TGS 2012 and Ship Transfers

This post is just a summary of the various happenings in the world of PSO2 at the moment. – MMOFTW – PAX Prime 2012 Awards

PSO2 got some props in a video over at, getting the “Rising Star” award. You can see the video here.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show anything beyond the opening movie, but it’s good to see PSO2 getting some exposure.

Tokyo Game Show 2012

This year’s TGS will be seeing 3 playable versions of PSO2 demonstrated. The PC version, PSVita version and the Android/iOS versions.  You can find Sega’s TGS portal here.

At last year’s TGS Sega streamed a couple of presentations. Whether that will happen this year or not I have no idea.

As a reminder, the 2nd Media Briefing revealed that all three versions of PSO2 would be using the same server data as each other. However, the Android/iOS version will not support cross-platform play and is a single player experience. Wonder if this will still be the case or not?

Ship Transfer Feature Announced

Let’s just get the price out of the way: 700AC, one character at a time.

Not a bad price, honestly. However you should be aware that only your character and their current inventory is transferred, as well as all forms of quest completion. Items in storage, your room settings and contents, shop, social things (team, friendlist, mail, profile) and any other data that’s attached to ships will not be transferred over. They’re not deleted, but they just don’t transfer with the character.

There is a cool-down period of 120 hours before you can transfer a character again.

If you’re a Team Master (guild leader) you can’t transfer. You also can’t transfer to a ship that’s hit its character creation limit.

Towards The Future

Next Wednesday will see the addition of the first part of the Attain New Power update, which includes the 3 new classes (Fighter, Gunner, Techer) as well as new weapon types. Presumably, the drop charts will all be different too with all the new additions. The new Interrupt Events will also be arriving, including the Naura Cake Shop complete with extremely annoying voices..

As you can see on the update page there is more to come for Attain New Power, including Team features, Story Quests and some new things for the AC Scratch.

I’m eager to hear more about the Team features more than the others, especially details around earning “Team Points”, what you do with them and information on how Team rooms will work.

One thought on “TGS 2012 and Ship Transfers”

  1. is it just me or does gameguard now restrict all permissions for everything i do while playing now? it will deny me permission to open pretty much anything that requires admin permissions and wont let me change the processes priorities. i tested this and it only happens when pso2 is active…. nice job sega my laptop ran this fine but now that i cant control where its speed goes you made me lag like crazy! lol sorry done ranting now but id like to see what others are thinking about this (laptop users anyways) i know it doesnt effect desktop users so im not sure how many people this effects or not but still. pretty annoying

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