for me. Kind of a pity for a tech as cool looking as Ilfoie is.


Ilfoie does a fairly large portion of its damage when uncharged, as opposed to numerous techs which do typically less than 50% of their damage when charged (with the exceptions of Sazan, Sazonde and possibly others).

Of course the only weapon that can really take full advantage of uncharged Ilfoie is Elysion, whose latent ability doubles the power of uncharged Techs. While it is an impressive way to quickly deal a large amount of damage to a single target it will still cost a hefty 50 pp per cast, so you’ll drain your bar extremely quickly this way.

Magical Words!

Taking a look at the casting ring, some players noticed that there was writing on them.


Players with a lot more patience than myself managed to decipher enough of the text to work out that the source is the nonsense poem “Jabberwocky”, from Lewis Carrol’s novel “Through The Looking Glass”, written in PSO2′s font.

Digging into the game’s files reveals that indeed the entire poem is written out in the texture (yes it really is that low-res):


Twas bryllyg, and ye slythy toves
Did gyre and gymble in ye wabe:
All mimsy were ye borogoves;
And ye mome raths outgrabe.

Interestingly, along with that you may be able to see small pillars of text on its side in the above screenshot, emanating from the center of the ring heading straight up. It’s so low-res in game that I find it hard to confirm which texture it’s actually using, but there is another texture like the one above, this time Humpty Dumpty (referred to in the same book as Jabberwocky no less).

humptydumptyHumpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

An appropriate poem for a space rock crashing into the ground and exploding I suppose!

Ilfoie on Partner Characters

Ilfoie seems to behave entirely differently when in the hands of a Friend Partner, an AI representation of someone on your friend list. It seems that they can entirely ignore the charging time required for it, resulting in them near-instantly summoning a fully powered meteor. If you fill up your party with nothing but Friend Partners who only have Ilfoie equipped the result is, well, dramatic.

As you can see it actually does a fairly decent amount of damage as well, given it’s coming from AI characters who generally seem to have difficulty getting into the triple digits I’ve found.

I doubt this was an intentional effect, but so far it doesn’t seem to have been acknowledged as a problem so there seem to be no plans to fix it that I’m aware of. Enjoy the time of Friend Partners doing somewhat competent damage while it lasts, at least!